Rang Rasiya 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 24th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro is blabbering and says you searches me everywhere then i would have asked how you got wound on your face then you would ask me how i got wound on heart, you remember when i use to run from you, i used to hide and you use to catch but then thief herself came to police(rudra), why was i running from you when i had to come to you, its my fate. she starts laughing, rudra say you laugh weirdly, it doesnt make nose, how would i understand you are laughing in happiness or sadness, paro says to understand me you have to come in heart but without shoes, she starts laughing again, rudra ask her to stop laughing, paro says you keep ordering me to sit here, dont laugh, i will laugh, she starts throwing water on him, rudra grabs paro and comes closer to her(bolna halke halke plays) paro

says dont come so close, rudra ask why?, wind stopped, i cant breath. bot look at each other. rudra leans closer to paro to kiss her, she is shy and puts hand between their lips, rudra kisses her hand, they have kiss with hands between their lips. paro closes her eyes. paro removes hand from their lips, they are very close, rudra loks at paro and makes distance, they look at each other little shy, paro runs from there, rudra comes behind her, paro says you are coming behind me like my pearl, rudra says its important to come behind you make some drama wherever you go, paro feels dizzy and sleeps on rudra’s shoulder, he ask her t get up but she doesnt budge, rudra lifts her in arms, they come to room, paro says its not our room, rudra says i dont care i will sleep here, if you wanna go then go alone, paro puts hands around his shoulder tightly and says i will not go anywhere leaving you, rudra smiles, he puts her on bed, paro sleeps and kicks rudra, he says you.. you kick me, you are not habituated, he puts her on one side of bed and lies on other side, paro holds his hand and sleep with back to rudra, he leans closer to her to free his hand but keep looking at her, paro holds is hand in her hand. rudra lies on his side of bed and is thinking about her, he again goes closer to her and puts blanket on her, paro holds his other hand too which is around her waist, they sleep

SCene 2
in ranawat house, miathili comes back, mohini says come come, you were out for whole night, where you went in night? she calls out to samrat, he ask what happened, she taunts bitter guard happened because she cant give child, she says your wife was out for whole night, why she went out in night, she ask you have problems with your marriage that she went out in night. maithili says i went before a girl whom you gave money, mohini says she is worker so i gave her money and two results can be taken out from this, one that you doubt your mother in law other that you are just faking it and went somewhere else, she leaves, samrat ask her to come.

Scene 3
rudra wakes up and sees himself sleeping with paro holding her close, he says paro here, paro turns in sleep and comes more closer to him, she holds his hand in sleep, paro is about to get up. rudra pretends to sleeping, she is shocked to see rudra so close and runs out of bed, rudra looks at her, he finds earring on bed and puts in pocket, paro feels shy, paro is having head ache, rudra gives her lemon water, paro says its bitter i will not drink, rudra holds her nose and make her drink in one go, rudra says you did foolishness after drinking wine, paro says wine and me? he says you drank so much that one can take bath, when you cant handle then why do you drink, look at room its not our, paro is shocked, rudra enjoys, he says you danced like monkey in party, and pulled geeta’s hairs, you snatched glass from her and drank more and you also sing very badly, paro says what i did then, he says i took you from there forcefully, you were blabbering alot, so i had to.. he recalls their almost kiss, paro ask what? he says i dont remember, he says lets go from this room otherwise we have to tell servant too that you were high last noght. they goes from there.

Scene 4
samrat ask why you went out in night, she says i have seen that girl before with maasa so i followed her, samrat says maa said that she is worker so whats the big deal that she came for money, she says i didnt understand anything and.. samrat says and you went out in night, he leaves from there. maithili thinks maybe i am mistaken.

Scene 5
rudra is searching for paro in hotel, he ask servant that have you seen paro, she is tall, beautiful,slim, fair. he says yes she went this way.
paro is with geeta, she says i am sorry, geeta says for what, paro says last night i snatched glass from you, pulled your hairs, i was high for 1st time so that happened, please dont punishe rudr ofr this, geet ask who said this to you, paro says rudra told me, rudra is standing behind and smiles mischiefely, paro looks at him, rudra smailes like mischoef kid while paro stands distraught.

PRECAP- paro says how you can lie to me when truth is everything for you, rudra says it was just a joke, paro says for you but for me this thought took my life that because of me your job is in danger again, to think that you will get punished because of me, i would have died thinking it, i dont wanna talk to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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