Rang Rasiya 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra is coming home and recalls his meeting with maayra, picture of paro falls from dhruv’s hands, rudra sees it, dhruv sasy why did mom not recognize me? did she forget me, rudra is hurt and says dhruv.. lets go inside.
koyal calls mohini from back, mohini says don’t call me from back, It will cast evil eye on me, koyal says sorry and says that people from television is coming to take your interview, mohini gets and ask what? she says I listened from shtabdi that they are coming for you, mohini thinks that shtabdi played game with me so she didn’t inform me.
maayra calls her uncle and says I don’t need any guard, I am fine, uncle says you don’t know, I get threat calls daily so I need to protect you, maayra says ok but how you thought that rudra pratap ranawat will protect me, he has everything, money, family everything so I don’t think he will do job, also I met him just for 5 minutes, I know he saved me from accident, uncle gets worried, maayra sasy I am fine, but you know that rudra is is a strange guy, he has no manners to talk, she ends calla nd recalls how dhruv came to meet her, she ask driver to take her to ranawat house.

Scene 2
shtabdi is talking with someone on phone, she ays I gave wrong address to tv person who were coming to take mohini’s interview, mohini thinks that I am your master in playing games, koyal says to mohini that you will be famous after interview, will you forget me? mohini says no, I will bring choclates for you.
rudra comes to dhruv and tries to play games with dhruv, he shows him some magic but dhruv is not interested and is sad, he goes from there silently, rudra is tensed.
Maithili gives gift to koyal, she is happy, she says where is dhruv, I have to gift him too, this guy make me run a lot, she sees rudra sad, rudra goes from there, Maithili comes in room and sees dhruv under bed, she pretends to not see him, she says I got gift for dhruv but he is not coming to me so I will gift someone else, dhruv stops her and ask whats in gift? she says its colorful clothes, the way yoi like, he says I don’t want it now, m y mood is off, I am angry with father, Maithili says that’s why rudra is sad, his face has shrank, dhruv sasy no he is angry with me, Maithili says no he cant be angry with you as he promised your mother that he will not get angry on you ever, dhruv says but I hurt him so he must be angry, Maithili says you know what when someone used to get angry with your mother, she used to do one thing to set their mood, he ask what? she tickles dhruv and he laughs, she says look you laughed, your mother used to do this, dhruv smiles.

Scene 3
mohini is searching for tv personals in market, she ask one lady did you see anyone with big camera on his shoulders, lady ask what? mohini says nothing and tries to find them, maayra wearing western dress, hat and shades comes to that market, mohini thinks she is some actress(tv personal) and doesn’t recognize her, she thinks how is this smoking lady, mohini comes to her and ask did to came to meet me? maayra says no i came to meet rudra pratap ranawat. she takes off her glasses, mohini is shocked to see her, she blabbers ghost, she shouts ghost and runs from there, maayra also runs from there being afraid.
Maithili calls everyone in hall, she says I wanna tell something all, she says there is fancy dress competition in kids school, so they are going to give us demo, koyal comes there 1st dressed as mohini, she imitates mohini and starts scolding shtabdi, she says that I have to do every work, I have to see the business and this sumer always walk around you, then comes dhruv dressed in bsd uniform, he imitates rudra and says so what I am not a bsd officer anymore but I can still give my life for my country and I love my family too, rudra comes to him and hugs dhruv, he says don’t talk about death, don’t say that you will die, dhruv says I was just acting, rudra says even then don’t say this.

Scene 4
mohini comes in villa and shouts ghost, ghost, all ask what happened to you? shtabdi says look like her voice is lost, sumer ask what happened, Maithili gives her water, mohini says I saw ghost, I cant tell you, she shivers, maayra comes to ranawat villa, rudra is stunned to see her while all other family members cant believe their eyes that paro’s lookalike is standing in their house, mohini recalls how she saw her for 1st time earlier coming out from smoke, maayra says sorry, I came here without informing you people, I didn’t get the time to call you, I knew address and I took help of people and came here, rudra goes to her but Maithili comes to her and says you are like foreigner who come here to visit this place, rudra doesn’t say anything, maayra says we had misunderstanding and I don’t like if anyone gets hurt because of me so I came to says sorry, rudra says its ok, maayra says I am not telling you sorry, maayra says I came for this kid(dhruv) rudra says ok meet him and go then, maayra goes to dhruv and gives him chocolate, Maithili ask dhruv to take it, he takes, maayra ask dhruv’s name, rudra says dhruv, he ask her to go now, she says whats your problem man, I am talking to kid, she says I am maayra, let be friends dhruv, rudra says to dhruv that lets go for school, he says to maayra that bye mom, maayra says you can meet me anytime, you can come to my hotel, maayra says you all live in this house, she comes to danveer and says uncle your house is beautiful, mohini says she is ghost, stay away from her, rudra ask her to go from here as your work is done, maayra goes to Maithili and ask if rudra is Indian or not? as I listened that Indians give warm welcome to guests but he is very rude and like he is devil but you seem very good person, she ask Maithili that can she show her whole villa as I like it very much, I like places like tombs, villas, rudra looks at Maithili who is tensed herself.

PRECAP- rudra is busy talking on phone while maayra is roaming around ranawat villa and seeing their house, she sees frame insdie room and is abu to see picture in frame, the picture is of paro with garland on it, rudra sees her going there and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Does they fall in lov

  2. I think there is some big mistery between paros death and the lady in myras name could be paro, should see hope my guess comes right.

  3. After thinking a lot i feel even vk sing is behind this what ever it is let the story go as many turns as it can be but dont seperate the pair rudra and paro

  4. paro come back please…………

  5. The story is going really well.i think mayraa will become a part of the house through dhruv and soon will win everyones heart.waiting for more twists and turns RR ROCKS…

  6. director sir, instead of ‘maayra’, ‘meera’ sounds nice…

  7. the show is really going fast.but i like the way it goes.dhruv,myrah,rudra really rocks yaar.

  8. let this myrah can be ass paro during her death some one can save paro due to the shock she may forget her past memories

  9. paro can be brought up for seven years in uk with new knowledge, director plz make this myrah as paro make twist of myrah to come as paro

  10. But if shr is paro den who was d 1 who died in rudra’s arms….. oh god soo mny twists….. dats y i lyk ds serial…… it grips u

  11. I luv mayra but hate to see rudra hurt and tensed all the time.

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