Rang Rasiya 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
maayra says how is it possible, i am not prepared. rohit says that even if you sit in mandap in this dress even then I will marry you, maayra is tensed, rohit says tomorrow is a good day according to pundit so we will marry tomorrow only, its a good plan, I am excited that only 24hours are remaining, rudra stands up and says congrats to rhoti, he leaves, rohit smiles.
at night, rudra is in his room, rohit comes there and says its difficult to see her marrying when you love her, I know you love maayra, rudra is shocked and says what are you saying, rohit says its not your fault, she is like this that anyone can fall in love with her, he says to rudra that sorry, I won rudra, rudra looks at him and says I lost, you are lucky, he leaves, rohit gives victorious smile.
maayra is going, she drops her bridal dress, rudra gives it to her and says I will not always be there for you to handle you, he leaves while maayra is distraught.
sumer and rohit are busy in decorating home, rudra is helping too, maayra comes there and looks at him, he looks at her too, Maithili sees them both, rudra looks away, maayra looks at Maithili and then sees paro and Maithili’s picture on wall, she straights the picture and turns to see rudra, rudra is standing beneath chandelier, chandelier loses grip from ceiling and starts falling down, rudra is oblivious of this, maayra sees rudra standing beneath falling chandelier and shouts for him, she runs to him and pulls him from that area, they fall on ground, she saves rudra, she gets tensed and ask rudra are you fine, what if anything had happened to your life, rudra says I am fine, she hugs him tightly while all witness it. rohit makes angry face, rudra says calm down nothing happened to me, rohit calls maayra, maayra comes to her senses and gets up from floor, she leaves from there.

Scene 2
maayra is in her room, rohit comes to her and says whatever happened sometime back, I don’t care about it but tomorrow I will decide what will happen, everything will be according to me, you are mine and I will marry you, maayra can’t be of anyone otherthan rohit, maayra is in tears.
at night, maayra is sitting at bed side and has tears in her eyes, dhruv says you are crying? I know you will miss me after going from here are you afraid that when I will grow up, I will forget you but don’t worry I wont forget you ever, he wipes maayra’s tears, maayra hugs him and ask him to sleep, dhruv sleeps while maayra looks at rudra’s picture, she then looks at paro’s painting.
late night, rudra comes to maayra’s room and places one letter on side table, he looks at maayra sleeping with dhruv, he sits beside maayra and says forgive me maayra, I cant see you marrying someone else so I am leaving home, whatever happened in these days, forgive me for that.

Scene 3
in morning, Maithili is making juice, shtabdi and mohini bicker as always, shtabdi tells mohini that all of us know that maayra and rudra love each other but maayra is marrying rohit so that’s why Maithili is tensed, mohini thinks, shtabdi says to Maithili that we should talk to rohit, maybe he moves back from this marriage, Maithili says no, we cant do anything which will hurt anyone, she leaves to bring maayra for haldi ritual. mohini is thinking, shtabdi says to her that your mind works fast so thinks omething.
maayra is ready for haldi ritual, dhruv says to maayra that what if we would not be able to contact you, maayra says I came here for few days only and I have to leave now, dhruv says tell rohit that you don’t wanna go from here, Maithili comes there and ask maayra to come down, maayra ask is it important to these rituals, Maithili says you still have time, you can say no to this marriage, maayra says no, I will go with the flow.
sumer, shtabdi and kids ask rohit to take off his shirt for haldi ceremony, rohit says now you will ask me to take off my clothes too, koyal says to sumer to let it be, rohit is not interested in these rituals, sumer says yes, he doesn’t believe in al this, also he can marry a western girl to avoid these stupid rituals, rohit says no, I will marry maarya only, maayra comes down, rohit comes to maayra and says sorry for behaving rudely to her yesterday night.

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Scene 4
haldi ceremony starts, mohini says to maayra that haldi is going waste on you as your face is already pale, if you want to be my daughter in law then I assure you that you will be happy here forever, just think about it, maayra is tensed, mohini applies haldi to maayra, shtabdi comes to her, maayra ask about rudra, shtabdi says he is not be seen since morning, on the otherside of curtain, male applies haldi to rohit, dhruv and koyal comes to maayra and sits sadly infront of her, she ask what happened to you both, she applies haldi to them, they starts playing with haldi, maayra smiles, Maithili ask maayra t go to rudra’s room to take bath while rohit will go to her room for bath, maayra goes.
maayra comes out of bathroom after taking bath, she finds letter on table. she reads its, rudra has written that forgive me maayra, I cant see becoming of someone else infront of my eyes so I am leaving the house, whatever happened in past few days or what couldnt happen in past days, I am sorry for all that, whatever time we spent time together, take that as memories of mine but if you don’t want to take my memories from here even then I am happy for you and I want you to be happy always. maayra weeps reading letter.

PRECAP- maayra is in bridal dress, she meets rudra in porch, she says you wanna know why I don’t want this marriage to happen, rudra says enough, he cups her face and comes close to her, maayra says I love you rudra, rudra is relieved to listen this. they hug each other tightly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nooooooooo noooooo nooo :'( :'( I don’t want this show to end

  2. Even knowing Rudra and Maayra love each other, Rohit is still going through the marriage? Shame on you

    1. Rohit is being a very good friend as he knows Rudra and Myra love each , he is acting all possessive its his plan of getting the truth out from both about their love for each other.

  3. I dont like the ending. It is abrupt. Suddenly how come rudra and maayra love each other. Not at all convincing. Probably if the show would go on it would hav happnd

  4. so sad hate colors hate big boss
    🙁 🙁 🙁 :'( :'(

  5. everything is happened all of sudden.. colors should not end this show…bcoz of this , colors TV is gaining best trp. .. instead of end this u should change the timings of this show

  6. i’v alway’s been a sielent cmmnter ……
    but jst hearing this news is a big heart attack to all of us fans na……..

  7. i hate hate hate that big bakwas salman aur uska bakwaas show big boss !!! plz don’t end this shw

  8. dis drama is ok.buh bigg boss is wayy brtta .rangrasiyya is too romanticx

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