Rang Rasiya 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
maayra shouts, rudra and dhruv is shocked, dhruv is afraid, rudra and dhruv come out and finds some shadow, they listen the paro’s song heli mali, all comes in hall, the silhouette is moving here and there and is singing the song, rudra ask who is there, rudra sees that the song was playing in his mobile, he stops it, koyal ask whom shadow it was, rudra is about to go and see it but dhruv stops him and ask him to not go, rudra says don’t worry, rudra goes to see and opens room’s door, one person with sheet on his face screams and make all afraid while rudra stands silent, maayra takes the sheet off and says i was making rudra afraid by singing the song and moving like ghost but you all got afraid, she ask dhruv is he afraid, she says this ong is like spooky one so you got afraid, dhruv says that papa didn’t got afaird but he became sad as my mother used to sing this song when i wasn’t born, rudra is hurt and looks at maayrs, maayra says i am sorry, i didn’t know about it, rudra goes from there, danveer says that rudra hasn’t forgot about his wife so don tdo this kind of joke again, maayra says sorry to dhruv but he goes from there, Maithili says to maayra that you are guest here but that doesn’t mean you can hurt anybody, before doing anything think twice, maayra says sorry and goes from there, samrat says to Maithili that what was the need to scold maayra, she doesn’t know paro at all then how can she understand that she is hurting us, mohini says 1st time i have to agrre with samrat, danveer says they are right we should tell maayra about paro as rudra will be more hurt by all this.

Scene 2
rudra is sitting in his room when maayra comes and says sorry for hurting him, she says i was just doing prank but it always goes wrong, rudra says you are like this immature, i just laughed at you and you tries to take revenge from me for that, you can hurt anyone, maayra says i can compensate for every mistake, i will change my mistakes, rudra says what will you change, you have to change yourself, your antics, why should you not change your face so that i don’t remember.. she puts her hand on rudra’s hand to comfort him but he jerks her hand away and says don’t touch me, she says rudra, rudra is in tears, maayra ask why? why you hate me so much, what did i do with you, he emotionally and angrily looks at her and goes from there while maayra is shocked to see tears in her eyes for rudra.
koyal says to dhruv that till now we don’t know whether maayra is sent by your mother or not and even if she sent her then it doesn’t matter because there cant be any friendship between your father and maayra, they always fight with each other, dhruv says so what, your parents fight too but they are still together so why cant my father and maayra live together, koyal says tomorrow is birth day of kahna, we will talk tomorrow, they goes to sleep.

Scene 3
in morning, koyal says that kahna used to naughty, Maithili says just like you, she says no we just hide laddos but kahna used to hide butter, dhruv ask about kahna, Maithili says kahna used to irritate radha a lot, dhruv says but they were best friends then why he used to do it, koyal says they used to fight but they were friends too, Maithili says they used to love each other too, dhruv and koyal smiles. maayra comes there and says laado wow, she is about to eat it but dhruv says eat this one which i made, Maithili looks at her, maayra say oh then i wont eat it as 1st parsad is given to lord, she ask Maithili do you make it every year? she nods but is not talking to maayra, maayra ysa i want to tell you that i said sorry to rudra and will be happy if you forgive and accept my sorry, Maithili says ok, maayra says ok then help in selecting decorations for marriage, shtabdi comes and says it should loud and bright, she likes one decoration but maayra finds it odd, rudra comes there, shtabdi stops and says to help them in selecting decorations, maayra says no need, she says no we should ask about male opinion, maayra says to rudra that actually i was interesting in radha and kahna like story, rudra says for you marriage is only show off, you just want to show off your money in form of marriage, will you like your groom to come on horse? no you would want that he come directly on helicopter, maayra says how can you say like that about me, rudra says the much i understood you, for you marriage is only about status, what you know about marriage? it is not about these stupid decorations and all. rudra says what you know about marriage, nothing, marriage is completing tow hearts, marriage is that two hearts and soul come together and become one, maayra is stunned to listen such deep thoughts from rudra. maayra in tears go from there, Maithili says you shouldn’t have done that, rudra says to Maithili that we both know that how much maayra’s tears were real, he leaves, shtabdi says when will they stop fighting.

SCene 4
shtabdi comes in her room and ask sumer why there is no water in house, sumer is busy talking on phone and says to client that he will get the water, he ends the call, shtabdi ask whats this new business? sumer says it shtabdi water supply, we will give water to udaypur people, she ask from where did you get the water? he says i sent our house tanker to client, she runs behind sumer to beat him,
maayra comes in her room andis sad, she recalls rudra’s harsh words, two hands appears from back of her bed, its koyal and dhruv, dhruv says are you sad? koyal says we will make you smile, dhruv and koyal make her smile, they come to her and ask her why all are sad, she says 1st i hurt rudra then he hurt me then i hurt him again, dhruv says kahna and radha used to fight like this, koyal stops hm and ask maayra to take the bath while they will go and play, they goes from there.

PRECAP- maayra is in bathrob in her room, rudra comes there with towel, she ask you? what are you doing here, he is stunned to see her and fumbles, he says i knocked and door was open so i came here, maayra says but i locked the door, rudra tries to open the door but its locked from outside, maayra says i will open it, she tries and is about to fall but rudra holds her, they look at each other being close.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what a precape!!! i luv d way story is going on.

  2. Can anyone say me what happened to Danveer& Mala ( parents of rudra ) ???

  3. Bakwas

  4. Danveer and mala are dead.Their photos with garland was shown once.i think the story needs some clarification about its characters.we are just assuming many things.Any way interesting story.

  5. What a lovely pair.. Sanaya ur simply rocking.. Ur eyes are awesome..

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