Raja Beta 8th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi tries to find out if Vedant operated on Purva

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Raja Beta 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vedant telling Purva that he had to abort her baby fearing danger to her life. Purva hugs him and cries. He says we have to hide this from everyone. Ramesh and Sanju are tensed and walk. Sanju sits. Ramesh asks him to walk and take out tension. Manjula comes and asks why are they walking? Ramesh asks her to go and do Dadi’s seva. Manjula asks do you need anything. Sanju gets irritated and says we will tell you if we need anything. Manjula goes. Pankhudi comes there. Ramesh and Sanju tell her that Vedant and Purva after watching a film and nothing has happened to her as they had planned. Pankhudi says Vedant and Purva left from the hospital before I reached there, so they haven’t watched film. She says she is a doctor and Purva’s sister and will find out. Ramesh says we will not celebrate because of you. She says she will find out. Sanju says we have to run before we get trapped. Pankhudi says Dr. Vedant must have done what I asked him to do. She comes to their room and knocks on the door. Vedant asks who is here? Pankhudi says she is here and asks them to open the door. Purva tells that she can’t meet her now. He opens the door and asks her to come later. She says ok and goes. Vedant closes the do and sits down shattered. He recalls handing over baby to Purva etc.

Ramesh tells Sanju that he always thought that this plan will not work, but Pankhudi didn’t listen to us. Sanju asks him not to have high BP. Pankhudi comes and says she couldn’t find, but soon she will find out. Ramesh says you are making us wait. Pankhudi comes to Manjula and takes food for Purva. Vedant asks Purva to have food brought by Manjula. Purva asks about him. He says he is going to buy medicine which shall be eaten after operation, says he is going to buy himself so that nobody doubts. Pankhudi sees him going and thinks this is golden chance to find out. She opens Purva’s room door and asks how is mamma and baby? She asks how are you feeling and how is your chotu? She is about to touch her tummy, but Purva stops her. She says everything is fine. She says there was routine test.

Pankhudi asks in the OT. Purva says Vedant took me to OT, but then there is no need for further tests. Pankhudi questions her where was she all day? Purva says they watched the film Madness. Pankhudi says hero dies at the end. Purva says no. Pankhudi thinks she shall test her pulse and asks her to take care. She hugs her. Just then Vedant comes there and calls her. He says you shall go, it is already late. He asks Purva to freshen up and says we will have food together. He says I will ask Sanju to drop you. Pankhudi says you wanted to operate and asks if he changed his decision. Vedant asks her to leave. Pankhudi comes to Ramesh and says I tried to ask her, but she didn’t tell me anything. Ramesh says this means nothing happened? Sanju says now bhaiyya will come to know that the HIV talk is wrong. Ramesh says we will be jailed. Pankhudi says the winner will be the one who has the talent of making defeat change into victory. She asks them to come home and says tomorrow is Rahul’s entry. She goes. Ramesh laughs and says Rahul’s entry in Sanjeevani sadan. He laughs.

Purva is sad and still crying. Vedant comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Purva says that day Dadi told me about Pandus story which Kunti got from Devtas. She says my baby got the poison from that devil. She says she was flowed in emotions and cries hugging him. Next morning, Vedant tells Purva that he will be at home today as the family members will come there. Pankhudi calls Purva and asks how is she? Purva asks what are you doing? Pankhudi says I am dreaming about my nephew or niece and says your 5th month started and is dishum dishum will start now. She goes on talking about baby and asks her to think that the baby will be 16 cms by now. Purva says someone is knocking at the door and ends the call.

Precap: Rahul calls Purva. Purva opens her room door and finds Rahul coming there. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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