Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dulari seen sleeping with Kinkshuk

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Scene 1
Dulari wakes up. Her head hurts. Kinkshuk is sleeping next to her. Ram comes in. Dulari is shocked. Menaka says wow. Dulari is so clever. She slept with him right after sangeet. Should have waited for the wedding at least. Ram and Dulari are shocked. She was still Ram’s wife. Koyal says thank God there’s no media. Dulari says Ram trust me, I don’t know how I came here. Ram leaves her hand. Ram hits Kinkshuk. Koyal says why are you hitting my brother? Dulari was here with her consent. She has a part in it. Koyal says she isn’t a kid. She came here on her own. She is characterless. Ram says think before talking like this about your bhabhi. You can’t accuse her without knowing the truth. Menaka says this girl is characterless and I will prove that. Sushila says have some shame. This girl agreed to marry Kinkshuk to save your marriage and you’re accusing her? Menaka says I am only saying the truth.

Patang and Irfan come there. Menaka says what did you two mix in Kinkshuk’s drink? Patang says nothing. Menaka says dn’t lie. Koyal says Irfan ji tell us if you mixed something in his drink. You have to swear on Ram. Irfan says how can I lie to you? Yes we mixed. Everyone is shocked. Koyal says what did you mix? Irfan says more water. Patang says yes. Koyal says you’re lying. Tao ji comes. He says yes or no. Did you mix anything? They shake heads. Patang and Irfan say yes. Menaka says story over. Dulari asked them to mix something in Kinkshuk’s drink adn then they have something between them.

Dulari says enough. Nothing happened between us. I mixed a tablet in his medicine not to faint him. To make him a little drunk so he can tell me about the secret. Tao ji says what truth? Dulari says truth about Padam’s accident. That accident was planned. Someone shoved him in front of your and mummy ji’s car. He told that to me. ram says let’s call him and ask. He will clear the confusion. Ram calls him. Menaka says he’s not well. He can’t come. Don’t call him. Patang says he’s okay. Menaka says he is not. Ram says stop. Menakapicks petrol and says I will drink it if you call him. Ram throws it away. Koyal says it was mixed in Kinkshuk’s drink so Dulari can misuse him. She is pretending to forget now and hiding ther relation with Kinkshuk. Menaka says it shouldn’t matter to him. They slept together, so something must have happened between them. Can that happen?

Dulari says why are you silent Ram? Are you trusting their words? Ram says no, I am only trying to process what Menaka is saying. Dulari says what is there to process? Even a wife whose husband is cheating on him doesn’t do this. I have you. Nothing happened between me and Kinkshuk. I wanted to make him drunk and I did. But I don’t know how I drank that glass. I don’t know Ram. I can say this surity that nothing happened between us. Koyal says we have to listen to her. Ram isn’t Ram, that he won’t take her test. Dulari says a woman is a devi Menaka. A woman can never do tnis. Even if she’s drunk. Ram recalls seeing them sleeping together. He leaves.

Scene 2
Ram sits silently. Dulari sits and cries in her room. Dulari recalls her moments with Ram. She recalls marrying him. Ram recalls smiling with her. The song mera naam ishq plays. Dulari cries. Dulari says even Koyal and Menaka haven’t hurt me as much as your silence has.

Koyal says well done Menaka. You’re like a mobile game, every stage is tougher than previous. Menaka says my height is short but my mind works. I saw Patang and Irfan mixing something in Kinkshuk’s drink. So I swapped it. Koyal says how did you do it alone? Menaka says it’s a secret. Koyal says what do you mean? She says I am always moving. If I stop, like earth, everything would stop.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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