Rang Rasiya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro holds rudra’s rudraksh mala and Rudra says calm down, paro calms down. Rudra keep looking at paro with intense eyes(RR song plays). Paro opens her eyes and looks rudra then realize she is in his arms, rudra says it was a dream dont be afraid, paro shouts and panics, rudra tries to control her but she just throws him away and shouts someone help me. Doctor comes, paro says save me from this this monster, rudra looks at her. Doctor says she is much pain, he ask rudra to go out so we can calm her down. Rudra keep looking at her with hurt eyes and goes out but keep looking at her from outside. Doctor comes and says cant you see she is in much pain, if something happens to her. Rudra says i will not let that happen, Doctor says people come her to ease their pain. Rudra says she is my suspect. i know she needs to be here. Doctor says i know her need and she needs to be shifted, rudra says no. Doctor says she was right you are monster. Inside paro ask nurse to let her go, she wants to go. Nurse says how can you go out, you havent had anything. first eat the food, you will have power then you can go to your home. paro says i can go? nurse says yes. Outside aman says media is saying bullshit about bsd because of this case. Rudra is tensed. Paro sings some lines. Rudra comes and ask have you gone mad? whats happening here, nurse says i am giving her food so she can go home. rudra thinks nurse is saying that when she will sing(gana khana confusion because of nurse accent) then she can go home. Aman laughs and says she means food. Rudra goes out and orders aman that paro will stay here and shift me in other room.

Scene 2
Some women is shown doing work in house, she is wife of chacha and ask him whats the problem you seem tensed today, whom you are calling? he says bahisa. she looks angry and says dilsher? chacha says he our big brother. she says you like it or not i will call him dilsher only. If you would have baba bhole this much he would have answered you but not dilsher. he never accepted your call. Their daughter in law come with tea and ask is everything alright? chachi taunts her stupidity. Chacha ask is samrat reached there? gayetri(DIL) nods. chachi says for your information sumit has also reached there. Chacha tells that rudra has come back, he is in bsd. i met him. chachi says he must stay away. chacha says he is injured, Chachi(mohini) says how much he killed? chacha says nothing like that, he was on duty when got injured, he says i am thinking to bring him here, chachi says i can upbring scorpio but not him. chacha says he our nephew, brohter’s and your sister’s son, chachi says sister? she was characterless. She was dilsher’s wife nothing else. she says let me clear i will not bear dilsher’s dirt(rudra) in my house.

Scene 3
in hospital, rudra is sleeping. doctor checks him and locks his room, one soldier is on duty outside paro’s room. Doctor puts medicine on his mouth and he falls unconscious. doctor comes in room and injects the injection in her drip, he smirks suddenly rudra catches hold of him by neck and ask what you have blended in drip. Doctor frees himself and runs outside, rudra runs behind him. he catches him and ask what did you mix? doctor attacks rudra and stabs with scissor. aman comes, rudra ask them to follow doctor while he runs towards paro’s room being injured. he comes and removes the drip, he looks at her and takes the sigh of relief(RR song plays). he cant take his eyes of her.

Scene 4
Paro wakes up and sees all officers standing in her room, she gets afraid. major ask how did it happened, rudra is about to reach to paro to ask something when major stops him, he goes out, major ask paro are you alright? paro says i am not right, i am away from my home, my husband has been killed. i dont know anything please let me go and one more request please make sure that devil(rudra) stays away from me, rudra listens all this from outside.

Precap- rudra is taking paro away somewhere when paro stops and says my mangalsutra has fallen behind, rudra drags her but shr frees herself and finds the mangalsutra, rudra holds her, paro ask to leave her, rudra shouts to look at him. paro looks at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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