Rang Rasiya 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 1st May 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Maithili comes to doctor, doc informs her that it was iron powder and laddo have same powder, he leaves, Maithili says this means maasa did that, she recalls how she first denied for pooja but then accepted for pooja and how she asked paro to eat laado from particular plate, she says this means it was maasa.
paro is praying in aarti for rudra’s lie, in hospital rudra is not responding, he is lying straight in bed, aman sees heart beat going down and panics, they see in machine that heart beat is going very down, he ask chacha to bring doc, doc comes and checks him. otherside paro is chanting continuously, chacha ask doc to do something, doc puts oxygen mask. paro prays to lord as aarti is going on, otherisde doc gives shocks to rudra’s heart to revive him back, aman says you cant lose like this, you have to fight, pundit ask what you want? paro says his life, he says what will you give him in return, paro says anything, he says can you give your precious thing with whom you cant live, he says think what is that thing that if you give it to lord than he will listen to you, paro thinks.

Scene 2
chachA says he is my nephew, when my brother will comeback what answer will I give to him. in mandir paro thinks about her precious thing, she closes her eyes and recalls her every moment spent with rudra, pundit ask what you thought, paro sits infront of lord and says okay I am giving you him, if this is price of his life than I agree, I am giving him up. , paro prays that when rudra gets fully right then I will leave rudra that moment. doctor gives last shock and sees rudra not responding, he leaves him disappointed. rudra moves his eyelid, aman sees it and tells it to doc, rudra blabbers paro, doc says this is not less than a miracle, one minute before he was not breathing, rudra ask for paro, Maithili says she went to mandir for your life, truly said that if you have belief than miracles happen.

Scene 3
pundit says what are you doing, you are giving up your husband for whom you are asking life, paro says he is most precious to me and if I have to leave him for his life than I will do that, paro says I conscious, I promis, leave, fulfill
mohini says to sumer that danveer didn’t call so rudra must be going to God, danveer calls, mohini pretends to be so disturbed and says I cant listen that rudra is gone, danveer says no actually rudra got consciousness with lord’s blessing, mohini is stuuned, Maithili comes there and eyes them, mohini ask her to go from there.

Scene 4
paro comes to hospital, danveer informs her that rudra got consciousness, he is alright, paro is happy and sad too, she comes to his rrom and looks at him from outside, she gets happy and is about to come to him but then remembers her promise to lord, rudra looks at her and says paro, aman comes there and says where were you, he was asking for you. rudra looks at her feet and says paro go to doctor, aman says your feet is bleeding, you got it as you went to mandir without slipper, paro says I am alright, she places flower from mandir beside rudra’s bed, rudra says go to doctor, aman takes her to doctor.

Scene 5
Maithili thinks should I tell samrat about mohini or should I talk to her myself, she is thinking when mohini comes and says there is something inside you, tell me. Maithili says paro.. I mean I made sabzi for paro, we are going to hospital, she leave, mohini says these two ladies are planning something.
doctor tells rudra that because of poison your right hand got affected, rudra sees his hand not moving, he is shocked, doc says you will be fine but you have to take care of yourself. he leaves, nurse tries to make rudra eat but he sternly ask her to go, paro says I will make him eat, nurse leaves. rudra says so you think you can make me eat, when I didn’t allow that nurse than how can I aloow you, paro says whether you allow me or not but I know how to make you eat, nurse can get scare of your anger but not me as I am now friend with your anger, rudra ask how will you make me eat, she puts apple in his mouth and stops him from blabbering, rudra gets silent. paro says there is only one way to make boiling stop and that is to put stove off. rudra says don’t think that you can control my anger, by going to mandir don’t believe that you have right on me, paro says till when you will be angry with me, till when you will punish me, till when you will keep living in your past, rudra says what you know about my past? paro says nothing but I also have bitter past but that past is not hitting my present, if you keep looking at back then stones will make you fall or will hurt your foot so I walk looking forward, you are holding your past so tightly that you don’t have space for your present, for your love, believe or for anything,
paro says there is some pieces of apple left in this plate, I made you which I should now you have to help yourself and eat and you know its not difficult for you, she leaves, rudra tries to lift his hand with much determination.

PRECAP- paro says to Maithili that he will be fine, Maithili says I found truth that maasa is behind all this, paro is stunned..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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