Rang Rasiya 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Matheli says to rudra that this is the medicine. He says I have to go on duty. Call me if something happens paro. He says i apologize for being rude to you.
Rudra stops layla. Layla says I know its my istake. He says no I wanted to apologize i didn’t trust you about tejawat, Forgive me. Layla says till you trust me i am happy, do you ? Rudra leaves without saying anything. Layla says i trust my fate. God bless the man who said teja and his people are around. No one can kick me out now.

Scene 2
Rudra comes to the room. APro asks did you talk to jija ? He says quiet. He opens the closet. He takes off his shirt and changes it. She says what are you doing ? He says can you see ? she says no i can feel you are changing. He says shut up and opens her bandgae. She says iw ill do it by my own. I don’t need your help. rudra says i am telling you not asking you to. he takes off the bandge, he puts the medicine in the eyes. She is crying with pain. He says stop crying there is salt in eyes. Paro says obviously ther can’t be sugar. He says i apologized bhabhi sa. She says really ? he says so how can I prove it now ? You will laugh on this as well now. Paro says what cna I say I can’t even see.
he says okay let me make you se what you can’t. Its night and dark.
She opens her eyes and says you smiles. She places hands on her eyes. She says how can I bandhge now. She takes it off. He says what about dinner ? She says i am not hungry you can eat. I have made potato for you.

Scene 3
Layla comes to the table. Rudr comes, layla is ahppy to see him. Matheli asks should she bring paro food ? he says no she is not hungry. Matheli serves him. he says paro has made potato. Layla says yes here it is. Let me serves. He takes the bowl from her and serves himself. He stands up and says me and paro will eat together in the room. Matheli says you said she is nit hungry ? He says I will make her eat.
Bapu says so the husband and wife will et together. Bapu says there is a benefit of that bruise. He has started taking care of his wife.

Rudra takes the plate in. Paro says I am not hugry. Hr says shut up and eat. she says so you will force me now ? he stands up and goes on the other side. Paro thinks that he has gone out. She says has he got angry ? Should I go and apologize ? No i am the one who is angry he should come. I am hungry as well. Rudra smiles listening to all thi. She is about to open the bandge. he holds her hand. The song ‘ishaqzaday’ plays. He comes closer to her. She says major you are here. He says who else can be ? She says I thought you left the room. Chachi says matheli rudra and paro are eating together why are you so happy ? Layla gets up in anger and leaves the table. She goes to the kitchen when she comes out chachi is there. Layla says let me go i am angry already. Chahchi says i expected the wrong from you. It was my mistake to get you here. next time i will be with him when he throws you out. Layla says yeah he will get the news who brought me here. Chachi says don’t show mw these actions. You have not done anything fruitful. You are here because of me. Layla says if i win you will have to do whatever I ask you to.
Layla says i won’t give up on rudra.

Scene 4
Rudra says so I am the angry man. She is about to say something. He puts the food. He says don’t say anything. paro says otherwise you will sing again. She asks have you brought the vegetable ? he says yeah plateful. She says then eat please you will like it.

Layla is taking plate to the room of rudra. Matheli stops her and says he has taken all of this already. they should be left alone. Let them have time together. layla says why you care about them so much ? Matheli says paro is a younger sister to me. Chahchi comes there. Chahci says are you done with the kitchen ? She says just a little left. Chachi says go and do it.
Chahci asks layla to go.
Rudra says to paro why you made food in this condition ? She says I wanted to. She asks how is the vegetable ? He says better. He makes paro eat it. Paro says its burnt. Layla comes there and says when I left you in the room i realized that he likes burnt vegetables. Its not your fault that you don’t know. You can in his life now and I have been here for years.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. the way rudra taking care of paro and feeding her are awesome and ofcourse push that liala in hell

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