Rang Rasiya 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 25th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
geeta says oh god major rudra pratap did a joke, this date should be noted, you did joke for 1st time but it was bad, she says we should leave so that paro can fight easily, they leave. rudra comes to paro and says i went to get ready then why did you leave, you make problems, she is about to leave, rudra holds her hand says when i talk talk to me, she says i will not. paro says how you can lie to me when truth is everything for you, rudra says it was just a joke, paro says for you but for me this thought took my life that because of me your job is in danger again, to think that you will get punished because of me, i would have died thinking it, i dont wanna talk to you. Also you dont like my face so i dont wanna disturb you, i will stay in some corner, he says okay stay

in corner, now will you keep fighting or should we go home.

Scene 2
maithili comes to mohini , mohini says why are you looking at my face, maithili says we should plan pooja for paro and rudra, mohini did you took challenge that you can get my slap before two minute, she says she will never arrange poja for them, leave from here.
in jaipur, paro is trying to lift bag, rudra tries to help but paro doesnt allow him, he says it was just a joke, okay you dont wanna talk, i am not dying to talk to you, paro puts bag on bed and start packing rudra’s clothes, he snatches it from her and says when you are not talking to me then dont pack my clothes too, he start taking out his clothes from cupboard and gives paro’s dupatta to her saying its yours, paro looks at him. she is about to take but rudra doesnt give and says okay dont take it, i will not give now, it will remain here, paro is confused, he sits and thinks that it was just a joke why she is not talking, i dont care, paro thinks if you dont care then why you are trying to talk, if you say then you moustache will not get thin, cant you pacify me, rudra thinks if you are angry then let it be, i will not pacify you, i dont know how to pacif as i never did it, paro thinks yes you must have never said sorry to anyone, devil. rudra ask did you say anything? paor makes face, he sees jug empty and says water is also not there, paro is about to go to get it but he says i will get it, do you want anything paro doesnt answer, geeta calls him, he says yes we reached, i tried to pacify her, paro is stunned, i said its a joke, i will try, he goes out and brings coldrink and milk for paro, she drinks cold-drink anf coughs, he says why are you drinking, she says you know i hate milk, he says milk made you talk to me, she gets angry and sits. rudra puts cold drink in glass and offers paro, she doesnt take, rudra says go to hell then, he says she will make me mad, he looks at her being angry, he thinks its just a small a word, leave this ego, he writes sorry with powder on mirror(rangrasiy plays). he comes to paro and says i wrote it there on mirror, paro looks at him, he says not on my face but on mirror, paro looks at it, he ask did you read, she doesnt answer, he says okay dont read, i dont care, he wipes it. paro drinks cold drink, paro goes from there, he says where are you going, he grabs and she bumps inot him, he says i asked you to stop, paro says i dont understand what you say what not, he says i wrote it there but you dont understand english, she says so tell me what you wrote, he says i wrote sorry means i did mistake please forgive me, paro says i understood it inside as i can read your eyes, he says then give me forgiveness, she says can you anything for my pardon? rudra recall when he asked paro same and says she can go to any extend. he says yes, tell what i have to do, she says bangles, red bangles, its just small thing but i am your wife so cant disturvb you more, mohini and sumer listens to them, sumer says they came after sweet honeymoon.

Scene 2
rudra comes to maithili and says bangle seller comes daily, if he then tell me, she says for paro? he goes from there, she says wow he is taking bangles for paro, mohini comes there and ask her to do work in kitchen and prepare for satenarayan pooja, maithili gets happy and goes. mohini thinks that its late but i will make their pooja hell. aro comes to maithili, she ask about their trip, paro recalls their dance, paro says it was awesome, there was chaaclates, rose petals on our bed and jalsa(party) was also good, i wore red saree, maithili say and you won rudra’ heart thats why he was asking about bangle seller, paro gets happy that he asked.

Scene 3
rudra is buying bangles, he says show me red bangles, seller says whta red? there are many shades in red too, rudra gets confused. sumer infroms this to mohini that rudra is buying bangles, se says we have to throw paro, she ask about sme powder, he says i bought this powder, she takes it from him and says i can work good alone you leave, she looks at powder.
outside paro says i will make laddos, maithili says mohini is making them, maithili says tell me about your love story, what you did that he is buying bangles, paro gets shy and is about to leave but milk falls, maithili says this is bad omen.

Scene 4
sumer comes to mohini and is about to eat laddos, she jerks him, he says why didnt you make me eat, she says they were.. maithili comes, mohini says you cant eat them before pooja, maithili says this is bad omen that laddo fell, mohini ask her to go and put it in mud, she goes. mohini tells sumer hat these laddos have poison i made 5 special laddos for paro, dont you remember i asked you to bring powder, she says after lord’s pooja she will go to lord eating it. then i will go devyanti saying that rudra made paro die then he will be ruined,

PRECAP- paro sees red bangles on ground, she gets happy, rudra looks at her, both sit down to take it, he says now give me forgiveness, paro happily looks at him

Update Credit to: Atiba

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