Rang Rasiya 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 16th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Rudra comes in the interrogation room ..! Paro is terrified..! Anant says they need to show Paro to a doc! Rudra says we are not doing social service..she knows a lot..! Rudra stomps on Paros broken bangles and forcibly makes Paro stand! He asks Paro to speak out..! He says. .i know u r part of all this.. n so kept u alive.. so now spill it..! Paro is shaking! Rudra says when i speak.. look in my eyes and speak..! Paro is trembling..! She stammers..killed ..u …killed! Rudra says look in my eyes and speak! Paro looks in Rudras eyes and says .. killed .. him . .u killed my husband..! Rudra pushes Paro to the wall and walks out ..! Paro breaksdown..! Anant says she is shocked..! Rudra says.. she is fooling us..!

Rudras senior arrives..! Paro stands up and looks in

the mirror in the interrogation room and recollects her wedding moments..! BG- Sun le ramji..! She holds her mangalsutra and remembers Varun putting it on her ..! Paro keeps crying ..! She recollects Varun telling her about starting a new life with her ..! Paro keeps crying ..! She then recollects Rudra shooting Varun point blank ..! She cries ..!

At the haveli .. villagers assemble before Tejawat ..! He thanks them for coming ..! He says he called them to say something important! Rudras boss asks him what the hell is this? Does he like bodies? He has killed more people than ants..! He asks Rudra..what did he get by all this? Rudra shows the guns .. money ..that he recovered during the encounter! His senior says.. all this does not justify ur acts… killing people and that too civilians ..! He says our neigboring country are accusing us about fake encounters..! Rudra says…civilians dont carry AK 47 ..they are terrorist! The senior asks if there is one person left who will give deposition that all this is part of fake marriage and Tejawat is part of this? Rudra says.. yes.. the bride of this wedding..! Rudras boss gets a call … he tells Rudra to manage all ..! He tells Rudra to use his anger at right place and in right way..! He says.. winning small battles is not winning a war .. woo ur witness with faith/hope and not terror..!

Part 2

Rudra comes in the interrogation room! Paro is terrified seeing him ..! She keeps crying ..! She asks him what does he want? Tejawat says.. he needs sacrifice from the villagers… ! He says how Varun was murdered mercilessly by BSD and how Paros life was ruined! He says how BSD people forcibly took Paro with them..! Tejawat says.. Paro is with BSD .. ! He asks if the villagers will let BSD win? He asks if they are ready to sacrifice? They all chant YES ..!

Rudra picks Paro up.. opens her handcuffs ..! Paro is surprised..! He pulls her out..! Paro asks where he is taking her? Rudra says back to ur village..! He says ur free ..! Paro is taken aback..! She jerks back..! Rudra says dun wanna come then sit here..! He walks out and Paro rushes to follow..! Rudra says . .knew it..! He walks towards his jeep and Paro follows…! But she stops midway..! Rudra says.. come..! Paro reluctantly gets in the jeep…but doesnt sit in the front..! She sits behind..! Rudra watches from the mirror.. as Paro is quiet and shedding tears..! He says guess u never got out of Birpur..! Guess spent life in these mounds of sand..! He says.. for some this sand is special .. guess its for u too..! Rudra says.. no marks.. no identity …understood? Well lemme explain..!

Rudra stops the jeep in the middle of the village ..! He says.. three steps and u at ur house …three days. .n wounds heal.. three months .. the pain of what happened will end..! He drags Paro out of the jeep and makes her stand in front of the village..! Paro sees her Mami and is about to walk to her but Rudra stops her by her arm..!

Part 3

Rudra says by staying quiet.. in three births also she cannot cleanse the sin …of betraying the soil on which she stands! Rudra takes out a paper n says that the barat that came .. had guns ..and was returning with money .. n that u r the proof of this..! Sign this..or stamp it! Paro says no.. ! She says its a lie.. big lie..! Rudra says.. if it were lie. .i would not have lost my men.. nor wuld their family have lost them..! Am not lying u are lying! Rudra pulls her by her arm to her Mami ..! She falls on the floor! Paro hugs her Mami but she doesnt hug her back ..! Rudra tells Mami to convince Paro to sign those papers.. and then she will be free to return to her family ..! Mami asks who?? Who is she?? Paro is stunned..! Rudra is shocked..!

Precap — Tejawat is at the village too..! He says.. she (Paro) looks like a bride but she is not from my village..! He says and not just me.. no one knows her! Paro is shocked..! Tejawat turns to leave and Rudra points his gun at him and Tejawats men point guns at Rudra..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Awesome epi:)…
    Sanaya and ashish rocked in d episode..:)

    1. good comment from you

  2. i am sanaya iranis fan.she like fairy.super drama

  3. vry intesting drama….waiting 4 tonight,s epi

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