Rang Rasiya 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro being afraid comes out her room in corridor wearing bathrobe, all looks at her, she is tensed, rudra is running towards his room. he comes there, paro is in tears and looks at him, he runs towards her, paro also runs towards, she hugs him tightly, rudra comforts her. paro says i was afraid alot, rudra says calm down, i am here, nothing will happen, paro doesnt leave him, he says look at me, he says lets go inside, they are about to go in, rudra looks back and ask people what they are seeing, go from here. paro rudra comes in, paro gets aware of closeness and distances herself, he ask are you alright? she nods, he says sir called me so i went taking key. he says singh sir’s wife wants to meet you, change clothes, he move, paro stands in his way, he says i am not going anywhere,

change clothes, he sits and looks at paro. paro looks at him so he looks other side.

Scene 2
paro comes to meet geetanjli, she says i didnt know you are so beautiful, paro touches her feet, she jokes that yes its 25th anniversary of our marriage but i am not that old, paro says you are wife of major singh so i have to give you respect, she makes paro sit and ask how you met rudra 1st? paro recalls how he saved her from goons when they met 1st, she says he saved my life and i saw him 1st time there. she says rudra must loved you in 1st sight, she ask rudra, she says its fun to irritate rudra, she says i know him from many years, he gets red face when teases little, paro ask are you from rajhisthan? she says yes, paro says i am from birpur, they talk about imli of there, tea is served, paro looks at tea and is thinking looking at empty cups, rudra understands she doesnt know how to make tea with tea bags, he makes tea and is about to mix sugar, paro says you dont take sugar, he says its for you, you dont take milk in tea, he gives it to her and says she doesnt know so i n=made it, geeta says it was sweet. after sometime they takes leave. geeta says to singh that never knew that he will marry and with such chewgum type girl. paro thanks rudra for tea, some upper class ladies sees apro’s dress and makes fun that who called this village girl here, paro and rudra sees it. they comes in room, rudra says you stay in room as people here are new and you may not mix with them, paro says okay i will not come, he says no geeta was asking so many questions and other people.. paro says you are right, you know many things, you go i will stay here. paro start doing her embroidery work, rudra goes to change. he comes out wearing suit, paro looks at him admiringly, he does hmm, paro looks down, he says if you want anything to eat then call operator and keep lamp open you will not fear. he goes out, paro sees imli and is about to eat but then says i will give it to geeta. geeta comes to her room, she ask paro why are you not coming in ball? she say rudra is ther, she says bt why not you? paro says i am not feeling well, geeta says i will not go then, paro says but its your party, she says i know rudra asked you not come, you stay here i will come, paro says but your party? she says dont stop me now. geeta makes paro ready and does her makeup.

Scene 3
in party, aman ask rudra where is bhabhi, rudra feels something and turns. he sees paro coming with geeta wearing s*xy red saree and high heals, he is clean bowled and comes to paro, geeta says i told you he will loose his senses, she goes. rudra comes ti paro, paro says sorry, actually i didnt wanna come but geeta forced me and does this, are you angry, rudra doesnt say a word. major singh grabs attention of all and says i didnt want this party but bowed to my wife’s wish, paro is tensed. geeta says play some music, music plays. geeta says couples come on dance floor and bachelors enjoy seeing them. paro says i will go to room, geeta says rudra dont run from here neither your wife, come on dance floor, paro says i cant do this, rudra says you shuldnt have to come here but if you came then you have to do this, paro says i dont know this dance, rudra says dont worry, just give me yourself for sometime, paro says but my heals, rudra says trust me will not let you fall, he takes her hand in his and takes her to dance floor, he looks at her, paro feels shy. he takes her hand, put one hand on her back, rudra sets her for couple and they start dancing on song har kisi ko milta pyar from movie boss. rudra makes paro dances fast and well. they enjoy dance and suddenly comes very close, rudra is attracted to her and is about to kiss her, paro closes her eyes, rudra realizes what he is going to do and pushes her away, he start dancing with her again, rudra closely daces with her and finishes it with bending her down.

PRECAP- paro and rudra drinks, paro is intoxicated, geeta ask rudra was is it love at 1st sight for you with paro? he says no, paro says liar, did your chacha looked back when your bus was going, wasnt it love. geeta ask how many time you both met for 1st time? paro says nce, rudra says two times.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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