Rang Rasiya 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra says to shtabdi that there is no water in my bathroom, Maithili says all washerooms have same problem, there is no water, mohini comes and says same, shtabdi says its all because of sumer, mohini says why, did he dink whole tank? shtabdi says no, he started new business and send water to them, rudra says that sumer you should have asked 1st, shtabdi says that mohini sumer learnt all this cleverness from you only, mohini says he learnt all this being with you always, sumer says that one washroom has water only. all ask whose? he says maayra’s room.
dhruv and koyal comes to maayra’s room, maayra is taking bath, they hide maayra’s clothes and puts shtabdi’s clothes so that she will wear indian clothes, dhruv ask what if she wears something from her cupboard, koyal says no she wll wear this only, they runs from there, maayra comes in bathrob in her room, rudra comes there with towel, she ask you? what are you doing here, he is stunned to see her and fumbles, he says i knocked and door was open so i came here, maayra says but i locked the door, rudra tries to open the door but its locked from outside, maayra says that you are so strong that you opened locked door with aknock then open it now, maayra says i will open it, she tries and is about to fall but rudra holds her, they look at each other being close., maayra again listens bell ring, rudra leaves from there while maayra is confused.

Scene 2
dhruv comes to rudra and says that please become Krishna for today, rudra says you know that I don’t wear these type of clothes, koyal and dhruv insists but rudra doesn’t agree, they become sad, koyal says ok, you never accept anything which we ask, like you didn’t bring doll fro me than you didn’t let us go to see movie and now you are not Krishna clothes, we will not talk to you, rudra says ok but from where we will get clothes of my size, koyal says we will do everything, don’t worry.
koyal and dhruv comes dresses as kahna and radha for puja, all praise them, rudra comes there dressed as Krishna, shtabdi says wow you are looking handsome, she takes his picture, koyal says now Krishna’s partner radha will come, all look back and is shocked to see maayra in Indian attire, wearing saree, all looks at her, maayra says actually my clothes were not my room, they were lost and this saree was on bed so I wore this only, Maithili says how this can happen, dhruv and koyal laughs, maayra understands and says you both did that, they say we wanted to see in indian attire, Maithili says what was the need to do this, maayra would be hurt by this, you both shouldn’t have done that, maayra says don’t worry, actually I like this radha theme on me and its suiting me so no worried, rudra is hurt seeing maayra in indian dress, all are worried for him while maayra is oblivious of this and enjoys look of indian. dhruv ask maayra to dance like radha, maayra says how can I dance, rudra says leave it koyal, he looks at maayra and says that she will starts dancing hip-hop London dance, she doesn’t know anything about radha. rudra says that just by wearing clothes like radha you wont understand our religion or our religious beliefs, you just dont know it, he is about to leave when he listens someone starts singing maan mohna, the praise for Krishna, he turns and is shocked to see maayra singing it, maayra does aarti and praise Krishna ji, Maithili does the ritual of moving Krishna ji’s cot, rudra is hurt and stands silent, maayra gives aarti to everyone, she comes to rudra and says I know that just by wearing indian clothes one doesn’t become indian so I dont see what I am wearing, being indian should be in my heart and I dont anyone’s certificate for it, I know I am spoilt and uncultured and that’s why you hate me, you think I am heartless, you gave me lecture about indian culture and traditions but you dont know itx not good to hurt anyone, rudra angrily leaves from there, maayra leaves from there too, dhruv says that they fought again, koyal says but maayra showed that she has indian values and remember radha and krishan used to fight but.. dhruv completes saying but they were friends too, dhruv gets happy. shtabdi says to Maithili that truly the situation has been too much heated up, Maithili agrees.

Scene 3
Maithili says to samrat that one girl comes in our house and has a look same of paro, for a minute I thought that paro came standing infront of me, rudra, he is also attracted to maayra, I know rudra should move on in life but with the one who make him remember paro, samrat says what you want to say? Maithili says why should not we make rudra marry again, samrat says what are saying, you know he will not accept it, one year after paro died, father tried this but rudra said no for it, Maithili says time has passed a lot and we should try again and today paor’s look alike live in our house, rudra can move on, he can marry again, samrat says I wish that too.
rudra is sitting and recalls how maayra said sorry to him and ask ed him why he hates her1? maayra comes there, they both are awkward, maayra says sorry I will go from here, she is about to go when rudra says I dont hate you but sometime I say what I should not say and what I should not do, he sits on stairs, he says I know by saying it wrong wont become right, what is wrong is always wrong, forgive me, maayra cant believe that rudra is speaking softly and asking forgiveness.

PRECAP- all sit at dinning table for dinner, they see roties not cooked well and in irregular in shape, mohini says what kind of roties are these? maayra comes there and says hello everyone, now quickly taste the roties and tell me how they are cooked because today I cooked these tasty parathas, rudra looks at her and taste it 1st, all looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I like it, thank u duruv and koyal, rud u r very handsome in that dress wow

  2. Is there any suspence in the coming episodes i know that there is no cle of this but i strongly beleive that myra can be paro becoming mad to know this

  3. Dhruv & koel really very nice.They acting very well……thx for updates

    1. so
      swt of both children koyel n dhruv..i thnk quckly maayra wud get to knw
      she looks xactly lyk paro…bt i heartly miss paro n rudra chem….

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