Rang Rasiya 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 7th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Paro and rudra comes to somewhere, paro tries to take off helmet but couldnt so rudra opens it, he provide support to her and comes inside a small house(i think its bsd officer’s mess), paro tries to drink water but rudra stops her and drinks it 1st, paro looks at him rudra says have to check whether its right for you or not, paro says so much concerned for a suspect, rudra says not to use her brains. Aman comes there and gives paro her luggage ad says got it from barat’s things as sir asked you want cloths she looks on. Aman and rudra comes out, aman says bsd is opening case against you whether you did right with barat or not and how paro will support you, rudra says she will open up and will burst like cracker. aman says its not good that you took paro out from your house,

rudra says all saw her in house and they think she is my fiance, aman ask why? rudra says my father sais and that women said she cant stay in my room so i had to take her here. rudra says leave it, aman says sorry and they leave.
In rana house, mohini taunts dilsher that earlier you took your son out of here because of your wife and now he will take you out for his women. she ask maithali to bring knife and cuts the rope, chacha ask what are you doing, our own child went because of you she says he is not your own child, she ask all to go inside and says to chacha that i have maintained this house for years and the little affection that your children have for you is because of this big haveli otherwise you have given them nothing, chacha says its house of rudra and dilsher too and kids do what elders taught them you are doing this and the day will come when your kids will not listen to you, will not see you and will leave you alone because what you sow you have to bear,,

Scene 2
Sumer calls someone and is finding papers of haveli, he says haveli is tau’s name but you said that if get original papers then lawyer will change it. he tries to find papers and says i am not able to find it, mohini comes and taunts him, she ask to whom you are talking and finding? he says with a friend and i was searching slip for some buying, she says after you came here that devil was staying in your room then how slip came here? sumer says i forgot i will check outside, he leaves chachi thinks he is hiding something.
Chacha tries to stop dilsher from going. dilsher says rudra brought me here and now her is taking me from here like a thing and your wife doesnt want me to stay here and your children too, maithali comes there with sweets and says i didnt see bappusa(chacha) that much happy but after you cam he was happy, i am living here for more then five years and now our falmily is complete. you may have many reasons to go but this reason is enough to stay here, she gives him sweets and leaves, dilsher offers it to chacha.

Scene 3
In night, rudra comes back home and sees paro sleeping on ground, he looks at her and sees her hand on her feet, he remembers how sunehri had told him that she is hurt her leg, he comes and takes her in his arms, he places her on bed. ( kyun hawa aaj yun gaa rahi hai from veer zaara plays). he very delicately and hesitatingly opens duppatta draped on her leg and plays hot water beg beneath her feet, he looks at her and places blanket on her, paro is sleeping peacefully while rudra keep looking at her with intense eyes.

Scene 4
in morning paro gets upp and sees blanket on her and sees her feet has no pain, her eyes falls on hot water bag and she is surprised to see it.

Scene 5
In market, thakur’s men are asking for paro from everyone that have you seen a girl in bride’s dress, rudra is there too and listens to it, he is shocked. he runs and comes to house, he ask paro to take her luggage as they are leaving because of danger, someone comes on gate so rudra pulls paro towards him and hide her behind him, he points gun at gate. paro is tensed.

PRECAP- in rana house, plate falls from maithali’s hands as she sees rudra coming back in house, chachi and all looks at gate, rudra comes in and paro stands at gate with chacha holding her luggage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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