Raman and Ishita get closer by his funny efforts in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

fter the Christmas party, there is again some romance bits in the show, as Raman and Ishita get closer by the glasses humor. He wears the glasses and she hides behind the bed asking him to remove them. Raman laughs and enjoys Ishita’s annoyance.

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  1. Nice thought about ROMANCE but…….
    Ab yeh short scenes bahut hue…….
    Ab koi long romantic scene dikhao jo atleadt 1 ep jitna long ho….pls its request accept it…….

  2. raman ka x – ray glasses wala idea is superb. ….

  3. nice .ab bas kal ki intezaar hai.

  4. x – ray glasses. ..is. .superb. ….bas ab. …no rona no dhona. ……only cute naughty. …romantic scenes chalen ge. …..show some romantic rain dance. …..In. .IshRa. …..style. ……like kabhi jo badal barse. ……is se better bhi Chale ga. .There’s no problem. …….love confession k bad toh romantic dance banta hai. .boss. …………♡♡☆♡♡

  5. x ray wala glass idea tho superb hai.only u can do this raman.u fooled ishu so easily.it was nice but we hope to c more romance btw ishra.it long time now so show some more good scene.ishra always rocks the screen by their chemistry.hope we can c more cute scene of ishra.waiting for todays scene.

  6. In the coming episode’s Ishita will plan a trip for family but it will be spoiled by Shagun and Adi.Raman comes to say sorry to ishita.He tells her that because of him and his son her plan is spoiled.Ishita gets angry on him for thinking as self centered person and tells him that she is also part of his life.
    She asks that if he really wants to say sorry then he has to give her something.Ramansurprised as she never asks anything for her.Raman goes to Ishita and asks her what she wants.Ishita says him to promise that he will give whatever she asks.He promises and she asks that she wants X-ray glasses.Raman laughs on her wish and taunts her what she wants to see through glasses.She tells him that she is a doctor and she knows that their is no such thing invented,so she wants to check them.
    Raman agrees to her and he gives it to her.He hides himself behind mirror to fool Ishita.She wears the glasses and sees that they are just eyesight glasses.She asks him why did he fooled her.He says that she is fool from birth.They both have their usual nok-jhok with romance.Raman takes the glasses that she looks bad in them.He asks her if she wants to see something else and triesto open his shirt.Ishita runs from there.
    On the other hand Shagun will be on her way to distrub Ishita.She will not leave a single step to hurt her.She uses Adi’s insecurity to hurt Ishita.Ishita will be sad with Adi’s behavior.But the good thing is Shagun’s plans will make Raman and Ishita more understanding and loving for each other

  7. arey makers Ishita aur Raman husband/wife hi hai na? Yeh sharmaana kuch zyada hi ho raha hai. Inki suhaagraat hogi ki nahi? kya yeh dono bas yuhi ek dooje ko tease karte huye poor umar guzaar denge? physical love dikhaao mere baap. yeh eye locks ab bas karo.

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