Raja Beta 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant leaves his house shattered with Purva

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The Episode starts with Ramesh about to jump, but Manjula holds his leg and asks him to get down. She takes him down and asks if she is fine. Ramesh looks on. Manjula slaps Vedant and asks what happened to you? Ramesh smirks. Manjula sits down shattered and cries. Purva and Pankhudi try to pacify her. Sanju and Gomti take Ramesh to room. Next morning, Manjula does the aarti in the house. She then goes out and wipes the hand impressions of herself. Vedant asks why you are wiping it. Manjula says this is my hand impression and left it on wall when I came here. She says it is not needed as this house is not of my husband. She says Doctor made my husband come out of hypnotism and he is fine now. Sanju comes with Ramesh. Manjula says I am leaving this house with my real son and husband. Vedant says you can’t

go from here Maa. Manjula says you were an orphan and will always be. She says Sanju’s Papa was right, you don’t deserve to be called as your son. She says you couldn’t become mine, I tried to accept you, but you was a dirty blood and tried to kill my husband today. Ramesh asks Manjula to come. Manjula says you have made my upbringing wrong. Vedant says you can’t leave this house. Manjula says when you are nothing to me then this house is also not mine. Sanju says now be the head of the house and rule, we don’t want to stay in your house. He asks Ramesh and Manjula to come. Vedant asks them to stop and asks Manjula to hear him once. He apologizes to her. Manjula says I can’t stay here after seeing your real face.

Vedant says I will leave this house and not you. She says if some is stranger here then I am. He says he got so much love from them, and forgot his truth. Ramesh, sanju, Gomti smirk. Vedant says Purva and I will leave from here. Purva holds Vedant’s hand and asks Pankhudi to bring her stuff, says we will drop you to your quarters. Pankhudi gets her stuff. Purva and Vedant are leaving the house without their stuff. They recall their moments in the house and step out of the house. Ramesh comes humming the song khalnayak….He turns. Sumiti tells Gomti and Sanju that Bhaiyya did wonder and made Vedant leave. Gomti asks if you was hypnotized. Ramesh says in the start, but he come out of the hypnotism. Sumiti says I helped him. Ramesh comes to her and tells that he will give her one of the share.

Sumiti gets the book and sends some whatsapp images about hypnotism. She says they have searched the doctor and got reverse hypnocism done. Ramesh says my sister also helped me. He says everything was planned. Sumiti sends Manjula to room and she sees Vedant hypnotizing him. Ramesh says sorry to Sanju for fooling him. Sanju appreciates his plan and asks why did you threaten to jump. Ramesh says he wanted to make Manjula go against Vedant. Gomti says if you had died then? Ramesh says if I had slipped then my two-three bones would have broken. He says once Amma returns and hears the truth from Manjula, then she will give all property to me. Gomti says you didn’t tell me. Ramesh says I already troubled you by breaking your alliance.

Vedant is sitting on road. Purva tells him that she dropped Pankhudi to her room. She gives him strength and asks him not to break. Vedant asks what to win now by fighting. She picks his tears. Vedant says I will not get their love and was Gudadi lal even after accepting them.

Precap: Vedant is walking on the road, when a speedy car comes and is about to hit him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vedant got duped by the shameless people he considered his own. Now its time for dadi to make an entrance and put that evil Ramesh in his place.

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