Rang Rasiya 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra shouts on paro that you know what I think about love, love is selfish, it gives pain, it destroys lives and you proved that I am right about love, just go away from my sight, never come back, I used to live without you and will live. I was left alone after birth with my poison and I will show you that I can live with it. paro is in tears, rudra says go from here, he leaves while paro cries.
Laila attacks tej’s goon, he becomes unconscious, thukarin did he die, Laila says no, don’t think about him, Laila says go from here, take veil on your face, I will meet you after one hour and if we will not meet then think that I would be killed, Laila says I had a deal with tej that I will bring rudra here with paro to meet me but I think that saving you is better option, thukarin ask why? Laila says its dangerous for rudra here, thukarin says you don’t know me even then saving me, Laila says I am saving rudra as I have old relation with him, she ask thakurain to leave. she leaves, Laila says 2nd step to my mission is complete.

Scene 2
Maithili is crying and says to samrat that I couldn’t tell you about paro as I couldn’t believe she will leave us, samrat says should I talk to paro, Maithili says its of no use, she will not come, she promised lord, what about rudra, I could feel that rudra was broken from inside when I talked to him, she says its not paro’s fault, she promised god to save rudra, she started to smile in this now and this happened with her, why always this happens with her and how will rudra live, he loves her. sam fumes, ,, you say hav faith, paro come or will give peaves,, mait prays,,.

SCene 3
rudra is going, paro tries to stop him but he doesn’t, paro finally stops him, he ask why are you stopping me? she says because I love you a lot, you will give me punishment, you will take pain, you will will leave, this cant happen, I promised god,,,
you are that flower on barren land whose patels are most important for me, I was leaving you to save your life, that you live then how can you get angry on me, rudra says you didn’t though about me before promising, paro says I didn’t had time to thought, I was afraid for you, paro says I though that you will leave in train with me, rudra says you thought that you will be missing and I will not search for you, paro says why will you search me you even don’t love me, rudra is speechless. rudra says you are right, It was my mistake to find you, I came inbetween your sacfriice, I will leave between your god and you, I am leaving taking train, you also go, he leaves.

Scene 4
Laila is waiting in room and says I think moter in law(thakurain) must have ran now and now my third step. tej outside says that Laila taking so much time with thakurian, when will she go to rudra, he calls to goon who went with Laila inside, he doesn’t come out so tej goes to check, Laila inside thinks that now rudra will come here and I will do drama, tej comes there and finds Laila tied to chains instead of thakurian, Laila says thakurian attacked me and ran away, tej finds goon lying there. he shouts on goons that one women ran away from here and you even don’t know, they leaves to find thakurian, Laila says now my dram is finished. Thakur is searching for thakurian , she is hiding behind tree and waiting for Laila to come.
at station, paro and rudra are sitting at distance, both are heart broken, rudra thinks that is that was so simple to leave me, paro looks at him and thinks that look at me and see that it wasn’t easy for me to leave you but I had to, rudra says in mind that leave then, do you want to me to stop you, paro thinks right why I am staying here, she starts leaving, rudra is confused to stop her or not, he recalls paro professing her love, banjara song plays in bg, rudra recalls all their moments from their 1st meeting to their marriage, the Jaipur moments, their almost kiss, rudra feels restless, he recalls how paro asked him his one day in Mumbai, he recalls their Mumbai moments, paro recalls how rudra pulled his affected hand up to save paro. rudra cant resists and goes. paro listens

PRECAP- paro sees rudra standing on railway line, paro says what are you doing, rudra says you said that when you will leave me then nothing will happen to me, paro says why are you doing this, rudra says do I have to give answer for it too. train is approaching rudra, paro is super tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. arey wow major rudra partap rawanat wt an brillent idea by standing in railway line ur just awesome major saheb.oh paro ab tum kya karo ki yaar.thanks for update

  2. Awesome rud..

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  4. Major saab aap bahut tym le rahe hai apne pyar k izhaar me…. tel her dat u luv her…. i hav seen d promo where u ask promise frm paro to not leave him. to b wid u frevr

  5. wow wt a excitement episode today …i cant wait upto night …rudra dnt leave paro and prapose her pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.. say i love u damitttttttttttttt

  6. Can u update todays episode

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