Rang Rasiya 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Rang Rasiya 15th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
doorbell of ranawat house rings, women from welfare team comes house and says we have come to see rudra and paro, mohini ask maithili to bring refreshment, mohini ask them to sit, one f]girl says my name is dulwari(correct me if i listened it wrongly) and she is devyanti ji, she says we came as we listened that torture is being done on paro here, mohini says its wrong, when rudra took paro here forcefully since then we are taking care of here, she says what forcefully? chacha tries to cover up, girl says if we feel paro is not safe here then we will take here. outside rudra and paro comes, rudra says be careful, paro says you are worrying for me, he says you fall on ground alot then walking so i just warned you, you know that i marry you only for my uniform and job, paro says what

maybe the reason but in am your wife, he says dont disturb me, paro says if i say nothing even then you get disturbed. inside mohini says to ladies that dont do that, devyanti ask where are they, maithili says they went to bsd to meet all, they ask what you mean, mohini says dont ask so much questions see it by yourself when they come then decide. rudra comes in holding paro’s arm like dragging her, maithili comes to them and informs about ladies, mohini ask them to come, devyanti sees them, rudra moves his hand from arm to her hand and holds paro’s hand. danwari ask how you both got married, we listened that you made paro stand whole night , paro says no it was my prayers for him, he irritates me alot but i like it, somebody clicked picture and things got worse, devyanti says we asked you about your mariage, mohini says i wished to get them married grandly but you know happened on maha shivratri, paro says tejawat distroyed everything, she looks at rudra and says when two people decide to live toghter then what can anybody do. rudra says you all sit and have tea which my wife will make, he ask paro to come, danwari ask where are you going? to help her in kitchen, rudra says why not and takes paro from there.

Scene 2
in kitchen, rudra says what you were saying, paro says talk in low tone, and you were not able to say anything do i handled it my way, rudra says you know this is related to my job, paro says dont worry i know how important it is for you, i will not let anything happen to your job, your dreams and your uniform. mohini says to ladies that paro’s mami is alive but she was not invited in marriage as rudra doesnt like it and nobody can go against him, danwari says its very big torture to girl that she wasnt able to meet her family, rudra comes and says it was done for our country, for catching tejawat we lost many soldiers and still he is not caught, so he can hurt paro or mami thats why we had to marry like this and her life’s safety is most important. mohini says you broke your father’s dreams too, couldnt wait till he comes back, paro says bapusa wasnt not there but his wishes was with me as i was wearing saree given by her, chacha says everything happened so fast, danwari says major your wife make very good tea, we came to see paro but got to know that she is married and seems happy so we will leave now. devyanti says no, i am still not convinced till i believe that everything is fine here like they are portraying i will not leave, she says we will stay here tonight, mohini says great, i mean its good as rituals are remaining of marriage so we will complete it, phulwari says thats good we will enjoy, all leaves. devyanti comes to rudra and says i listened alot about you so i am not going, i dont trust man so i will stay here till i want, do you ahve any problem? rudra says no.

Scene 3
rituals are about to start, danveer tells phulwari about ritual that both will blindfold and if they take rose then their life will be beautiful, if they take kheer(sweetdish) then their coming life will be sweet and if they take gold coins they they will be financially very strong,phulwary says i am eager to know how there life will be as what they choose.

Scene 4
maithili gives dress to paro and says rudra will be proud of you that how you handled them with maturity, paro says i am afraid, major sahab is eager to go to job but they can do anything. mohini is angry that paro handled everything, she says to sumer that i dont think they will believe them, we have to make them see something about rudra and paro.
rudra calls major singh, major says let the stay there and portray yourself as good, it will portray good image of bsd, bear them with smile.

Scene 5
ritual starts paro and rudra sits infront of each other, they are blindfolded, rudra extends his hand on gold but paro touches his hand so he moves ahead, paro moves her hand and touches roses, rudra touches roses too, phulwari says great they both chose roses. mohini says paro is rose but rudra is prick, danveer says their relation is made. even with fights, they will be togther forever, both look at each other.

PRECAP- mohini says to phulwari that if husband and wife sleep far away from each other then its not good thing, phulwari says yes its not good, they sneakily opens door and looks in their room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  11. i think u’ll need brains to inderstand this episode!!

  12. i think u’ll need brains to understand this episode!!

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