Rang Rasiya 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra senses some tension and ask paro are you fine, she says I will make breakfasr. paro comes in kitchen, Maithili says I will make food for you as you are going to Mumbai, she says you are lucky 1st Jaipur, now Mumbai, she ask paro why is she crying, rudra will be alright, she says I also want that but you don’t know that what I did when rudra was in hospital, she tells her about her sacrifice. maithili says what you did paro, people go to lord to get their love and you. . she cries.. paro says I was afraid, I thought rudra will not get life so I did that. paro says i promised lord i cant cheat him, i have to leave rudra. Maithili says rudra will never accept it, paro says its my fault, I made him realize that he can love too, I was thingking about my happiness, I should have distanced myself now how can I leave him but I have to leave him, I promised bholenath, you promise me that after I go from here you will take care of rudra, promise me, paro says now no tears, this is my last day in this house, I want to live it for rudra, paro says I want to live for him, I want to cook for him, there will be happiness only.
paro gives breakfast to rudra, he ask about her, she says she will eat after him, she says what should be made in dinner, rudra says 1st let me have breakfast, he says make what you want, he ask paro are you fine, he says are you worried about thing, I will be there with you don’t worry, I have even booked return ticket, he is about to leave but turns and says are you alright, she nods and ask him to take care, he says ladyfinger, make that in dinner, paro says I know not burned. he smiles and goes. paro says have strength, you have to be strong.

Scene 2
sumer is sleeping, mohini comes there, he ask her to take dirty cloths, mohini says I am not your servant, she says I gave birth o loins and they are grown up donkeys but I am still lioness, he ask what happened, mohini tells her about dilsher giving money to samrat, sumer says if I was there, I could have controlles samrat, mohini says I will take you home when time comes but I have to deal with dilsher 1st.

Scene 3
paro is packing and sees chit on which rudra’s and her name is written, she smiles, she sees earring which rudra made her wear then red bangles which rudra brought for her, she then sees rudra’s blue shirt which he gave her when she came in his house, she sees doll and says I am leaving rudra on your trust, you have to take care of her, rudra comes there and says are you back biting about me with her, paro says major doesn’t have time for me, she rudra ask her to put doll inside cupboard, paro says atleast spend some time with me today, rudra says I will do my packing, paro says have dinner 1s, rudra ask to bring here only, they eat together, paro says I didn’t burn it, rudra smiles.. darmiyaan song plays…. they come out to take off cloths from rope, they keep looking at eah other, paro and rudra packs their bags, paro sees his shirt button broken and says I will stich it, you change cloths, rudra says how you know? paro says I have spent much time with you so I know your likes and dislikes, she says like I know you don’t like burned potato, you love your black shades and uniform that even aman cant touch it, you love your black shirt and black jacket that you wear it even in hot weather, you look like hero in it, rudra comes to her and ask what else I like. paro says you like this moon, rudra says I like full moon only, paro says sometimes half things have fragrance of full moon like half stories, sometimes half moments are enough to spend whole life and life seems beautiful with them, paro says don’t sit beside me as needle cant hurt it is said in my village to not sit beside person who is stitching, rudra says In every village it is said, needle can hurt everywhere, he is about to sit but paro holds him , rudra says ouch, paro says what did needle hurt, she get worried, rudra smiles, paro says don’t do this joke again, paro says see the moon, he says why are you looking me? paro says for me you are my moon, rudra says moon have stains, paro says its black spot to be saved from evil eye, rudra says but I don’t have black spot, paro is about to put her kajal/eye liner on him, rudra says what are you doing, paro runs behind him, they falls on bed, paro takes his phone, rudra ask to give it back, paro says no, rudra falls on her and they look at each other, in confusion, paro’s selfie pic get clicked, rudra smiles seeing it. paro says I will sleep on floor, rudra says sleep on bed, paro denies, rudra makes her sacred that we will be in train tomorrow then I will not sleep with you, then if light goes off in train you will have to sleep between strange people. paro says I will sleep on bed only, they sleep, rudra has back towards paro, paro gets up and sees him sleeping peacefully, she smiles and puts black spot on his head, song plays, rudra turns and holds her hand, paro sleeps close to him.
in morning, paro wakes up and sees rudra sleeping beside her, she thinks that when he will get fine, I will leave him but till then every moment is like one life foe me, she wakes rudra up, rudra sees holding her hand and leaves her, rudra ask to get ready, we have to go. rudra is getting ready infront of mirror, she is tensed what if he finds black spot. rudra looks at her.

Scene 4
paro and rudra are leaving with their bags, Maithili comes there, she is tensed, she does their aarti, she puts tilak on rudra and paro and cries, she hugs paro, rudra is confused. she goes from there, rudra ask paro what happened to her, paro says I want to say something, rudra says we are getting late, paro says no let me say, I know you know it but still I want to tell you that I love you a lot, I love you more than everything, I love you more than my life, my happiness, my dreams. I love you and will always love, she puts hand on his mouth and says I wanted to say so said, you don’t have to say anything, she leaves while rudra is stunned at her confession.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Paro please don’t leave rudra. He is in madly love with you.

  2. cute smile rudra….

    Rudra stop paro…

    We love parorudr…….

    Awesome episode…
    It will break Arishi….

  3. wow paro rudra u guys just awesome yaar.after arnav khushi u guys r really superb.and paro plz dont leave rudra yaar.

    1. Paro….dont lve him alone…bcoz he really lvs u soooo much….

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