Rang Rasiya 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
laial says I am leaving, she ask what happened to your hand, rudra says we will soon find tejawat and you will live in bsd, paro says why she can stay here, you also didn allow me to live in bsd, rudra says it was you, she is not like you, paro says Thakur is very dangerous, I know him, he is poisonous, you are his enemy so he can attack person close to you and look how much brises is there on her, rudra says you don’t know Laila she can give it herself, Laila says I know you hate me and laso don’t trust women but please have some respect. Laila says to paro I told you that it is good that I go from here, paro says rudra if she goes then I will not forgive you and me, rudra is stunned, Laila starts leaving. rudra ask Laila to stop, he says till we find tejawat’s men is behind her or not, she can stay here, paro thanks him, he leaves. paro takes her to room, Laila says how can I stay here? its your room, paro ask how do you know? Laila says by seeing rudra’s uniform, paro says you can stay here and can sleep on bed as you are injured, lalia says you are doing a lot for me, I cant pay it back, paro says no need to say that, she says we didn’t meet properly, I am parvati, Laila says my name is laile, she makes Laila lie on bed and says call me if you need.
paro comes to rudra, he ask where were you, she says I was helping Laila and brought clothes for you, she rubs his hand, he ask what are doing? she says doctor said that your hand need this, rudra pulls his hand and says I don’t need it, paro takes his hand again and says
le aatna saatan chuski phiske,,,,
rudra ask what are saying, paro repeats, rudra smiles, he ask where should I change clothes, paro says Laila is in room, rudra changes behind pillar, paro says why you said that my thing was different when I asked why didn’t you allow me to live in bsd, rudra comes out changing and says it was different as paro falls rudra catches her and says that’s why, you cant walk by not falling so I have to be with you, paro says that’s true.

Scene 2
paro and rudra comes to outside room, rudra ssy soon aman will find truth then she will go from here, I don’t like her here, paro says because she loves you, rudra says she told you everything? paro ssys no I understood, rudra sasy you are my wife and saying this, how can you make her stay her when ,,,
paro smiles and says it feels good to listen from you that I am your wife, we are,,,
paro and rudra comes in room, rudra places sheet on ground, paro says I.. rudra sasy she is sleeping on bed so you have to sleep here only, they sleep on same sheet, paro first looks at him and then turns otherside, rudra then looks at her. they sleep, in night, Laila gets up and looks at rudra she recalls how rudra said that everything is finished between them, she sees that even in sleep rudra gives support to paro’s head by his hand.
Laila comes out and says to someone on swing that its good to meet you again, give me place on swing, it is mohini on swing, mohini says stay in your limits, you are not guest, you are here only because of me, with my ehsan. Laila pushes her and sits on swing, mohini is shocked, Laila says laial cant be brought by anyone, I came here to get my rudra, not this rudra who kepp behind paro but that rudra rudra who was very poisonous with pricks, that poison which can kill anyone, mohini says you will get him with my help, Laila laughs and says I will get him and nobody can throw me out now from this house, not even you, she leaves.

Scene 3
rudra and paro are sleeping, paro turns and looks at rudra, she looks at him and recall how he was saying that he saw his mother, she says you were telling me something but couldn’t complete, I will wait for you to trust me and share your pain and I want you to get fine, rudra’s hand is shivering so paro holds his hand, rudra gets up from sleep so paro closes her eyes, rudra looks at her holding his hand, he thinks I wish I could have shared my pain with you, my past always come infront of me.
in morning, Laila is sleeping, mohini calls her and ask her to get up, she says if you want rudra then you have to be in this house and for that you have to make me happy, Laila is least interested, mohini says think.
Laila comes to mohini and pushes her saying that how dare you make me get up at 6am, mohini says you don’t know that I can kick you out, she says don’t change colors infront of me, mohini says I called you give these clothes so that you look like person of this otherwise people here will not accept you,, she ask her to come in mandir in five minutes, laila says I gave you name natni(drama queen) she says another name for you chalni(who bites/hurt everyone) mohini say five minutes, Laila blabbers I am not paro.

Scene 4
Maithili gives tea to dilsher and chacha, dilsher says our maternal granddad was weird, he used to make us laugh first then give tight slap, we didn’t take his characteristics but our sons got this weird madness from him.
in mandir, mohini gives bhajan chit to Laila,dilsher thinks its paro but then sees her in hall, he ask if paro is in hall then who is in mandir, rudra comes in mandir and is shocked to see Laila wearing decent clothes and doing pooja.

PRECAP-all are in hall, Laila says to all please forgive me, I cam here to live here without your permission, I will leave soon from here, rudra says two days, aman will find about tejawat’s men then you will be out of this house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ugh I knew laila was not here for good. I hate sooooo much nd I also hate mohini. I hope laila soon gets out.
    Paro just digged her own grave by letting her stay

  2. omg!!! just when paro and rudra are getting closer…still…cant wait for the drama!!!

  3. I don’t like laila nd mohini.todays epi is awesome

  4. Ammu santhosh

    I also hate lila

  5. wow awsam episode

  6. hi friends wow kya episod aa rha hi i like ….. ruder say paro ….u r my wife i like rangrsiya to much

  7. I loved wen Rudra sed I paro u r my wife

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