Rang Rasiya 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
paro says that raja want rani to away from his life, rudra says I don’t anything like this, I mean.. raja doesn’t want this, paro says then he has the courage to take his heart and accept his feelings, rudra says it maybe also that whole story was wrong, there was two meanings of story, maybe rani saw story from different angel, she thought pari tooks raja’s heart when rani knows that raja didn’t have heart, raja told his and pari’s story to her, she herself her gave raja’s thread to pari and she doesn’t know that pari is playing with all, mohini says what ikind of story has started, you both stop yur story and let puppets show their story, she says okay paro lets go in kitchen for dinner preparation. mohini says to paro that thread of husband is in wife’s hand but you have to see that whether husband is tied to that thread or not otherwise there is fear that thread can cut your own fingers, cleverness is that to see that kite you have is not torn or not flied by some other girl. paro gets tensed, she ask to lets go in kitchen. aman comes and discusses matters with rudra, sunehri is looking at him with love, Maithili sees and says aman should eat with us as its very late, rudra ask aman and he agrees.
all sit for dinner, Maithili gives roti to rudra in pieces and says paro told me that you will feel less pain by this way, rudra looks on, sunehri serves aman cutely. Maithili comes to paro in kitchen and sees her lost while cooking. mohini signs Laila and she comes to rudra, she says your plate is empty you should have told me, she takes his bowl and goes to fill it, rudra looks at paro in kitchen, both look at each other. Laila comes in kitchen and says rudra wants daal(pulse), mohini says its there on side of paro, Laila comes infront of paro and fills bowl with daal, par feels bad seeing it, Maithili comes and takes bowl from her and says paro made this daal for rudra so she should serve him, I hope you don’t have any problem, mohini says paro is making roties, Maithili says I will make it, she gives bowl to paro and ask her to go and serve to rudra, paro goes. paro serves it to rudra, rudra eats and says its good, paro looks at him, Laila comes there. Laila says to paro that you filled rudra’s bowl full so I have to throw it now because when rudra ask to refill food again then he lefts some food not eat full, mohini says so true, rudra leaves half of food in plate, 1st I thought he doesn’t like Maithili’s food, but I must say wow Laila you understood all this in two three days which parvati couldn’t understand in many days. paro is tensed rudra looks at her. Laila sasy maybe I came here for just few days but I understand rudra, we are together for years, paro says I will see Maithili, rudra gets up, takes bowl and drinks whole daal in one go, he says I will drop puppet manager.

Scene 2
rudra gives puppet show manager money, he says you didn’t see last part of story so I will not take full money, rudra says you were supposed to tell dhola maro story then how did pari came in that, he says we have many stories I thought your house people will like that kind of story, rudra says how you thought they will like tragic story tell me truth, manager says actually one member of your house gave me money and sked to tell this story, she was waring green ghagra choli, rudra says Laila..
Laila comes to paro and says I knew you will not be sleeping, mus be waiting for rudra, will yo go on walk with me, paro says at this time, Laila says if you don’t come then I will think that you are having problem with me staying here, paro goes with her. in hall, paro ask sunehri to go with them, sunehri says no I am going to sleep, she goes. paro and Laila comes out, Laila says maa and me use to sleep on floor beneath sky, paro says me and nandu sis too, Laila sasy I use to eat imli with spice, paro says me too like it a lot. Laila says then I lost my mother, you also lost your sister. she says we are different, you remember I came to dance on your marriage function, then we talk in your room, I never thought that we will be talking sitting here like this, there are many things common between us, paro looks at her. rudra comes home and calls out for paro, sunehri informs him that paro went out with Laila, rudra recalls manager’s confession. Laila says to paro that did you like today’s story,, toch heart, listen end, chose, what yo could do.,,
paro sees rudra and says you came, should I bring something, Laila says I will help you, rudra says tea, bring tea paro in room, they goes. Laila sasy go away rudra but you are mine. mohini comes to Laila and ask where did story reach? Laila says they are drinking tea in their room, mohini says my spicy pari is fuming here, Laila leaves.

Scene 3
paro vrings tea in room for rudra, rudra says that Laila has to go, whatever was between her and me has nothing to do with me and you, she has to go,,,
I don’t trust her, she is dangerous, not that I fear that I will love her, she has poison with her, you don’t know her, she will go from here tomorrow and I don’t want any argument, she has to leave even if you don’t talk to me for whole life, tomorrow is her last day, rudra leaves. mohini listens all this.
mohini comes to Laila who is drinking, mohini says stop playing with me, your game is turning, I listened rudra is going to throw you tomorrow.

PRECAP- Laila says to mohini that rudra cant throw me out as paro will not allow him to do that and remember nobody can throw me out as this move is of Laila.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. why is it they always show someone eve’s dropping but rudra and paro never some into that situation to eves drop on the evil going ons

    1. meant that paro or rudra are never in that situation where they can eve’s drop lol!!!. let kaksa’s true colours show that she and laila are in this together

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