Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Koyal comes as Ram’s bride


Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sufyan says I have hid something related to Koyal. Dulari says what have you hidden? Koyal comes and says this thing.. That I came to salon today when he was closing it. I slipped and I fell in his lap by mistake. Ram says yes by mistake. Koyal says thank God no one was there people would have talked about it. Dulari says you know the closing time. Why did you have to go there at that time. She says I went to tell him I will make him halwa and make him weat. Koyal is about to enter, Dulari says stop. Koyal says I stepping in the house not on someone’s chest. Dulari says I am not stopping you. I am saying all women keep talking about him. At least leave the evening time for us. Koyal says I got it. I won’t come between you and Ram after the evening. Dulari says stop calling me didi. I mean, I meant pandit ji yesterday. He said if any girl calls me didi, she will slip from my heart. So it’s better that you’re Koyal for me and I am Dulari for you. Koyal says in heart you can stop me from coming to the house but not to Ram’s life. Dulari says in heart I won’t let anyone come near Ram. Ram is scared.

Scene 2
Ram and Dulari are asleep. Dulari wakes up and looks at Ram. Dulari says when Koyal is in front of him, his smile leaves his face. I won’t ever let that happen. Ram holds her hand in sleep. Dulari says I promise you, I will never let our love and trust fade away. I will do anything to keep you mind.

Dulari says I am up because Patang asked. But what if Ram sees me. She looks at the book and says I have to do it. Am I doing it right? Patang says this is just a book. Koyal always lays eggs in other bird’s nest. This Koyal is also looking at your nest. Dulari says she can’t. She starts reading the book. Dulari reads the firs tip which is to test. Patang reads the disclaimer if anything goes wrong, you will be responsible.

Patang says the first rule is to keep a monh varath (silent fast). Dulari says if I don’t talk, he will get worried that something is wrong with me. Patang says it’s upto you now. Dulari says I will do it. Patang ties a monh varath on her wrist and says your fast has started now. It will have to stay for 3 days. Patang says the thread and fast shouldn’t break. No one else should know about it. Otherwise your husband will go away from you forever.

Dulari comes back to the room and sees Ram asleep. Dulari says in heart I am doing this to keep you mine. I am sorry for the problem you will go through because of the monh varath.

Scene 2
Bell rings. Ram says Dulru please see who’s on the door. Dulari goes out. She opens the door. It’s Koyal in a bridal dress. Dulari is shocked. She shouts Ram.. Come fast. Ram says what happened? Dulari points at Koyal. Ram says what are you here for Miss Koyal? Koyal says I came to take you. Koyal says I came to take you with me Ram ji. Dulari ji you opened the door your husband’s bride. So do vivah parvesh as well. Dulari is shocked. Koyal says I will do it on my own. Koyal enters the house and does greh parvesh. The pot is about to hit Dulari. Ram saves her. Koyal says Ram ji.. Dulari says stop. She enters the house anyway. Dulari is scared. Koyal walks towards Ram. Koyal takes out garland and is about to make Ram wear it. dulari stands in front of Ram. Koyal moves her aside. She si about to make Ram wear it. Ram tries to step back. Koyal makes him wear it. Dulari is shocked. Koyal gives him sindur. Ram shakes his head. Koyal holds his hand and makes him fill her hairline. Dulari cries. Koyal touches Ram’s feet.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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