Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 12th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram and Dulari get married

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Scene 1
Kinkshuk comes to Mummy ji and shows her the video in which Dulari tells Ram is just acting like Sham and it’s their secret. Ram and Dulari come there. Mummy ji says you made fun of your father for this? You can’t be this blind in love. She says this is enough, today the wedding will happen. Dulari will marry Kinkshuk and Ram will marry Koyal. Ram says but.. Mummy ji says if you say no then I will stop eating.

Ram and Dulari are sitting for their marriages. Patang comes there and says this is against Corona SOPs and I have heard there is a Corona patient here. The priest tries to run away but Koyal stops him. Patang starts throwing smoke in the room. Nobody can see anything but they continue with the wedding. They take pheras and end the wedding. Then Dulari shows Kinkshuk’s video where he told that Menaka made him get papa ji hit by him. Menaka wanted Ram to marry Koyal. Mummy ji says why did you do it? Koyal asks her to tell the truth as the wedding is done. Menaka says once Koyal is married then Param will get all the property, Koyal just wanted Ram to marry so I had to this to get that property. Now I will get all the wealth, I won. Dulari says the game didn’t finish. She takes off her groom’s sehra and it’s Ram. Koyal says where is kinkshuk? She sees Kinkshuk tied in a corner. Padma takes off his fake beard and all are stunned to see him there. Padma tells Menaka that I didn’t know you would stoop that low. He says there will be 3 divisions of the wealth. Menaka says where is my part of the property? Ram says what your part? You are getting your husband. He tells mummy that Menaka spiked Dulari’s drink that day. Mummy says I can’t believe she is my daughter. Padma says I have spoiled her, I am sorry. Mummy says I was doing a sin, she says sorry to Dulari, Dulari stops her. Koyal says whom did I marry? She takes off his veil and sees Patang? She says what? I married him? Patang says I didn’t apply sindoor to you, my sister is not like you, she asked me to not complete the wedding. Dulari tells Koyal that you are our own, your love is not wrong but you can’t break two people who love each other. You can love him as a friend, you love Ram but he loves him, do you want to live with a person who doesn’t love you? Koyal says don’t make me look small now, I knew I won’t get Ram as he doesn’t love me. I got trapped by Menaka. Menaka says I thought better for everyone and now you all are blaming me? she leaves. Koyal says sorry to Ram. Dulari says you are my sister so don’t say sorry. She hugs her. Koyal smiles and says don’t give me that much love. Koyal tells Ram to come to her wedding soon. Patang frees Kinkshuk, he says I want to leave. Dulari says I am sorry, she shakes his hand and he smiles. Koyal says I will find another girl for you. Menaka says I will leave too, I don’t have any Corona, she leaves with Padma. all leave. Ram pulls Dulari and hugs her. She says you are mine. Dulari says I have hidden something from you. Patang brought a book which said how to keep husband in love with me. Ram says it was my fault because I didn’t tell you the truth. He hugs her.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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