Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Padam comes to the house

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Scene 1
Radha says I will attack you with the same weapon you attcked our Dulari from. Koyal and Menaka get drunk. Koyal says I also had a plan. Koyal says no one will know our plan. You’re burning houses. Imagine if you become PM you will burn the country. Menaka says I am getting you married on fire on my own house and you’re mocking at me? Koyal says no I am appreciating you. You fixed Kinkshuk and Dulari’s wedding. And then in 5 days. tell me how did you do that? Menaka says there’s a person in this house who is with me. Who is very close to Ram and Dulari. Koyal says Patang? Menaka says not Patang. Menaka says it’s somoene else. Koyal says who? Menaka says Radha. Koyal says that Radha? Radha is making video. She is shocked. Menaka says she has a dark heart. Radha comes in and says you liar. You’re blaming me? This is a sin. Koyal says what you did was also sin. You mixed alcohol in our juice. Menaka says you thought our noses are so useless? Koyal says we spilled it. Menaka says if you try to act smart again, we can be worst with you. Koyal says I will be the new owner of this house after marrying Ram. No one will be able to stop this wedding.

Scene 2
Ram does Kinkshuk’s facial. He does his wax. Kinkshuk says bro what are you doing? Ram says shut up. He ties his hands. Ram says if you don’t tell me the truth I will keep waxing you. Kinkshuk says I don’t know. Ram pulls one strip. Kinkshuk cries. Ram says how did you end up with Dulari that ngiht?

Radha says to Patang they didn’t say anything. They knew I was there already.

Scene 3
Dulari comes to the house. Everyone is shocked to see her. Koyal says she looks like she is going to do something big. Padam also enters the house. Menaka and Koyal are shocked. Sushila says you? Dulari says I brought him here so he can tell you the truth. Koyal says do something before our lives are ruined. Menaka says thank God you are fine. You look so weak. Let’s do breakafast. Dulari says let him speak to mumy ji and papa ji. They are waiting. Koyal says let them have time. Menaka says do you want me to get divorced? I will serve my husband first. She takes him with her.

Kinkshuk says I shoved Padam in front of the car that day. I swear on Dulari. He shoves him.

Menaka says why did you come here? He says it’s my siblings’ wedding. You didn’t want me to come here? so I don’t tell everyone the truth. She says you are here to enjoy so do that. Padam says but this is wrong. Someone shoved me that day in front of the car and now under the pressure of going to jail they are getting Ram married to Koyal. This is wrong. Menaka says go out and tell everyone. Your siblings will stay single all their lives. Koyal was left at her wedding already. Go and tell everyone. I think about everyone. I want your siblings to be happy. He says but this isn’t right. Padam says I am going to tell everyone truth. Menaka says stop, I will leave you forever. He goes out. Menaka says I will drink poison. He leaves.

Babu ji says Padam wanted to talk and Menaka took him inside. Tao ji comes. He says why did you bring Dulari here? Padam comes out and says dulari didn’t bring me. I came here on my own. I don’t want Dulari to marry Kinkshuk tonight. Koyal is shocked. Koyal says why? He says all of this is happening because of that accident. Sushila says yes. He says the secret is that I didn’t meet an accident that night in fact.. He can’t speak. He chokes. Menaka mixed something in his juice. He can’t speak. Dulari says say it please. Menaka says are you okay? Koyal says he was speaking but now he can’t. Tao ji says Ram where are you? Koyal says take him inside. Give him tea, he will feel better. Menaka takes him inside. Tao ji says there’s an evil eye on this family. Dulari says he said the wedding shouldn’t happen tonight. Like Tao ji is thinking there’s an evil eye, we can stop the wedding tonight. Sushila says she is right. Padam said we should delay it. Tao ji says we will do what Padam said. Dulari and Kinkshuk won’t marry won’t marry tonight. He leaves.

Episode ends.

Precap-Ram says where is Padam? I want to talk to him. Padam writes everything on a paper. Ram is shocked. He comes out in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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