Rang Rasiya 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 31st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra is shocked to see paro, rana says she is not eating food, make her eat. He leaves. Rudra close the door and shouts whats all all this, why you returned? paro doesnt answer. he holds her face and ask why did you come back? paro says where would i have gone? way back you killed my parents. then killed my best friend bindi then my husband. I have no one now. Rudra says you have your mami why you didnt knock on her gate.. he stops. paro ask what you were saying? you were following me. you wanted me to meet mami so you can catch me,, rudra says so kid has grown up,, rudra ask what then? paro says that day you will plead forgiveness for destroying my life,, i saw you in my dream and you burned me alive. Paro says i dont know how i got courage to return back here but

now i will fight with everything, against your forceful nature, your injustice, your unfairness, Rudra says i must tell you something that you are here not because of strength but your stupidity because it is still your jail, you want to have a war. rudra ties her hands with rope and says you want war so fight, we will see who wins, paro says yes we will see, he looks at her confidence. he ask what? paro says you said we will see who wins so i sais we will see. Rudra says i know and leaves
In headqaurter, major says t rudra that this is not your personal fight and what did you do that raid on thakur’s haveli, that killings and all, you are responsible for all this and you have to clear this mess and inform me when you get solid proof till then dont bother me. he leaves. Aman says maybe we are wrong, parvati is.. rudra says she is not innocent and i know that, she is from birpur and there before learning the word MAA their kids learn tejawat. she is clever but i will make her accept.

Scene 2
paro is resting in her room, rana comes. He tries to place stove but is about to fall, paro holds him he says i am alright. He fires the stove and start coufing, paro gives him water but he takes out his aasthma pump and inhales it. He start making rotis and it get burnt, paro says should i make it? rana says no need i will make it, i like burnt roti dont caste evil eye on it. Paro sits..
She says whats the need that devil,,,,
Rana says roti is work of women and they have ability to make it perfect, paro serves him a good roti, and salan, she says he said, rana ask who rudra he maid salan? paro says no he said the women outside made it, rana says mihini yes she maid it as its spicy. Paro is about to turn off the stove, he ask to make one for you also. Rana says devil? why returned then if you think he is devil, are you stupid or very much clever. paro remembers how he illtreated her, rana says i understood you are very much stupid as i have seen him illtreating you. he ask if someone from your village come to take you then what you will do? paro looks on

Scene 3
Chachi outside gives parsad and taunts chacha that soon we will be out of this house, chacha says you are like this taunts spicy things and gives sweet parsad with it, she informs that no worker has come today for work of dying and all, sumer and samrat tried but no worker is ready to come here. chchi scolds DIL to give tea to chahca rana comes outside, chacha says i will give parsad to him, chachi says he is elder so give house papers and keys to him along with parsad. Chacha gives parsad to rana who says your wife will be angry, he ask chaha did she put poison in it?
In her room paro says i dont know how i got courage to come here again, till when i will blame you, form now on i will fight and i will not cry as i have nothing to lose. She says i am going to fight so please show me some sign that i am doing right. Rana comes ther and says you look like you do puja and all, take this parsad. paro is elated and takes it.

Scene 4
In night, rudra comes back and ask rana about food? rana says i have eaten, rudra ask burnt potato and rotis? rana says no. Rudra looks at palte and sees a good roti, he says you were not coming here and now you are eating roti made by that women(chachi), rana says not women but that girl, she make very good food, rudra is about to eat but stops, rana saya i asked her should i open the rope tied to your hands, she said whats the need devil will come and will tie it again. He says after me understnds you so well you should marry her. Otherside paro holds her rudraksh mala and prays to give strength to fight against rudra.

PRECAP- Tejawat says she is dead, servant says she is alive, thakurain says parvati bai is alive, where did you saw her? he says she was in bus going to chandangarh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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