Rang Rasiya 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 17th January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra says everybody knows truth that thakur buys guns and with these guns every house has lost beloved one. Does anyone say truth and comes forward. For 17 years thakur is doing this cover of marriage, 17 barats, 17 brides but no bride has comeback on any event like holy, dewali. He ask mami your daughter married last year, went other side of border but have you get any letter. He holds paro and ask mami why she didnt come at her marriage. Why you dont understand that they come to sell their gun not to take your daughter. He again holds paro and ask paro’s mami that you have 30 seconds to convince paro to sign on papers against tejawat. He counts 15 seconds..2 seconds.. suddenly mami says who is she? she doesnt recognize paro, paro is stunned and more than her rudra is stunned.. Mami says i have never seen her so what should i say to her, rudra says along with country you are betraying your relation, i know you have grown her up, but what relation with thakur that you denied knowing this girl. Rudra shouts that tejawat come and agree that she belongs to your village, paro tries to hug mami but stops, suddenly car stops and tejawat comes out and greets everyone. He greets rudra and ask you called, rudra says i took name and the dev*** is here, he says thanks you came here otherwise i would have called you to bsd headquarter, thakur says meeting cant be done forcefully but by fate, rudra says your fate is going to be bad. Thakur says one question, a bsd officer who doesnt have good rapport what he is doing here. Rudra says today the barat.. Thakur says same barat who was killed by you, rudra says thank god you accepted that today a barat went from birpur, now accept that barat smuggled gun. Thakur says its old tradition that barat goes from birpur every year with bride and about guns and money i dont know anything niether i accept it and funny thing is your senior also doesnt accept, rudra says you remember barat now recognize bride, thakur looks at paro and about to go to her but rudra stands inbetween, thakur says i was giving blessing only, he blesses paro by putting hand on head that god give you strength to bear, paro cries. thakur says to rudra that she(paro) looks like a bride but i dont know her, she is not from our village, paro is shocked. Thakur says barat was of santosh and she reached other side of border. I dont know who is she(paro). he turns and rudra points gun at him. Thakur’s men point gun at rudra. Thakur turns and gives an evil smile to rudra.. He says to rudra that not boil your that much that you go insane. He says you have a small gun and i have these gun men, suddenly bsd forces covers whole chowk, tejawat is stunned, rudra ask what happened? Aman ask to throw their guns. Tejawat goons throws gun. Tejawat says i did what you said now leave birpur, i dont know this lady. Aman says to rudra that its not the right time to take action. Rudra pulls his gun down. Paro says mamisa, rudra holds her arm and drags her away. She cries and says mamisa.. Mamisa, she frees herself, runs to her mami and hugs her, she ask mami not to say that you dont know me, please save me i dont wanna go, please save me, she hugs mami again. Mami says sorry and throws her away and says why are you behind me, i dont know you and i dont wanna say anything, rudra looks angrily, goes and takes paro with him. Paro remembers how mami used to pamper her. Mami cries. Rudra puts paro in jeep and drives away.

Scene 2
rudra reaches headquarter with paro, he takes her to cell, paro puts her hands forward to be handcuffed but rudra says we tie those who can run but where will you go? That village where nobody recognize or in dust plains where you will be finished. He takes out statement paper and says i am giving you chance, free yourself and they will recognize. He ask her to sign but paro doesnt budge, he ask whom you are saving those who rejected you, your mami didnt utter a word and you, he says you are women and your mami too thats why.

Precap- rudra looks at paro from his cabin, he takes a sip of water and ask officer to give it to her. He gives paro water and she drinks instantly. Rudra says she should live as its our hope.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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