Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Dulari to marry Koyal’s brother


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Scene 1
Koyal comes to Ram’s room. He says you knock before entering a room. Koyal says I am not disturbing your privacy. I came to tell you to stop being mad at Dulari. My love is a lot more than Dulari. He says keep your drama with yourself. If you loved, me you won’t have separated me from my love. You’re using your brother’s accident to marry me. Menka says you left her alone after the engagement. She came here for you. ram says I apologized many times. Your family is upset because of me, my mom hit your brother why should Dulari suffer? I will talk to your family. Menaka and Koyal are shocked. Menaka says don’t exaggerate it. Sushela says everything is fixing now. I beg you. ram says give me one chance at least. We will find a solution by talking. Tao ji comes and says there is a difference between families and countries. You will see my dead face if you talk about going to Menaka’s house. He leaves.

Ram comes to Dulari. They look at each other teary. Dulari hugs Ram. Koyal and Menaka look from the window. Menaka says this shouldn’t cross. Before it creates more problems we have to do something. Tomorrow morning will bring a storm in Dulari’s life.

Scene 2
The next day, band baja comes to the street. Everyone looks at them. Koyal, Sushela and Menaka come with shagun. Dulari is shocked. They come to Dulari’s house. Koyal says Ram Ram Dulari ji. See we got you something. Dulari says what is this? Koyal says tomorrow we saw your and Ram’s love and I kept thinking the whole night am I doing wrong my marrying Ram? Menaka says yes it’s unfair to take a woman’s husband from her. Dulari says what are you saying? They open the trays. Menaka says Koyal is getting married to Ram and you’re getting married to my BIL and Koyal’s brother Kinshu. You can marry him. Everyone is shocked. Sushela says you’re very nice. That is why listened to them and agreed. He doesn’t mind marrying a married man. Koyal shows her the photo. Dulari is shocked. He’s bald. Dulari gives it back. Menaka says his salary is a lot more than his hair. Suhsela says don’t say no. Koyal says either marry my brother or leave this area. I don’t want my husband to go to another woman at night. Menaka says this house is Koyal’s anyway. What do you want to do? Menaka says you have to go either way. Dulari thinks in heart what should I do. Dulari gets a call.

Patang calls dulari. Dulari picks it. Patang says how do I tell you. I went to Koyal’s place. Her brother isn’t injured at all. He’s perfectly fine. Dulari is shocked. Patang says there’s a conspiracy. He runs out of balance. Dulari says if the accident wasn’t a big deal who is doing it and why? Koyal says where did you go? Dulari comes out. Koyal says it’s not a bad offer. Dulari says okay. I am ready to marry. Everyone is shocked. Menaka says so easily? Koyal says things that look easy are difficult. Dulari says I have two conditions. The day Koyal and Ram are getting married, I and Kinshu will get married on the same day. And second is that mummy ji and papa ji will do my kanya dan. Adn all rituals will be done in my own house. Ram comes and says stop Dulari.

Ram says stop maa. Dulari says she brought me a proposal of Koyal’s brother and I said yes. I like the guy. Maa you do tilak. Ram says no maa. Ram says how can you marry him? He doesn’t even have hair. Dulari says he has money. ram is shocked. Dulari says I didn’t get any happiness after marrying you. I might get it with him. You will marry Koyal. I will be alone, so I would need someone as well. Dulari says I am going back to that house. She nods at Ram. dulari says where parents are, daughters are where parents are. Right ma? Sushela says yes. Let’s go home. She gives her shagun. Dulari smiles at ram. He understands it her plan. Koyal and Menaka are confused. Menaka says we had to kick her out and she’s coming home. Koyal says we won’t let her go to Ram’s place.

Sushela takes Ram and Dulari home. Rekha says her MIL is taking her home. Sushela says come in. Dulari enters the house. Ram looks at her. Dulari smiles Koyal and Menaka come as well. Menaka says see her smile. It looks like she has won coming back to the house. Koyal says let her think. It’s Koyal’s game, no one can break this game. Dulari says I know I am entering Koyal’s game. I will break it and save my Ram. Ram is only mine.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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