Rang Rasiya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 2nd May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro says to rudra that now you have to help yourself she leaves, rudra tries to lift his hand but couldn’t, paro sees him from outside, paro says you cant lose even from yourself you have to use your hand, rudra tries hard and has pain he lifts it little and then moves hand to plate, he is able to grab apple piece, paro looks on, apple piece falls from his, paro is dejected, rudra tries again and again, he lifts one piece, he holds his affected hand with other hand and moves it to mouth, he eats apple with his hand, paro is beyond happy, Maithili comes there, paro hugs her happily. paro says to Maithili that he will be fine, Maithili says I found truth that maasa is behind all this, paro is stunned. paro says I cant believe, Maithili says whom should I tell, paro says no one, we should investigate more, we have to find that laddo plate, Maithili says I have it, paro says we have to bring kaki’s truth out.

Scene 2
rudra comes home, mohini is doing his aarti, paro says you are rotating aarti plate wrongly, mohini says oh god, I am so worried for rudra that I couldn’t see this is bad omen, paro says if you worry about him then give plate to me, paro does rudra’s aarti. she says I will take him inside, paro holds rudra but he sternly faces her and says I don’t need your help to walk. paro says but I need your help, you always say I walk less and falls more, please give me support, paro holds his hand gently, mohini says I will bring food foo for you, and I have to make you eat as your right hand.. rudra gets angry, paro says to him to not say anything, they leave from there. mohini smirks.

Scene 3
in night, rudra and paro comes fro dinner, rudra tries to grabs chair, he then grabs it with his left hand, mohini says I made this pulse and rice for my rudra, she si about to give him but paro stops, all are stunned, paro first taste food, mohini ask what is happening, paro says what rudra will eat, I will taste it first, rudra says what madness is this, paro says you also did same with me and I didn’t say anything, rudra remembers it, rudra says it was different thing, mohini says yes they were terrorist but we are at home, paro says home? where rudra was given poison, mohini says what you think I mixed poison in pulse, she taste pulse and says see It doesn’t have poison, paro says I knew it as one cannot give him poison 2 times in same manner, mohini says he ate poison mistakenly, paro says not mistakenly but he was given poison deliberately, chacha ask what? paro says yesterday he only ate laddos, mohini says this means you are saying I made him eat poison, paro says I didn’t take your name once, its good that you accepted yourself, she goes from there. mohini says this girl has gone mad and nobody is saying anything, rudra says talk with respect she is my wife. paro comes with laddo plate, paro says remember you made these five laddos for me and asked rudra to make me eat, mohini says yes as it increases love, paro says nothing will happen when you eat these laddos like you ate this pulse, she ask her to eat, mohini says what the hell why nobody is saying anything. paro says we all know you will not eat it as it has iron, we got iron powder from your room and doctor said that rudra was given iron powder. mohini fumes and says this girl came from road and is putting allegations on me, cant someone slap her and throw her out, rudra says she is my wife, mohini says you could have controlled her so she couldn’t have talked like this, rudra says if she is wrong then eat laddos, mohini says what is all this, chacha says enough, mohini says I was saying same, she is about to take laddo plate but chacha stops her and says eat these laddos and finish his matter, he gives her laddos, mohini is shivering and couldn’t eat, paro says what are you scared, sumer says enough, what proof you have paro? mohini says it is all done by Maithili, she is behind me from many, she ask Maithili si paro any queen that you keep serving her. she says oh you are taking revenge for that day when you went out late in night and I scolded you, you felt so much bad for that day that you are putting allegation on me like this, what problem you have with me, why you are always behind me. you filled paro’s ears?

Scene 4
paro says yes she helped me, she ask Maithili to tell everyone what you investigated, she doesn’t say anything, sumer says see she is not saying anything, this is all plotted by paro, Maithili says no paro is right, I got some proof, paro says not all this maithili also have proof that I didn’t put fire in dilsher’s room, she got another dupatta of bridal dress which was worn by lady who put fire in room. mohini says enough, I cant take my insult anymore. she turns to paro and says you want me to eat these laddos than I will eat, she eats laddo shocking everyone.

PRECAP- chacha feeling guilty says to mohini that I asked you to eat laddo as.. mohini stops him and points him to go out, he goes from there, sumer says I don’t understand how you replaced that poisonous laddo, mohini turns and is sweating as poison is affecting her, she ties dupatta around her neck and ask sumer to bring taxi as they have to go to hospital.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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