Rang Rasiya 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Rudra goes out of the room. Chacha says he remembers everything we just have to give him a lttle time. I believe that we will lose all the bitterness one day.
paro asks rudra aren’t you going to work ? He says no are you going ? She says yes i am going with bapu sa. I have to go to temple with them. Will you be alone here ? he says why am I a child ? She say no but you become sometimes.
bapu sa calls paro to come. she goes.
Rudre takes his upper and walks in the corridor. he looks at his childood drawings. he takes one out on which he has written digits. HE recalls mala telling her that its upside down. He takes out the family drawing. he says I couldn’t make my picture with rest of the family. I was so mad that I drew my picture on the other side. Rudra says she was right ? Paro asks who ? He says maa. he looks back paro is there. PAro says you remember everything major saab. Why are you ruuning. Please stop and look at your own self. He says please don’t ask me to turn vbcak I won’t be able to do this. I know she was my mom and she remembers everything that I do. I remember that she left me 15 years ago. Sinace the she is not my mom. She ruined everything. This picture reminds all those memories. That night comes in front of me when she left me. Those days when I looked everywhere for her, I was abandoned by her. I was shattered. Paro touches his face. H says I have moved forward after so long. I have buried them in dark please don’;t waken thos memories. I fear I will be shattered agin if I face those memories again. I will enver be able to alive again. Don’t let this happen. Paro holds his hands. I don’t want to be lost in the darkness again. Mala is over listens them. Paro thinks I did all I could but I won’t give up. I will find a way. He will me better hen this hatred will leave his heart. Chacha calla paro.sHe says I am coming. She sees mala there. She says massa come with us. Id on’t want you to be here alone with him. Its hurts him.

Scene 2
Paro is in the kitchen. matheli says what are you thinking ? Forget all that happened. Mala comes there and says let me help you I will cut the onion. paro says no massa I don’t want you to make anything for him. He knows your taste it hurts him. mala leaves. matheli says what was that paro ? paro is quite.

Paro give rudra parshad. she says I prayed.. He says I know what you must have prayed. She says I prayed that you always reamin happy. She says I will bring the food here. He say why here ? Is everyone done with the meal ? She says no you don’t feel good with massa so, I planned on eating here.

Rudra comes to the table. Paro serves the food. She sasy I prayed for you then I realized that its In my hands. I can’t see in pain anymore. Forgive me ? I should not have tried to make you and massa close. I should noit have brought you close by force. I couldn’t realize that it will increase the hatred. Come with me. She takes hi hand and asks him to take the shelf off. He asks why ? Par says because seeing this hurts you. she takes it oof by herself. He says stop and takes in down the table She says don’t hurt your self anymore major saab. Paro takes out all the drawings from the shelf. Mala ask what are you doing / Paro says so major saab can’t see them anymore. Its makes him remind all the painful days. Forgive me but I can’t see him in pain like this.

Scene 3
chachi asks sunehri to bring the red bundle. Mala comes in the store and tell her its above the closet. Sunehri says let me bring the stool, Mala sees the chair and stands on it. She tries to take the bundle. She falls on the ground. She screams. Everyone comes there. chacha asks what happened ? Matheli and par make her sit at the chair. paro sasy what were you doing masa ? Sunehri says it was my mistake. I wanted to take the bundle so I went to take the stool. Mala says I stood on the chair and didn’t know that it was weak. Paor says you could have waited for sunehri to come. Paro says that’s what I am trying to say. So much has changed in this house. Because you have to been here for years, this house is not yours this work is not yours. you are the guest here be it. Don’t try to be the part of this house. Matheli says paro.. paro looks back at rudra and bapu sa. mala stands up by her own. She goes to her room. Paro leaves as well rudra follows her. Chacha asks what happened to paro ? Mohini says its the story of every family. The relationships have ups downs.
Rudra comes to paro and asks why did you behave like that ? Paro says like what ? Rudra says you talked bad to her. PAro says to whom ? Massa ? Did I say wrong ? If I did then forgive me ? Rudra says no you did not do right but what was the need of shouting at he her. PAro says I was right. She should just do rest here. Rudra says what has happened to you? You had so sympathies for her and now you are reacting like this. Paro says things change. SHe is my mom in law, the one whose son hates her and the one who left her own son.

Precap- matheli and pari are out. A man comes with helmet. He throws something on paro’s face. She screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. No…. simple episode…

  2. today epsiode is ok not bad and my request to retelecast at 12 am

  3. Please telecast rr on 12 am at night again

  4. not good….it was an average episode .please focus on main lead.but i love paro.she is awesome.sanaya roooooocks.

  5. paro purposely yell at mala so tat rudra will feel agitated and stands for his mother. ..I hope he will. ..

    1. she is using reverse psychology

  6. it was good but we want some interisiting btw paro rudra.plz dont make the serial fall down.and thank for update yaar.and make some good epidose

  7. I think she had done this 2 help rudra 2 stand up 4 his mom.hope paro face heals.

  8. I hope its not acid…. oh god how rudra vl react.. .. he vl kil d prsn as soon a he vl cum to knw abt d culprit. Uski paro k saath koi bura karega to rudra chup thode hi baithega….. nxt week it vl b rudra helpin paro n servin al he needs…. swt couple….

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