Rang Rasiya 27th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 27th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 27th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra takes paro in haveli and puts her on sofa, he closes the from ouside. Otherside chachi is trying to open door, her DIL ask he is brother? chachi says we have no relation with him, dont try to make it. Here rudra puts curtain on windows of paro’s room. He ties a rope in haveli. he opens the room of chachis, she comes out and sees the haveli divided in two halves by rope. She is angry and looks around, rudra comes with water jug, chacha comes and says you cameback, i was talking about you to.. he sees the rope and ask what is this? Rudra says to chacha that i am dividing haveli in two, and says this side is mine and other is yours and if someone crosses it then he will be responsible for damage, he leaves. chachi says to chacha he came to shows his right on this house.

Chachi says he has com back with fire in him but i will tell him once my sons will come back tonight., i will see to it.

Scene 2
paro gets conscious and sees herself in room, she sees her mangalsutra and garbs it, she looks around to see where she is, she opens the light and sees girls (models) posters around at every wall. She sees Rudra written at the wall and looks at it. In kitchen rudra is throwing everything and takes things of his need in bag, he looks at chachi and leaves, he comes to paro with with things and shows her things to eat, dry nuts etc. He opens one box and floor falls on his face, paro looks at him, he looks at her then sees his face in metal plate and removes floor from his face. He shows her water and says drinks if you need. Paro ask where she is? rudra says where nobody can reach you? and neither you can go out. he says i am going out and will lock your room from outside so no need to shout for help nobody will listen to you, and you are save here, dont worry, he is about to go, paro says RUDRA, he stops, paro ask is this your name? he says so what. Paro says shiv maharaj have one name this, rudra says yes. paro says this means fighter who wipes evil from earth, rudra ask to get straight, paro says every men has evil and good side both, i pleads on your good side please have mercy on me, rudra says these things to eat and you are alive this is all my mercy. Paro says you people says you capture culprits but i didnt do anything, you fight for freedom but you captured my freedom, you say you kill betrayers but you killed she have flashbacks of her parents death and varun, she says you killed my own, rudra says its not our fault that your own are betrayers and we dont kill me but teach them but for betrayers there is only death, paro says you will kill me too but i am alive so i can be used against thakur and birpur, rudra says yes not only use i will kill all betrayers, paro says marrying on other side of border is not betraying, he says yes but smuggling guns is, paro says i dont know about this and i dont believe you either, you are lying, rudra says you are lying, they were smuggling guns in your barat and i will let you accept this fact. She holds her mangalsutra tightly rudra sees it and says what you do with this, grabbing it, running for it like you dont know what happened in your marriage, paro says stop it, rudra says you started it, he is about to go paro says you can capture me but not my death, its in my hands. Rudra says some time before i removed your mark from world by destroying that car so i captured your death too, he says there are many things here from which you can easily kill yourself but remember if you try to do so then i will burn whole birpur your mami, thakur, thakuraian. he says look at my head if it gets open then it will destroy everything, he looks her room and goes.

Scene 3
Rudra is going out chacha stops him and says you remember how you wanted to stay here, nothing has changed only time has changed, he says you can stay here as you want but why this rope, carpenter will work on other side and in your room sundar stays but he will shift, rudra says no carpenter will come, chachi ask why? rudra says because i am saying, chachi says same like your mother your stubborn nature like her. Rudra wears glares, chachi says yeah hide your eyes behind these shades, rudra says i dont talk with people i dont know.
In night, paro hits door and ask is there anyone outside? outside chachi is shouting where are my sons? he is showing his rights on my house and nobody is doing anything, chacha ask her to stop it, inside paro sits dejected and says i am locked here and there is nobody to listen me.

PRECAP- chachi’s son comes home and is angry, he opens the lock of paro’s room and is about to open the door but rudra stops him and grabs him by collar, he throws him in hall, they start to fight while all family members tries to stop them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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