Rang Rasiya 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
maayra ak who is paro rudra? soon bsd officers arrives at place, rudra is shivering and says come with me, he takes maayra to car, he gives her his coat, he makes her wear it, he gives water to maayra, she drinks, maayra says I am fine, rudra says 20mins back, you had knife on your neck, you had tears in eyes, he gives her some fruit to eat and says you will be fine eating it, she eats, maayra ask what new command? officer, rudra says call your uncle, maayra calls uncle and says I am fine, uncle says thank god, you are fine, you were right, this rudra, officer is useless, maayra says no, it was my fault, rudra took risk and saved me, uncle says rothi got to know about your kidnapping, maayra oh no, I will call him, she ask rudra that she wanna do international call, rudra says go ahead, she calls rohit and says I am fine, she says you don’t need to come here leaving your project, I am fine, she ends call, rudra and maayra sit in car, rudra ask is rohit your fiancée, she say yes, rudra says you talked more with your uncle than your fiancée, she says I just informed him that I am fin and asked him to not come here, rudra says so he wont come for you? just cause you said that don’t come, maayra says why are you asking stupid question, answer me one question who is paro? rudra gets tensed and says leave it, she says why, I answered all your questions now you answer me who is paro, rudra puts on music and song kuch naa kaho plays, maayra smiles listening it, rudra ask why are you smiling, she say nothing this some kuch naa kaho is good, rudra and maayra share an eyelock, rudra puts off music. maayra says it isn’t like that rohit doesn’t wanna come, he wants to come but I told him,, rudra says when did I say that he souldnt come here, maayra ask what you mean then, rudra says you both are marrying each other, this means to promise each other to live together for whole life, if I was in his place, I would have.. he stops, maayra ask if you were in his place then what would you do rudra?, rudra stops the car and says we reached home, maayra gives rudra his jacket back, rudra ask are you fine, she nods, dhruv comes and takes maayra with him, Maithili looks at rudra and leaves.

Scene 2
at night, Maithili brings milk for maayra, she ask kids to go and sleep, rudra comes there with doctor, maayra says I am fine rudra, rudra says you got hurt on your hand, doctor checks maayra’s wound on hand and bandgaes her, doctor says nothing to worry, just body is in shock, I will give her injection, maayra say no don’t give me injection, rudra says don’t behave like a child, maayra says what child, I m afraid of needle, koyal says what maayra, we also hate injection but its must naa, dhruv says that don’t worry, papa gives me chocolate after injection, maayra says no I don’t need it, doctor takes out injection, maayra shouts, kids run from there being afraid, rudra is about to go behind them but maayra stops rudra and says please don’t go, be with me, rudra sits and ask Maithili to go and see kids, she nods, maayra is looking at injection in fear, rudra ask maayra to look at me, she looks at him, rudra holds her hand and she gets lost in his eys while doctor gives her injection, doctor says its done, maayra is stunned that she didn’t feel it being looking at rudra, Maithili sees all this, rudra holding maayra’s hand. doctor says to maayra that injection have intoxicating effect so you should sleep, doctor is leaving, rudra also starts to leave but maayra stops him and gives him his jacket, maayra says 1st tell me what would you have done if you were in place of rohit, rudra says I would have come to you from uk or up and would have smacked the face of the person who tried to touch then I would held your hand would have taken you with me, maayra just looks at him, dhruv comes there and says you took injection so take this chocolate, maayra thanks him and looks at rudra, he leaves.

Scene 3
rudra comes to Maithili and says to sleep with dhruv as he has to keep an eye on maayra tonight, Maithili says but will you sleep in stranger girl’s room, rudra says stranger? what has happened to you, I thought you like her, you used to tell me to not fight with her, I am her body guard and its my duty to protect her. Maithili stops rudra and says I think what happening is wrong, rudra ask do you think I will do something wrong? just stop it and goes to dhruv, Maithili agrees and goes.
maayra lies down to sleep, she recalls how rudra hugged her, she recalls how rudra said that he would have come for her from anywhere, rudra comes there, maayra gets afraid, rudra ask why did you not sleep till now, maayra says I have sleep in my eyes but I am not getting it, my head is aching, she is intoxicated by injection, rudra is about to go, she ask where are you going, rudra says I will bring something for you, maayra says no, don’t go, sit here, rudra tensely looks at her, he sits, maayra says talk with me, rudra says there is nothing to talk, maayra smilingly looks at rudra, rudra ask what are you seeing? she gets up and is about to fall but rudra holds her and says that’s why I was asking you to sleep, she sees stiches mark on his forehead and says you must have fought with a innocent kid, how much stitches that guy got whom you beat? rudra says ask him yourself as that kid was sumer, maayra says what, maayra gets hurt on her finger, rudra wipes her blood and ask her to sleep, she says no and says I wont give back your jacket as I feel cosy and safe in it like I feel safe when you are around me, rudra in shock looks at her, she romantically looks at rudra, rudra turns away, she says don’t go, rudra says I am not leaving, maayra says why are you afraid, I should be afraid not you, rudra says I am not afraid, maayra comes very close to rudra and says something is there between us, its magic between us, rudra looks in her eyes.

PRECAP- maayra goes close to rudra and kisses him on his cheek, rudra closes his eyes and cant stop maayra, he feels the love while ranrasiya song plays in background.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. awesome.unbelievable story. sanaya and ashish acting is super. i waiting for monday

  2. omg finally they r falling in love.cant wait for next epidose yaar.the aaj full scene r just superb.rudra myrah really rocks.thank for update

  3. In precap : myrah said major shaheb and kissed rudra
    Only paro will call rudra as major shaheb right
    How did myrah know that???

  4. sierra isabel

    hey maybe paro’s ghost came 2 myraa
    and myraa is acting lyk paro!

  5. I’m waiting for the next epi
    I’m restless

  6. Good one waiting for the suspence to be traced out very nice serial after many days. I dont know why the channels are bothered about trp. Just check the responses in the net for rr with out any marketing from the channel how people are after rr and the actors in it. Give respect for the viewers dont take decissions like stopping the serial by showcasing the trp chart as a reason.

  7. Omg!this story is amazing.i didn’t expect them to fall in love this much fastly.waiting eagerly to watch coming epi and rudras reaction.

  8. wowwww…… great epi…. i am super excited for Monday’s epi…… cant wait……

  9. Wooow ashish and sanaya

  10. okay… Maayrah will see paro’s pic in the next epi… Its shown in te spoilers…

  11. please dont end rr

  12. Eagerly waiting 4 next episode……………..
    plz dont stop this serial……1000 times plz…….plz no one can see this much chemistry in other serials, loved next to barun & sanaya’ s chemistry……..but ashish is very handsome…….good acting……

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