Rang Rasiya 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Paro is laughing. Rudra says stop laughing. He comes closer to her, Paro get nervous. He turns on the other side. Paro takes the rug. Rudra snatches it and says the three bats are gonna come. You have to sleep on the bed. Rudra turns off the light and sits on the bed. He lays on the bed. Paro is about to get the sheet but he takes it and sleeps with his back turned. When he realizes he offers her the sheet and turns on her side. Paro is uncomfortable but she lays down as well. Rudra listens something and says what is this voice ? Paro says its the rat. He says I will tell him tomorrow morning. She says no. He says why ? Will his wife be widowed. Well you like everything that annoys me.

Scene 2
Next morning chacha ji asks the phulwari did she sleep well ? SHe says how

could we. The song that rudra sand for paro was in my head all over. To be honest I didn’t sleep at all. Rudra sits on the chair. Chachi asks paro to make lunch box for sonehri to take to the college. She leaves for the kitchen. Rudra starts coughing. Chahchi says should I bring water he stands up and says I will take it. Chachi says i don’t think he will eat again. A little extra spice is unbearable for him. He goes to the kitchen paro gives him water and asks what happened ? He says did you make the breakfast ? You do such stuff to annoy me. She says what have i done ? He leaves in anger. Everyone leaves the table one by one.Sumer says to chachi did you do this ? SHe says syeah I added extra spices in the food. He can control his thirst but not anger.

Scene 3
Chachi is in the kitchen and planning something. She places a glass of water at the edge. She calls parvati in and says can you make sweet for me ? Will you mash this coconut for me ? She sits down to mash it. Chachi places the glass on the edge and leaves a pumpkin rolling over the slab. Its hot milk in the glass. Chahchi leaves the kitchen. The hot milk falls on paro’s hands and her hands got burnt. she wonders who placed these things there. They weren’t not there when she came in. She says chachi did this so she can accomplish her task I won’t tell rudra. I won’t let his career ruin.
Chahci calls paro and asks why have you changed the clothes ? She says for no reason. Chahci says that’s weird. She says the sweets are ready. Chahci says rudra must be so angry when he came to the kitchen. Paro says he didn’t say anything about the spices but said he would like to see me in full sleeves. That’s why I changed the clothes. Phulwari says wow thats cute. Is that all okay now ? We should go to home now.

Scene 4
Rudra says on the call that we have seen what we had to. One of them is always after me to prove me wrong for no reason. His boss says your character certificate doesn’t matter to me but people wanna know what you are as a person. There is nothing important than paro’s security for you. Those women should see her happy.

Scene 5
Chachi asks sumer to bring some bangles. She says I gave her such a deep bruise but she concealed it. She has started using her brain. Now these bangles will unveil her burnt wrist. He says that’s easy you should show it to everyone yourself. She says I can’t do that. If I d then she’d know that I did this. We have to get it done by rudra. He must be coming.
Chachi says to the ladies that its a ritual in our family we make the bride wear red bangles and
a gold bracelet by the groom. Paro says I know why are you doing this to blame rudra for this. Chachi sasy they will see your bruises and then rudra will be out of bsd and this house. she asks paro to get he sleeves up. Rudra comes in. Chachi says ask her to get her sleeves up so we can start the ritual. You said her that you wanna see her in full sleeves but we have to do it for the ritual. He says you make her wera I won’t. The lady says why is it troubling yoi to make your own wife wear the bangles. Chachi says no worried I will do it. Rudra says no i will. He sits besides her and asks her to life her sleeves. Paro is worried. He says why are you being shy, lift the sleeves. Paro smiles and lifts a little. She is a;ready weraing something in her wrist. Chachi says lift this as well all the bangles won’t fit in. He holds her wrist paro hides the bruise with other hand. Rudra makes her wear the bangles. She smiles and phulwari takes a photo. Paro is feeling the pain because of the touch. Chachi ji is wondering how she concealed it. Paro says I won’t let him lose.

Precap- sumer says to chachi you couldn’t do it. She says I won’t lose we will get more chances.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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