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Scene 1
maayra comes to mandir in house, she rings the bell in mandir and thinks something, shtabid comes there and ask what are you thinking, maayra says where I go, I listen to bell ring, shtabdi says you are marrying that’s why, she ask to come and have tea, maayra and shtabdi sit to have tea, shtabdi sasy from where are you buying bridal dress, maayra says from dehli designer, shtabdi says its must be around 8000 rs, maayra says no its 2 lacs, shtabdi gets mad, she ask about whole budget of marriage, maayra says around 2 crores, shtabid says that you are marrying in rajhistani haveli so I think food should be rajhistani too, maayra says yes I like the idea, shtabid says ok then I will make rajhistani food for you daily and If you like it then give your maariage’s food order to me, maayra says ok that’s great
rudra comes to maayra who is sitting in porch area and sits beside but she moves, he again sits beside her, he says I want to talk to you, eh shows that she is wearing ear-phone, he pulls her ear-phone, she gets close to him, rudra looks ath her, while she listens the sound of ring, rudra says I came here to say sorry, maayra says finally you realized, now says sorry, rudra says that I don’t like this attitude of yours, maayra says that what you think, you came here to say sorry, who are you to show me attitude, rudra says I am rudra pratap ranawat, maayra says I am also maayra mehra, she thinks that wish I had heavy weight name, rudra ask maayr to go inside house otherwise she will die with cold here outside, he ask her that she may die slowly with this weather, maayra says why you are saying this as if you care about me that I will become ice-cream here, rudra says I don’t care and goes inside his room, maayra blabbers that he is mad
rudra comes to dhruv, dhruv ask are you angry with me? he says no, I cant be angry with you, dhruv says yes but you become sad, I didn’t not tell you about money thing as I couldn’t find the reason to ask you for money, I wanted to gift koyal but I had to have solid reason to get money from youy, rudra says you are talking like mature. dhruv leaves from there. rudra recalls how maayra said that she will always talk to dhruv as she didn’t do anything wrong, rudra comes out. he sees maayra sleeping and ask her to have shawl, Rudra covers maayra with sheet as she is asleep. Dhruv says I know papa she isn’t mummy but I think mummy has sent her. Rudra says why you think so ? Dhruv says you would never have given him mummy’s shawl otherwise, rudra recalls how he gave same shawl to paro when she came in his house 1st time, he tries to take away shawl but couldn’t and leaves. Maithili comes to maayra and wakes her up, she ask her to go inside otherwise she will feel cold, maayra says thanks for shawl, Maithili says I didn’t cover you with shawl, its paro’s shawl, rudra’s wife so rudra may have covered you with it, maayra is shocked, she says that angry man, Maithili says he is very good hearted person, she ask her to come in, maayra still looks at shawl.

Scene 2
maayra comes to rudra’s room, she sees rudra and dhruv sleeping in same manner and says so sweet, she puts shawl on table and tries to cover dhruv with blanket, rudra turns and hits maayra in sleep, she falls, rudra wakes up and ask what are you doing here, she ask him to talk slowly, dhruv is sleeping, she says I came to give you back shawl, thanks for giving it to me, I know its your wife’s shawl and how much it means a lot to you, he ask her to go and don’t disturb him, she says how rude are you, I came to say you thanks and you are rude even in sleep, you don’t know thanks is just respecting others, rudra ask her to go and let him sleep, she says you know what, I pray that you don’t get sleep whole night, you see night mares, you have dark circles around eyes, she is leaving, he holds her, she again listens bell ring and gets confused. she leaves, rudra thinks she is mad to listen ring bells.
shtabdi is making food in kitchen, Maithili comes and ask what are you doing here, she says I am making food for maayra so she will give me order for her marriage, she is about to put much spice, Maithili stops her and says that maayra doesn’t eat that much spcie, she is a foreigner, Maithili says how it can be that there are two people of same face but with opposite personality, you remember how much spice paro use to eat, she used to have food with pickle, we had to hide pickle from her and she cant have food without spice but maayra is different, she doesn’t like spicy food and she wears modern dress, koyal listens all this, she goes to dhruv and says that my mom is making daal bhati for maayra, dhruv ask so what, koyal says that you think maayra is your mom, you remember what rudra used to say that your mom’s favorite dish was? dhruv says yes it was daal bhati with very much spice, she says lets go then and check if she is your mom. they come to kitchen and puts a lot of red spice in daal, they see shtabdi coming and runs from there

Scene 3
shtabid serves daal to maayra, rudra says that she cant know the taste of desi food, give her omlet, maayra says I will eat it, she eats daal with spoon, rudra smirks, Maithili ask maayra to crush the bhati and put daal in it then have it, maayra crush it looking at rudra, she puts daal in it, rudra says eat carefully as foreigners cant digest desi food, maayra says I will show you, she eat one bite and feels so spicy, rudra says I told you, you cant eat it, maayra says I feel your eyes are weak, I will sit with you and will show you how I eat it, she eats whole daal bhati infront of rudra but feels it so spicy, rudra leaves, maayra shouts as her mouth is burning, she runs here and there and ask for water, shtabid gives her water, koyal says it feels like she will vomit, maayr ask about wash-room, Maithili ask her to go in wash room of ground floor only, she goes to wash room and knocks on door, rudra comes out of wash room, she ask rudra to take a side, rudra doesn’t, she says don’t do this with me at this time, I am in hurry, please clear my way, rudra moves, maayra runs inside wash room, koyal says her tummy got disturbed eating daal bhati, maayra comes out, all looks at her, she again run inside wash room, Maithili and shtabdi goes to get medicine for her, dhruv and koyal leaves too, maayra comes out wearing band on her head and is tensed, rudra looks at her tensed face and burst into laughter, maayra is stunned.

PRECAP- rudra is laughing on maayra’s situation, she says you are laughing at me, its not funny, she pushes him, he holds her and they both fall on ground with maayra on top of him, they share an eyelock.

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    2. I love diz show so please repeat it at 12 noon coz I cnt watch it at night 9:30 plzzzzzzzz its a request

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