Rang Rasiya 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra comes in hall with Laila’s bag and ask aman to take her fom here, paro is lil skeptical on her going. Laila takes her and is leaving haveli, she thinks I am going for now but I will come back and this time if I comeback then along with paro I will not leave you mohini, I will dance like this that death will dance with me. she goes out. rudra is relieved.
in noght, rudra is preparing to sleep, paro comes, rudra ask how you agreed to make Laila? paro says when doctor said that she is fine then what could I say, also I didn’t wish her to stay here forever, also she didn’t seem to like stay here, also I.. she stops and ask him to take medicine, he takes. paro is taking pillow but rudra takes and ask her to sleep on bed, he will sleep on floor, paro ask how will you, rudra says did I ask ou how you sleep on floor, rudra is about to go but listen to some noise, he takes stick and searches, paro holds him tightly being afraid, he says don’t be afraid I am here, paro shows him that its only rat, she laughs that you are holding stick like snake came, rudra says and what about you holding me tightly, she leaves him. paro laughs and sleeps on bed, rudra lies down. paro still laughing, rudra ask her to stop laughing else he will bring real sanke then she will be shut, he says should I ask one thing, paro says yes, he says what were you saying after you said that doctor said Laila is fine, paro says I wa saying that when I can trust for my life then I can trust on your talks, also aman will take care of her.

Scene 2
aman brings Laila to some house, he says I will keep here at night for your safety, in daytime one bsd officer will be here, I suggest you to not go out from here, Laila thinks I only want rudra, aman ask do you need anything? she says no, she recalls rudra taking paro’s side that she knows how to love and how he threw her out, she throws away glass, aman ask are you fine, she nods.
in morning, rudra gets up and finds pillow under his affected arm, he ask who put it? paro sasy me as your hand shakes, rudra says you don’t need to care for me waking up in night, paro says you also gave me pillow did I ask you anything. dilsher calls for paro to go to doctor, rudra ask where is she going, paro informs him that its her appointment with doctor for checking her eyes. she says you have to go to bsd, get ready I will make breakfast. rudra thinks.

Scene 3
paro is happily working in kitchen, sunehri ask whether she is going to Jaipur again, paro says no why? sunehri says you were that much happy when you were going to Jaipur. paro says nothing like that, sunehri says then what did my brother say that your face is glowing, paro says he doesn’t say anything, he is silent king, nothing special, she ask sunehri to go with tea, sunehri says nothing serious? paro nods.
Laila gets up and sees aman saying rudra tell me, she listens aman talking to rudra, aman sasy you are taking leave? rudra tells him that wants to take paro to hospital, aman says you should go with bhabhi its good, Laila fumes. aman says to Laila he is going, don’t go out. he leaves.
paro sees rudra not in uniform, she ask why are you not wearing uniform, rudra says doctor doesn’t like to see me in uniform, she says you are going with me, you took leave, rudra says how many time you will ask, lets go. dilsher says from where did sun came out today, your health is also not good if doctor ask you to make this illness(love) go away then don’t take treatment as its suiting you. he leaves. paro ask you took leave for me, he says not for you but for your eyes, paro says my eyes can also go with dilsher, why did you take leave. rudra says when this incident happened you didn’t tell me, so I don’t want you people hide anything from me so I will go, paro says dilsher will tell you everything, rudra shouts only I will go with you, paro says 1st tell me did you take leave for me? rudra drags her out.
Laila gets ready and sasy lioness cant be locked like pigeon, if they can go out then Laila will also not stay at home, she sees office guarding her house, she jumps from window and goes out.

Scene 4
doctor checks paro and ask her to close left eye and open right eye, she does opposite, rudra tells her that he is saying to open right eye not left one, paro does so. after checkup they comes out of clinic, rudra teases paro that jeep is parked at left side, she knows it? paro says I did that by mistake only. rudra says so what now, should we go for eating food? paro says no its cooked at home, rudra says okay, he says so should we go home or elsewhere, paro says she has to help Maithili in coloring dupattas so they should go home, rudra is disappointed that she doesn’t get his hints.
Laila comes to summer’s house, he says you and gets happy. he ask her to come in, she says she was getting bored so thought to have lunch woth him, she gives him big menu foe food along woth beer, sumer says you will eat it all, sumer tries to flirt and comes closer to her, Laila pushes him.

Scene 5
sunehri says to paro that you are stupid, he was asking for food and said that its cooked at home, she says when guy in college wants to take girl out so he ask indirectly, paro says no your brother is very brave if wanted to take me out, he could have asked me directly, sunehri says you only said that he doesn’t say anything about love, he keeps mum, paro says this means.. sunehri sasy this means he want to go out with you, he has started to like you, she leaves, paro is in thoughts.

Scene 6
rudra is taking out cloths and finds paro’s earring which he had hidden in Jaipur, he caresses it, he comes out and looks at paro lost, paro looks at him and recalls sunehri’s words. he ask do you need help in folding cloths, paro says no, do you need anything? he says I want to give something, she ask what, she throws dupatta, rudra holds dupatta and says you need help, paro blabbers that he can offer for help openly but cant ask for dinner openly, rudra ask what is she saying, paro says nothing, paro ask him to come close ( meaning to fold dupatta together) but they get awkward at what she said.

PRECAP- paro says come more close, they folds dupatta and comes close.
Laila says if this illiterate paro thinks that she was successful in throwing me out of rudra’s life then,,

Update Credit to: Atiba

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