Rang Rasiya 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 16th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
phulwari ask paro when you are angry with rudra, how he pacifies you? she ask her to tell, she looks at rudra and says eh sings for me, he sings song from kuch kuch hota hai movie, phulwari says you both are sweet couple, damayanti says let go for rest.
in their room, rudra is about to throw roses which they had chose, paro says dont throw, she keeps it on table and put one rose in book, rudra ask arent you afraid that prick is written in your fate, paro says you are calling yourself prick? rudra says i know what i am, paro says i love this prick, what can i do, its all fate, rudra is bowled. paro says some pricks are sweet, rudra says prick is always a prick, paro says rose can die but prick doesnt, they always remains same, rudra keeps looking at her and says dont say foolish

things, i dont understand it neither i want to. paro places mat on ground to sleep. rudra says what you said outside that i sing for you, paro says i didnt know what to say so just said that, rudra turns off the light, paro sleeps on ground while rudra on bed, mohini sees this and thinks now i will call those ladies and show them real face of this marriage then rudra will be out of bsd and from our lives.

Scene 2
phlwari is drinking water in kitchen, mohini pretends to be crying, phulwari ask what happened, she says i am rudra’s kaki and masi too, he is stubborn and angry, rudra is sleeping on bed and innocent paro is sleeping on ground, even they are husband and wife still they dont share this kind of relation, phulwari says i dont believe this, let me see with my own eyes, take me to their room, they goes.
in their room, paro feels mouse in room and gets up, she listens to outside mohini saying to phulwari that rudra says he loves paro but if husband and wife sleep far away from each other then its not good thing, paro gets up and calls major sahab but he is in deep sleep, she sees them coming towards room so lies on bed beside rudra, rudra’s hand is on paro’s face, she sleeps close to rudra, phulwari and mohini sneakily opens door and looks in their room.=, they find them sleeping together, phulwari says they are sleeping lovingly, she says put rose abstract in your eyes, what you said was wrong, they closes door. paro takes off rudra’s hand from her and looks at him, she gets up but rudra put hand around her, she removes his hand, rudra wakes up and ask what is she doing there?

Scene 3
phulwari tells damayanti about they were sleeping, damyanti says we will their love on breakfast table, phulwari says you should see them now. rudra ask paro what were you doing in bed? paro is about to fall but rudra holds her, he says you are trying to come close to me like this, paro says enough, for your respect i didnt thought about me, they came to see us. phulwari and damayanti are going to their room. they see paro crying in hall alone, phulwari says whats happening here in this, mohini says there is no happiness in her life, my nephew has made her life hell, now you have seen whats happening with her here take action against rudra, damayanti says i know what to do. rudra comes there singing ‘kuch kuch hota hai’. paro is stunned. he sits infront of paro, he sings in bad tone but cutely. phulwari says wow what a love story, even he is singing badly but is pacifying her. rudra wipes paro’s tears and says forgive me, i got angry but i cant bear your tears, he ask sweetly to forgive him. they gets up, rudra respectfully holds paro’s shoulder and they start walking in each other’s arms. they goes away. damayanti let sleep now.

Scene 4
mohini is going in her room, rudra comes to her. she says you need mosquito coil, he says no i just want to sleep with peace and you should sleep too, mohini says because of weather changing i dont get sleep, rudra says you will sleep from tomorrow as i will give you sleeping pills given to horses, she ask horses? he says yes your mind horses run so fast.
rudra comes in room, paro looks at him, he says dont stare at me, they were seeing you crying thats why i pacified you, she says i just wanna say that even if world goes upside down please never sing again infront of anyone, paro starts laughing, rudra says stop it and pins her to wall.

PRECAP- rudra says to paro that those three bats(mohini, dmamyanti, phulwari) can come again so sleep on bed, they both lie down on bed facing each other, both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Atiba,
    Its thorn not prick. Prick is slang for something else..

  2. fast dear

  3. u r right but pls u are manage with prick instead thron

  4. Jaldi

  5. nice episode i love it thanks for ur updates

  6. Thank u

  7. hello everyone… how r u enjoying todays episode?

  8. Great episode…love this show so much…so far this is the best show going

  9. i agree swati… it is getting good

  10. come on paro.. be patient,u can melt
    rudra’s heart one day…keep going!

  11. Kya bakwas episode hai; this has no meaning … there not a single reality in this story .. nowhere close to Iss Pyar Ko kya naam doon story …

    what happened to Laila , Tejawat and Rudra’s Mom

  12. Nice epi iam also enjoying friends

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