Rang Rasiya 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
tejawat says to Laila how is my old enemy rudra pratap, he says your eyes are beautiful and its more beautiful because of fear, be always like this, I want rudra to see this fear when you will take my message. aila laughs and says strange raja, see clearly its not fear but shock to see such a big raja in such low place, she says why you think that I will give your message to rudra, tej says I wanted to give some contract to rudra which will make him happy too and me too, its like deal, deal should be done by good messenger, I want a messenger who is either very clever or very fool. laila says what will you say about paro, the one who had put spice in your eyes, tej gets angry and ask her to control her tongue, I will such small pieces of you that your lovers will keep finding you, so tell me will you take message.

SCene 2
samrat ask Maithili are you fine, she nods. he says I brought gifts for paro and rudra, give them, she ask what you brought, he says imli for paro and year full sugar for rudra, maithli laughs. he says I think I shouldn’t have brought gifts, Maithili says why, one day everybody wold knew about your new business, don’t become sad with maasa’s words, she will be happy one day for you I have faith, smarat agrees.
rudra comes home and scolds paro, he says you came alone, I was worried for you. paro in tears says to rudra that you were right about Laila and me couldn’t understand it, she cries, rudra gives her his shoulder, paro cries in his arms, rudra comforts her saying you gave her chance but she didn’t deserve it, paro says could she create misunderstanding in our relation, rudra says no, we will not let her come inbetween us. rudra gets aware of his act and removes his hand. paro says this means you believe that there is some relation between us. rudra looks at her and starts moving backward, he leaves from there, paro is in tears. Maithili listens to all this from outside of room.

SCene 3
Laila ask tej what message and why me? tej says I was searching for person whi has importance in rudra’s life, he says I know you love rudra a lot but you love yourself most, I listened that you tried a lot to get your love but you falied everytime, you even begged paro, very sad. I have ace card that will turn game for you. Laila ask what he means, he comes close and says I have to show you.
Maithili ask paro what happened, paro says maybe rudra got angry, Maithili says no, I saw truth in hisw words, maybe he couldn’t bear what he said and went out,,
he is changed a lot, now soon happiness will come in your life, paro says why you seem tensed, did mohini said something, Maithili says nothing, 1st you concentrate on your relation, you have whole life to solve my problems. Maithili says I will take off evil eye from my small sister, she takes off from paro by spice, paro says I fear that when everything is happening according to will then something bad happens, Maithili ask to think positive, paro is about to leave, samrat comes and says this is gift for you and rudra, Maithili informs her that samrat got 1st success in new business, paro congrats him, Maithili says paro rudra is with dilsher give him gift.

SCene 4
rudra scolds dilsher why he had to involve in their matter, dilsher says you also think that I was wrong in giving samrat money, rudra says no but you should have said that I gave him so I would have dealt with mohini, I did mistake to come here. rudra says we should take new house, dilsher says no we are family, 15 years, we were away from home, family everything, maybe now everything gets fine. start having hope, hope have power, rudra thinks. dilsher says today is poonum, remember you used to jump seeing full moon in childhood, learn to have hope from lifr, relations, hope is not enemy. rudra leaves. paro comes in hiws room and ask about rudra, dilsher says maybe he is on terrace, he likes to see full moon.
paro comes on terrace, rudra says I was waiting for you, paro says dilsher told me that you like to see full moon but you say that moon is just sphere for you with stains. rudra says I lie sometimes, rudra says I took leave to be with you when doctor see your eyes, to be around you, I don’t know why and don’t ask me, paro says when my father mother was there, they used to sleep under moon, rudra says moon gives hope, it make us feel we are not alone, he is there to take our care, I spent many nights alone, in desert where there was me and this moon only. I also used to sleep with my maasa and dilsher used to sleep inside because of mosquitos, paro says if you have pain don’t share it with me, rudra says I want to share pain with you, I never shared it with anyone but I feel to talk to you because I trust you and I want you to trust me, when I told you that I don’t want Laila to come inbetween us I meant.. paro says I have full trust on you. rudra sits on swing, he says I used to lie here then mother used to come and sit with me, paro sit there, rudra says she used to sing for me, rudra says will you sing that song, paro recalls how he stopped her from that singing that song, rudra says please sing it today, only tonight, paro sits beside him and sings heli mari sunle ram, rudra get emotional and lies his head in her lap. rudra cries listening to it.

Scene 5
tej brings Laila to mala(thakurain), she is in bad state, Laila says she is your wife, mala shouts that she is not his wife, I cant believe that I loved man like you, I left my everything for you, I left my house, my husband, my son for this man.

PRECAP- paro says if you are feeling pain in sharing it then don’t, rudra says I want to tell you because you know my maasa, the song which you sung now, you learnt it from my mother. paro says but I learnt it from thakurain, rudra says yes your thakurain maasa is my mother, paro is shocked to core.

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