Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Dulari breaks her fast to sing

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 21st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mama ji says Dulari will sing from S and we will decide on its basis if we will accept her as DIL or will be mad at her. Dulari sings Sun Saathiya. Everyone claps for her. Koyal is dazed. Koyal says in heart how did she sing? Ram appreciates her. Dulari says in heart I know it’s wrong but I have to do it to win their heart. Dulari sings from Ja s well. Another woman is singing in background for her. Koyal says to mama ji how did her voice change? Mama ji says how did the voice change? Koyal says does she have music system in her heart. Mami ji says something is wrong.

Patang says jiji you sing. The girl sings another song. Koyal is doing lipsing of some other song. Koyal opens the curtain and shows them all women behind the curtain who are singing for Dulari.

Mama ji gets angry and says you fooled us. ram says mama ji.. He says is this the girl you chose for our family? You are not my nephew anymore. You’re nothing to me now. Let’s go. Ram says mama ji please listen. Mami ji says listen. Ram says I know I made a mistake. He says I didn’t mind the love marriage but you lied to your mama. You tried to fool me? This girl must have asked you to do this. We were fooled. Dulari is upset. She looks at her thread. Mama ji says I will the whole family and no one will ever talk to you.

Mama ji is walking out of the house. Dulari sings tumre bin hamra kon hai. Dulari says how can I let you go upset from us? Ram says Dulru lost her voice. Mami says forgive them. Ram says sorry. He says I won’t forgive until bahu rani comes to Jabalpur and sings. Everyone smiles. Dulari touches his feet. He says I understood the truth in your eyes. He says Ram I brought this varmala.

Ram and Dulari make each other wear the garland. Mami gives Dulari gold bracelet. Mami ji says we will leave now. Dulari says I got my voice back. We have to talk about so many things. You can’t leave. Ram says yes please stay. Mama ji says we will come again, without being upset. Ram says let me drop you.

Scene 2
Dulari thanks Hema, Jaya and Rekha and Irfan. Koyal is leaving. Dulari says where you going? I have to talk about a lot of things. Koyal says we can talk later. My door is open. Dulari says close it from the inside, there are a lot of robbers these days.

Dulari looks at the thread and is upset. Patang says what happened? She says I broke my fast. The book clearly says if the fast breaks, husband goes away from you. He giggles. He says relax, you’re so honest. True people never lose. He says 48 hours completed before you broke your fast. Dulari thanks God. She says my Ram will always be mine. There will never be a danger on him. He says you can take off this thread.

Scene 2
Ram comes to room with a mug. He says where is Dulari? Dulari is hidden behind the bed. He sings jane jahan dhundta phir raha hun. Dulari sings mein yahan. Ram takes off her ghunghat. He says you look so pretty today, I mean you do every day. You lost you voice, everything else sound like noise and Koyal sounded like a scream. Dulari says in heart it happened because of her. She says in heart I should tell him the truth.

Dulari says you know why I lost my voice. I was.. Cherry calls. She says Cherru keeps calling you. She says there’s urgent work at the salon.

Patang imagines that Cherry and says I lost you. His book falls and hits her head. She says are you blind? All people in the street hit her.

Cherry comes and says that guy hit me on head. Dulari comes to the salon. She says you came without listening to me. He says sorry what was that? Koyal comes there.

Precap-Koyal says Ram Ram. I came to give you this. It’s a heart with sweetheart and roses. Patang says you have to try the second tip.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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