Rang Rasiya 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Rang Rasiya 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
rudra says 15 years back she ran away with unknown man only now what problem she has to live in bsd, dilsher comes and says enough, rudra says to paro that I make you see wounds of me and my father, he sleep with heavy heart daily and what you did you brought his embarrassment infront of his eyes, I didn’t expect this from you, dilsher says enough, I told paro to bring her here, rudra you.. oh now I understand paro must have cried infront of you and you agreed, dilsher says no. rudra says to dilsher that you remember she left for someone else, she ran away with param singh tejawat the betrayer the loss to country, don’t come in her talks, don’t let her come in your house, you will not get anything, she will again run crushing you in night after giving you a letter, dilsher shouts enough… rudra is stunned. dilsher says now no word, what happened 15 years was between me and your mother, in 15 years I didn’t allow her to become part of our life but today whether she will come here, she will live here or not only I will decide, rudra says oh you will decide, this is matter of you and your wife then where is me, where is me, if I am nothing then why you dragged me for 15 years, why you put in my heart that beautiful women is of no one, in these 15 years you put all your pain in me, I started loving hatred and hated love, I forget the line between love and hate and now its between you and her, if it was the case then why you took me from chandnagarh, I wanted to live here but you dragged me, you took me from one to another place and I just kept running with you and now its between you and your wife, okay let her come in house, he says to mala please come in, you are welcome here, stay till you want and if you get bored then you can go too. I am going, paro says stop major sahab, rudra says don’t worry I am not leaving this house, it maybe between you and your wife but this house is of my father and I cant leave him to die here, I am not like mala who run away, I have blood of my father not her. he leaves. mohini ask Maithili and samrat to leave and leaves too, paro brings mala inside, dilsher sasy to paro that he will be fine, paro says he is broken too much, he will need time to get fine and he needs love of you both, if get failed the you both have to get him out of pain, dilsher leaves. mala ask paro to go to rudra, I am fine, paro says I will come and goes behind rudra, mala comes in hall and recalls her moments with kid rudra and how dilsher threw her out of house.

Scene 2
at night, danveer comes in dilsher’s room, he brings mala there and says bhabhi has come, I will come I have some work, he leaves, dilsher feels awkward and ask how these wounds? are you fine, you go and rest, I am here, I will ask paro to make syrup for you with black pepper like you used to make. mala goes from there.
paro comes to rudra, rudra ask her to go away, he is about to say.. paro hugs him and says I just want to say that I with you always, It is difficult for me too, mala is like my mother, she taught me love, she taught me that life is not bitter so when dilsher asked me to bring her here I couldn’t say no, rudra breaks the hug and looks at her. rudra says you didn’t think about me, paro says I thought about you, I know its most difficult for you, rudra sasy you don’t fear, I will make things easy for you, I will take my things and will not live in room, I cant tolerate her, he goes from there.

Scene 3
danveer comes to mala and makes her meet samrat, Maithili and sunehri, mala is happy to see them, mala says to sunehri that you were so small and now you are grown up, she says to samrat that you are innocent even now, Maithili touches her feet, mala ask about sumer, danveer sasy come and meet mohini, Maithili says you are same who came to rudra’ sangeet, mala says yes I wanted to see him, danveer ask her to meet mohini.
mohini is looking at old picture of her danveer, dilsher and mala, she says why you came here now, mala comes there and says jija, mohini says don’t call me jija, mala says I thought you will understand me, mohini says I don’t understand you, remember one thing I am just your sister in law this house, she closes door, she says why you came here, 1st your son and you husband came and now you, I gave my life to this haveli I will not let you take all this, like 15 years back I threw you out of house, I will show you gate even now, I will throw you, I will not you take anything.

Scene 4
paro says to mala in kitchen that I didn’t even know how to operate this stove then rudra helped and no one used to like me, he use to hate, we had hatred between us but even then he helped me, our relation is opposite,,
mala says there is everything opposite in this house, Mother in law(MIL) brings her Daughter in law(DIL) but here a DIL brings her MIL and is trying that everyone accepts her, paro says don’t says like this, you used to say that we can face problems with smile, mala says bu here problem is me,,,
paro says your son were so away from you, you were craving for hi, you could have hatred in your heart but you didn’t do that, instead you loved me like mother, I don’t know what happened here 15 years back but I am sure that a women who love other child as her own can not leave her child like this, that’s why I have brought my MIL in this house to give her rights and deserving love back to her,

PRECAP- mohini brings sumer to house, danveer ask how you brought him here, kick him out, mohini says like people clevery brings running horses again in house(taunting mala), I brought my son too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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