Rang Rasiya 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro and rudra are close, rudra lifts paro up, all claps for them, geeta says it was my party but you guys rocked, she ask all to clap for this beautiful couple, rudra leaves, paro also leaves behind him.
in ranawat house, maithili says to samrat that rudra and paro went for party, samrat says rudra must be shouting on her and paro must be weeping in some corner, maithili says many things are changed between them, she ask what it is called when hubby wife go out for 1st time, he says honeymoon and hugs her, she says yes we went to shimla for it, they recalls it, she ask why we didnt do pooja for rudra and paro, she says i will ask maa, he says night is to romance with husband, they laugh.

Scene 2
paro meets geeta’s friend(those who gossiped about her dress), paro says to geeta that you said you dont want gifts but i have gift for you, she gifts her imli, geeta says wow, i will show it to singh, she goes, women says that fron where do you belong, paro says from birpur village, they says oh village, they ask about her designer saree? she says geeta gave me this, the say knew this, other say you must have not seen expensive designer sarees in your village, paro says i am rom village but not poor, i mean, its not about money, i havnt seen world but i saw many things here but birpur has many things also , thay ask what? she says look at your tattoo, you must be given many money for it but in birpur its done free in mel look at embroidery at your purse, i learnt it when i was 5years old, in birpur everything is not costed with money but with talent, human becomes big with thinking so i am rich, women from which village is she, paro says on map of india, your city and my village name is written with samme pen.

Scene 2
in ranawat house, devyani come the one who put fire in dilsher’s room on mohini’s insistence, she demands for 15,000/-, maithili listens to them she says if you dont give me then i will tell all what you asked me to do, maithili says i have seen her somewhere, she recalls how she had seen her with mohini, mohini gives her and ask her to never come again, she goes to her room, maithili takes shawl and goes out of house.

Scene 3
in jaipur, mr. and mrs. singh cuts cake, they feed each other.
geeta spikes juices, singh ask what are you doing, she says you force made them to strict so i am making them human, she says this is for paro, she says you make drink for rudra, he says no, she insists.
they come to paro and rudra. singh offers drink to rudra, geeta offers spiked juice to paro, geeta says bottom ups, rudra tells paro to drink in one go, paro drinks and says which fruit is this, it was bitter, rudra says to singh that drink was hard, geeta offers one more drink to rudra, he drinks.rudra and paro are intoxicated, geeta ask rudra was is it love at 1st sight for you with paro? he says no, paro says liar, did your chacha looked back when your bus was going, wasnt it love. geeta ask how many time you both met for 1st time? paro says nce, rudra says two times.. rudra says dont start your bus story again, singh ask about it, paro says we 1st met at bus stand, rudra says yes 1st my bus came there, paro say no 1st my came, then rukmini came, geeta ask who rukmini? paro says my butterfly friend, then he came there and saved me, rudra says no i saved you in birpur’s way, rudra goes to get water, paro says with folded hands to take rudra back in bsd, he says 1st let report come, paro says his job his everything, his love, his passion and for me rudra is everything, please take him back, he says okay i will, rudra comes and gives water to paro.

Scene 4
devyani is going, maithili follows her, she feels someone is following her btu maithili hides and says i dont know why i amdoing this but i feel something is wrong, why maaji gave her money that too in night, she comes out looking for devyani, devyani comes and ask what were you doing? devyani threatens her with knife, maithili ask why you took money from maaji? she throws maithii away and runs from there. devyani calls mohini and taunts her that you have snake in your house.

Scene 5
rudra and paro comes in room, she says i am going to walk you sleep here, he ask where, she says in chandangarh we dont see place like this in dreams even, he says okay lets go out, they comes out, paro slips and shouts my heals, he says what happened, he massages her foot and ask is it paining? she says you also give me pain, you brought me here just to save me from kaki otherwise you were not bringing me here, rudra says dont take my every talk seriously, paro says okay tell me why your face become pale when i said my foot is aching, he says it was paining you, when you are pain i dont feel good, paro says when you are in pain i also not feel good, i feel like crying,they sit on stairs, paro says when you were crying in bus, i felt like someone put weight on my heart, rudra says wish your bus would not came infront of mine, wish we didnt meet, paro says all this is waste wishes now major sahab, he leans closer to her and says dont call me major sahabe, paro says to rudra that you do bad with me so i hate you but everything is evident in your eyes then i love you 1,2,3,4.. countless times

PRECAP- rudra comes closer to paro to kiss her, she is shy and puts hand between their lips, rudra kisses her hand, they have kiss with hands between their lips.(no wonder its so passionate even with hand inbetween)

Update Credit to: Atiba

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