Rang Rasiya 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 7th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro says to rudra that i will take courage from parvati maa who waited for shivji, who loved him selflessly, she knew that one day shivji will come and he accepted her love, rudra says he accepted her but i am not god, dont show me your face, stand here, paro says i will, rudra ask will you be able to do that, rudra says to paro you think you can do what parvati ji did then do me favor keep standing here, paro says if you say then i will stand on one feet, rudra says dont come inside till i call you, he leaves, paro says now i will do what you say, paro says i will do anything for you, i will follow parvati maa, i will stand here on foot. mohini comes she says to sumer what this new drama, sumer gets a call from client, he says you have to return my money, sumer says my mom crested some issue but i will arrange money, he says i will arrange it by tonight.
maithili comes and tells mohini that rudra asked to stand here like this, mohini says nobody will talk about it, tell this to samrat and sunehri too, they leave from porch.

Scene 2
sumer comes to rudra and says i dont came to ask you money, you came to me and gave me money but maa gave it back to you, rudra says it was a deal it didnt finalize so why should i give you money, sumer says i dont have any fault, paro didnt like my taj mehel but you bsd mehel, i didnt ask her to get flat on you, he says i need money brother please give it, he sits in rudra’s feet and ask for money and says my marriage broke too, rudra says it wouldnt have happened if you were real man, he throws him out, sumer gets angry and says now i will show that i am man, you hurt my male ego.
maithili comes to paro and says its been one hour since you are standing here, come inside paro says no i will stand here.
rudra is wiping dilsher’ feet, chacha comes and says its not she is standing outside, rudra says she is bearing her own mistakes. chacha says people are gossiping how she came in award ceremony, rudra says i didnt ask her to come and show sindoor box to world, chacha says what about gossips? rudra ask what should i do infront of this stubborn girl, chacha says calm down, rudra sits near dilsher. outside paro is having difficulty in standing on one feet. she looses her balance, she folds her hands and prays to God to help her and dont make her fall, she starts chanting ‘Om namashiwaye’ rudra sees her praying, he holds dilsher’s hands. paro is chanting with full passion, dilsher is listening to her chants and its effecting him, rudra is sleeping holding dilsher’s hand, dilsher shows some movements, he moves his hand, chacha sees it and wakes up rudra, they ask dilsher to open his, eyes, chacha ask are youlistening to my voice, dilsher says you are shouting so how i cant listen, chacha says he got consciousness, i will tell all, he leaves, paro listens to this. rudra have sigh of relief he says i was affraid for first time in life ranawat, dilsher says in these days you were calling me with different name, should i make you recall, rudra is stunned that he was listening all in unconsciousness. all family members come, mohini and sumer are angry that their last plan became flop too, sumer thinks i have to show my manliness.

Scene 3
maithili comes to paro and tell her about dilsher, paro says i want to meet him but i will not come till he calls me inside, maithili says you know he is stubborn, paro says i know but i will stand here till he calls me, its been just 3hours and parvati maa stood like this for shiv for many time, its a exam for us both, maithili leaves from there.
its night, rudra is with dilsher, dilsher ask about paro, outside heavy rains starts and paro gets drenched in it standing there. rudra doesne answer dilsher, he says are you deaf, i know everything, rudra says you know thet she tried to burn you still you wanna see her, dilsher says its shit, i know her, rudra says you must have seen her too that day, dilsher says yes i had seen someone wearing bridal dupatta but i know parvati cant do this, she is very innocent. rudra says you take rest, dilsher says i wasnt running in coma that i need rest now, he chock little, rudra gets worried, dilsher says you must be missing our small scuffles, you attitude to me and our tension, rudra gives i dont care expression, he says sleep ranawat, dilsher says what? he says sleep bapusaa, dilsher smiles.

Scene 5
outside, paro is fully drenched in water, sumer clicks her picture hiding behind bushes and thinks now i will tell you what i can do rudra pratap ranawat.
dilsher ask rudra to bring paro, rudra ask him to sleep, he closes curtain and sees paro standing on a foot in rain, he is stunned, he says paro.. this girl, he runs to porch, he comes to her and says have you gone mad, what us this madness, paro says you came, he says why are you standing in rain, paro says you said that you will believe on love if i stand here, he says lower down your foot, paro lowers down foot and its paining alot, he ask is it paining alot, she looks at his concern (Rangrasiya plays). paro falls on rudra unconscious, he hugs her, paro blabbers now you believe me? he ask paro.. he sees her unconscious and is affected by her action.

PRECAP- maithili says to rudra that till when will you hide your love for paro, i had seen when paro was wincing in pain you too had pain on your face, she leaves, paro is sleeping in bed, she turns her head, her head is abput to fall from pillow, rudra holds her face putting his hand on her cheecks, he sets her head and looks at her thoughtfully.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. it was a really good episode i hope that rudra likes paro just as much as she does aww so sweet xxxxxxx

  2. i love paro and rudra and i totally love zain and aliya from beintehaa along with rk and madhubala from madhubala ek ishq ek junoon .
    these three are my favourite dramas and also uttaran xxx

  3. pwincessiramgawjuss- I totally agree with u

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