Rang Rasiya 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mohini says this is maayra’s new drama and rudra is not even saying a word, rudra says enough kaki sa, if you cant to properly to maayra then don’t talk, I am giving half property to samrat, all look on, rudra says as a owner of this house, i will decide everything, all will stay in this house and kaki you will say sorry to Maithili for your rude behavior, mohini is angry and leaves from there, shtabdi says to Maithili that they are happy to see her back, we were worried for you, we were calling you but you didn’t take our call, we couldn’t see the child properly, rohit gets call but he doesn’t take it and smiles to maayra, maayra smiles back, sumer says to rudra that you did good work, rudra says i always do it, sumer says now this house is yours? rudra says now you stay in limits, sumer gets offended and leaves from there, shtabdi goes behind, rudra ask samrat to go and take rest. rudra says baby must be hungry, samrat comes to rudra and thanks him, they go inside, maarya looks at rudra and smiles, he looks at her.
mohini is fuming in her room, danveer says why are you angry that they came back home and you couldn’t do anything, mohini says why you wanna know, they came back with dirt, an orphan, danveer says she is their daughter, mohini says I burst this dream, I am queen of this house and will always remain and if that Maithili thinks that she will take my place then I will show her, her right place.
rudra comes to maayra and says why did she go out without telling him, maayra says I came to your room to inform you but you were sleeping,rudra says you didn’t think about me, I was so worried that what if you are kidnapped again, I was sleeping only, you could have wake me up, maayra says you were worried for me? rudra fumbles and says don’t change the topic, we decided that we will go together according to plan, rohit comes there and says it was all planned? when did you both plan it? maayra says actually all were missing Maithili, it strike my mind that this house is on rudra’s name, flashback shows how maayra came to rudra who is sleeping, she wakes him up and takes him out of room, she ask rudra how can he sleep peacefully when his brother is not at home, rudra says this is not a time to get hyper, maayra gives him idea to pay the loan and make this house fully on his name, rudra says i don’t have money, maayra says she will help, rudra says i don’t need your help, maayra says this is not the time to bring ego inbetween, you don’t have money to pay the loan so i will help you, she says we will meet in morning, they shake hands making it a deal. fb ends, maayra says to rohit that this was our plan, rudra says and in morning she changed the plan and went herself out without even telling me, maayra says this is your problem, you are not thankful but instead you are always dominating, rudra says yes i am so what, maayra says you know what you are male chauvinist pig, rudra looks on.

Scene 2
rohit and maayra are in room, rohit says why you didn’t include me in plan, maayra says because i know you react to these things, i thought you will get angry and we will fight so.. he says and you knew how rudra will react and you included him in plan, maayra says whay do you mean, rohit says don’t know but i feel like we are not one team anymore, you are not against me but i feel you don’t have space to include me in your team, tell me is it truth, he ask maayra to answer, maayra says actually.. rohit says i know that the girl whom i am going to marry, i love her a lot, yes i love you maayra, maayra is stunned. rohit says you are not my best friend only but i love you, he hugs her, maayra is tensed and doesn’t hug him back, rohit says this day is just perfect, maayra breaks the hug.
Maithili’s child is crying, Maithili ask her to sleep, she says i have work so sleep, don’t cry baby, mohini with her poisonious eyes are staring at Maithili, she says if you are done with child then see house too, Maithili says let the child sleep then i will do the work, mohini says your husband has become half owner of this house so you are talking a lot, maayra comes there and says don’t suppress her now, i wont let you do it, mohini says didn’t anyone tell you that one should not involve in matters of family, maayra says exactly but this matter is of my jija and you are doing wrong with her. if you have so much problem with Maithili then don’t face her, its your choice to stay here or not, same way jija has the right to take her life’s decision, maayra is covering Maithili behind her, she says to mohini that everybody in this house listens to you, you taunt then in bad way but they bear it and you are habituated to it without thinking that it must be hurting them, but now I am here for few days only but I will see to it that Maithili doesn’t bow down to your wrong demands, i will teach her to stand for herself and also you have to change yourself for good.

Scene 3
dhruv , koyal and maayra are with baby, Maithili is making baby sleep, koyal says we want to see the child, koyal says we were also so like baby and before then rudra kaka must be small like baby, rudra is there too, maayra ask Maithili should i lift the baby, Maithili says why not but be careful, Maithili goes from there with dhruv and koyal, maayra takes baby in her hands, rudra says be careful, maayra says i didn’t take such a small child in my hands ever in life, i sued to be afraid of kids, rudra says i used to think same but fear went away when i took my child in hand, maayra says its like a magic that fear went away, maayra looks at rudra, Maithili comes there and takes her baby back, maayra starts leaving from there, she looks at rudra and thinks i have to be sensible, if i cant change the situation then atleast try to handle it, be away from rudra, till rudra wants my help in jija’s case i will be away from him, i have to maintain distance from him.

mohini says to Maithili that you have to do my one work, you have to give forgiveness to me, Maithili is shocked, mohini says i was blinded by my ego and couldn’t see your goodness, i am sorry, she blesses Maithili’s baby, the family have reunion, maayra has tears of happiness in her eyes.

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