Rang Rasiya 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
sumer and sthabdi are trying to contact samrat and Maithili, shtabdi says she is not taking my calls, sumer jokes that she has got freedom from you after amny years, dhruv and koyal comes and ask where is samrat and Maithili kaki, sumer says they will come soon, shtabdi says lets play, koyal says no, we want maihtili kaki only, shtabdi says they will come, sumer says they should come otherwise kids wont bear you, shtabdi says everything is not a joke, dhruv tells them that rudra is making food for him, shtabdi ask sumer to keep callin samrat while she goes to put some senses in mohini.
maayra is sadly standing near pillar, she recalls rudra’s harsh words, rudra comes there and says no, she ask what no? rudra says no, don’t cry, you know I didn’t mean that, maaayra

says I don’t know what you mean at what time, rudra gives handkerchief to maayra, she turns and doesn’t find rudra there, she finds handkerchief on table, she takes it, rudra comes again, he says thankyou, you are a nice person, thankyou for bringing happiness in samrat and Maithili’s life, thanks for doing that what we couldn’t do it in many years, maayra says I don’t know, If I have done right, all are missing them, don’t know how this house will work without jija, rudra comes closer and holds her by shoulder, he says you have done right and don’t worry about anything, maayra looks at his hands, he moves back and smiles.

Scene 2
shtabdi is making food, mohini ask what are you making? shtabdi says pasta only, she says you make your food for your family while I will make for my family, mohini ask what is this my family and your family, we eat together for many years, shtabdi says ok, make food for whole family, mohini says its DIL’s work, shtabdi says where it is written? mohini says how dare you talk to me like this, shtabdi says Maithili used to bear your taunts only, she used to serve you and family whole day and night, what all she wanted? she wanted to adopt a child but you didn’t allow her just cause kid was not your blood? I will make food with my mood only, dot order me like Maithili, she leaves, mohini thinks whats going on in house? just by Maithili’s going, why people are so angry.
maayra comes to her room, rohit says I want to talk to you, we are marrying in some days so we should go out, he says I have decided to take rudra with us, maayra gets tensed, rohit ask what happened? maayra says nothing.
dhruv is at dinning table with rudra, dhruv says I don’t wanna eat this, he calls maayra, maayra comes there in sleeve dress ready to go out for dinner, rudra looks at her, she ask dhruv what happened, rohit comes there and says to rudra that me and maayra are going out and where is maayra, there is you, so you also come with us, he gets call and leaves. rudra ask dhruv to eat what he has prepared, dhruv says I don’t like it, rudra tries to joke about brunt roti but dhruv doesn’t laugh, rudra says my father used to make food for me, it was also bad but he used to make me laugh and I used to eat the food but I cant do that even, maayra says ok, I will make something yummy for dhruv, dhruv says but don’t make prathas like earlier, maayra makes face, rudra looks at her.

Scene 3
rohit comes to rudra and ask where is maayra? did she go to make dinner for you? rudra says no, she went to make dinner for dhruv, rohit makes bad face and goes behind maayra, he comes in kitchen and says to maayra that you are making cheese macaroni for dhruv? she says as rudra doesn’t know how to cook, rohit says ok I will help you, they together make macaroni, rudra comes there and smiles seeing maayra, maayra by mistake throws oil on rohit’s face, she says sorry and smiles, rudra sees this and feels jealous. maayra sees rudra, rudra says I just came to ask do you need anything? maayra says no everything is under control, rudra goes from there, rohit says to maayra that there is something on your face, he wipes it from her face. maayra brings macaroni for dhruv, dhruv and rohit giggles seeing some mark on maayra’s face, she ask what? rohit says nothing, you made the food today so.. dhruv says its very good, rohit and maayra does hi-five for making good food together, rudra feels it, rohit says we are getting late for dinner, maayra says I am fine here, I mean.. rohit says no, we have done hard work on food so we will also eat macaronies now, maayra says great and goes to bring forks. rudra goes behind. rudra is at kitchen door, maayra sees him standing and ask do you need anything? he says yes, water, maayra brings the jug and gives it to him, he comes closer and takes it, they share an eyelock, rudra wipes mark from her face and says all were laughing because of this, maayra looks at him and then maintain distance.

Scene 4
rohit, dhruv and rudra are sleeping on one bed, rudra and dhruv are sleeping over rohit, they wake up, rohit says you both sleep in weird manner, I feel like my joints are frozen, rudra ask dhruv why did he come in their room and not sleeping with maayra? dhruv says maayra was missing from room from 6am so I was afraid and came here to sleep with you, rudra says what maayra is missing, where id she go? he calls her but she doesn’t take his calls.
maayra comeback home, rudra corners her and scolds her that I told you, you wont go out of house without informing him, he says I told you this so many times, he then realize that he is showing much concern and controls himself, maayra shows him way to gate, Maithili and samrat comes back home with their child, mohini comes there and says what, did you enjoy the night? she says to samrat that if you say that you came here to take your things then I wont allow you to enter as you have dirt(baby) with you, maayra says they have full right to live here, mohini ask how? maayra says to mohini that this house is solely of rudra pratap ranawat now and he will decide that whether this family(samrat’s) will live here or not and how will say sorry to whom, she shows property papers to mohini which says that house is of rudra only, she gives content smile to mohini, mohini fumes.

PRECAP- maayra is covering Maithili behind her, she says to mohini that everybody in this house listens to you, you taint then in bad way but they bear it but now I am here for few days only but I will see to it that Maithili doesn’t bow down to your wrong demands and also you have to change yourself for good.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think rohit is gud he can understand Myra love for rudra

  2. So atlast I got to see Myrah and Rudra marriage celebration Pic.. I’m crying.. I gonna miss dem badly.. Rohit get to point thinking what’s der b/w myrah nd rudra we want u to know soon abt dem nd we need a romantic epi for one week.. 🙂 :). Not a filmy ending pls

  3. dont end the show, we want our rangrasiya. pls change your dicission producer. pls pls hey gyes pls tell and save rangrasiya

  4. Plzzzzzzzzz don’t end the show.I just live for my bhaiya jeeeee.

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