Rang Rasiya 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 21st April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
paro says ot rudra, i was not willing to go to jaipru, i was thinking to tell you, she is about to leave, rudra ask where are you going? she says you dont like bangles noise so going to take them out, she comes in hall and says you know paro that he will not take you with him, it will be weird to go together, rudra comes there, paro is wincing in pain, rudra says this much time in taking out bangles, paro hides her wound and says i will take out after sometime, rudra ask what are you hiding, he looks at her hand and says i did that? paro says no i promise you didnt give it. rudra brings 1st aid and says it must have pained when i made you wear bangles, paro says i didnt say because those ladies would think that you did it, rudra ask how it happened? paro says in morning i was working in kitchen and milk fell. rudra says it happened when i was out and you were wearing full sleeves when i cameback. rudra looks at paro’s wound in her hands and says kaki wanted me to make you wear bangles so that blame will be on me that i gave you this wound, he says she must know about this wound in this case, you wouldnt have told her, in this case only she must have given this wound to you, i will come back, he goes to kaki.

Scene 2
rudra is with mohini, mohini says you are doubting me? rudra says i know you did so make me loose you burnt her but listen carefully stay away from paro and pray from today she will not get scratch because you dont know what will happen then, mohini says you said that you dont have any relation with her the.. rudra says i also said that nobody will come in between we husband and wife. dont ever give her any wound because for her protection, i will always stay infront of her. he comes out and recalls how he made her wear bangles on wound and she smiled. he is pained.

Scene 3
in morning, rudra says to paro to pack her bags and take some woolen clothes, paro says i am going with you? rudra says no i am talking with rat. paro says you said that i will not come, rudra says i cant keep thinking there that what kaki must be doing here with you, you are only safe with me, so pack bags. paro packs her stuff in his suitcase.

Scene 4
paro and rudra reaches hotel, servant brings trolley for their luggage, paro says no need its only one, rudra gives her look and ask servant to take it, paro ask what are you gifting major singh, he says it was written in invitation that no need for gift. aman comes and says to paro that i told you he will bring you here. rudra goes in lift, paro stands outside, rudra ask her to come. they come in their room, paro says we should hang room keys behind door, rudra shows her card (lock of room has card swipe opening). rudra ask where will you hang this card? he takes out card and light switches off, paro gets afraid and clings to rudra, rudra says dont worry, light will come. he puts back card in jack and lights comeback, paro leaves his hand. paro says keep this card there as if it get lost then basanti will go in water, rudra ask basanti? paro says its my cow name in birpur. a bouquet and champagne are placed on table, paro ask its for whom? rudra says maybe for us, paro ask what is written on bouquet. rudra says our name, major rudra pratap and mrs parvati ranawat. paro smiles. rudra shows her things in room like fridge, tv etc, paro ask where is fan? rudra says AC is there. rudra turns toward bed and is shocked to see heart is made on bedsheet with rose patels, and two ducks made with bedsheet. he says let me show you washroom, they comes in washroom, paro ask there is load-shedding of electricity here? as perfumed candles are there, paro says nice smell, rudra says i have to take bath, he ask paro to go out.

Scene 4
paro comes in room, she looks at champagne, she is happy and smiles, she sees different things (song bahage re mann kahin from chameli plays), she looks at ducks and plays with them, she looks at their name written on bouquet chit and hides it in suitcase. she looks in cupboard, and there is thread and needle box there, she says i will make something for major singh and his misses. paro looks at chocolates and eats them, she finds their taste good, she looks at champagne bottle and tires to open it, it gets open with usual burst, paro gets afraid and says rudra will be angry, she goes in washroom to wash it from her clothes, she looks behind and rudra is having bath, she closes her eyes and comes out, rudra comes out too, paro falls on him, he ask what you were doing here? he sees rose in her head and takes it out, paro says i will take bath. rudra leaves. paro comes in washroom and sees shower valves. she ask rudra for bucket, rudra says there is shower, open knob from down, paro open knob of hot water and screams, rudra gets tensed and ask are you fine, she says yes. paro takes bath and says to rudra that i forgot my clothes outside, rudra says wear bathrobe then. paro ask what, he says see there is something made of towel. wear it. paro wears it. rudra says i am going down, wear clothes, i will come. she says fine, rudra gets call and says i am coming, he takes out card and leaves, light goes off, paro gets tensed.

Scene 5
rudra meets major singh in hall, geetanjali meets him and jokes. she says i did that decoration in your room, that champagne and all. did you like it, where is your wife, did you lock her as key is with you, rudra sees key in his hand and is stunned. in room, paro is tensed and afraid of darkness, and calls out rudra. rudra thinks that par must be afraid.

PRECAP- paro being afraid comes out her room in corridor wearing bathrob, all looks at her, rudra is running towards his room. he comes there, paro is in tears and looks at him, he runs towards her, paro also runs towards, she hugs him tightly, rudra comforts her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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