Rang Rasiya 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 18th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra makes paro wear bangles, damayanti says we have some work and leaves from there, rudra and paro goes from there too. sumer says to chachi you couldn’t do one sin. She says this is not sin but war for my house I won’t lose we will get more chances. in room, paro is taking off bangles, rudra says why are taking off outside you were enjoying it, paro says we had to pretend like a happy couple and i was doing same, rudra says it was more than that you were smiling looking in my eyes, holding my hand what was all that, paro says i dont need to explain anything, she is going out, rudra comes behind her,mohini sees them, rudra grabs paro and says to listen to him, i have to do this love drama but i hate you, i feel suffocated with you, mohini is bringing damyanti and phulwari there, rudra is shouting that why are you lying that this marriage is a happy one, this is your punishment, i have to do all this for my uniform, paro says ask me what i feel when you say you do all this for uniform only, its related to my life my love. rudra says to hell with your love and life. damayanti and phulwari listens to them and are shocked. they comes there, rudra is stunned, paro says its nothing like tat what have you seen, damayanti says enough of lie and deciet i understtod it in first sight that this is love dram, rudra i can tell seeing man’s hand whether he lifts it for caressing head of a girl or to slap her, paro says its all wrong that picture in newspaper and also what you have seen today, paro says let me explain, damayanti says you have one one chance, tell something which i can trust otherwise rudra have to find new job, paro draws circle on ground and ask what is this, they say circle, paro ask what type of circle, they say it can be sun, moon, bangle anything, dmayanti says she is trying to say that anything can be seen in different ways, paro says yes, i know you have traveled world but i just want to say that we believe what our eyes says, the picture in newspapers show that major did torture on me but its wrong, i will tell you whole truth today. whenever i was in trouble he saved my life putting his life in danger many times, he has done many things for me but never bragged about it, i love him and i said it to him that i want to marry him, to prove my love i stood on one foot, damayanti says this means he didnt ask you, paro says no my love did that, picture got published but after that what happened nobody knows, he lifted me and took to his room, he asked me i am alright or not, damayanti ask then why marriage in hurry? were you forced? paro says i told you i wanted to marry him, she ask rudra whether he did marriage on his will, rudra is bowled by paro and says yes, paro says i accept our marriage was not usual one but i got what all i wanted, damayanti says i can trust you but your husband, paro says he is lil bitter he gets angry fast but our shivji is like this too and we do puja of him because we know he knows how to love, she says believe me we have love in this marriage, damayanti says to rudra that you can be bitter but your character is pure you dont do ilegal things and this girl whom all say that she is being used and she is helpless but i find her strong in her will and still she has deep love for you, maybe you cant understand deepness of her love, i am women so i can see her heart, one day will come when you will see her heart till then i want you both be happy, she says anger is enemy of relation it can break them then you will have regret only, she says to mohini that being elder you should set things right not make them wrong, she says rudra i can report wrong about you but i have eye on you every minute and paro if you ever have any problem you can come to me, she ask rudra to take care of paro and also his anger, phulwari says and also about singing, you can get lil angry but never sing, they leave. paro and rudra feels awkward, rudra says i am going to office, paro says tell major singh… rudra understand what she wanted to say and nods, he is about to leave but turns and looks at paro, he turns then paro looks at him.

Scene 2
rudra tells major that they promised me that they will not report against me, major says i didnt expect this seeing your behavior maybe paro did that, he says you have to come to jaipur as i have given party for my 25years of marriage, he says geetanjli wants all to be there. aman tells about ball party to paro on phone, rudra says i cant come, major says geetanjli will not agree, you have to come and bring paro too.
maithili is giving clothes to paro, paro says i dont think he will not want me to come with him, i never went out of birpur, rudra comes there, maithili says tell me later what clothes you want for jaipur, she leaves, rudra ask paro how she knows? she says aman told me, rudra says look if we go toghter then people will talk about recent events, paro says its okay i also dont want to come, just wanted to say that, rudra is stunned.

PRECAP- rudra looks at paro’s wound in her hands and says kaki wanted me to make you wear bangles so that blame will be on me that i gave you this wound in this only she must have given this wound to you, i will come back, he goes to kaki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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