Raja Beta 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi rejoices seeing Purva in shock over her pregnancy news

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The Episode starts with Vedant coming to room. Purva goes to washroom and vomits. Vedant asks if she is fine? Purva says no and tells that she is vomiting since morning and says don’t know how she got food poisoning and with what? Vedant thinks if she doesn’t know that she is pregnant. Purva eats candies. Vedant brings bread toast and water. Purva drinks water. Vedant asks her to take small bite of toast. Purva says you are the best and tells that she is tired of shuffling between washroom and bed. Vedant thinks you are not thinking that I am a doctor. He asks if she wants to tell him something. Pankhudi checks the report and says you are 4 months pregnant and that is before the marriage. She happily tears Vedant and her pic and says you think that Vedant bears you and take care of you well. She says he is good, but emotional too. I will present your mistake as betrayal to him. She says Di doesn’t love you and is not suitable for you. She says I love you and will add ghee to separate you. Purva looks at Vedant. Vedant asks her to tell if there is something. Purva says that day in the temple…Vedant asks her to tell about them. Purva kisses on his cheeks and says I love you so much, you are like magician and completes me. She thanks him and smiles. Pankhudi thinks to go and tell Purva. She then thinks to find out the family members thoughts. Vedant says if she wants to tell this thing only. Purva says she has something to say about the temple incident, but it is not that important. Vedant thinks if Purva doesn’t know about her baby.

Ramesh stops Vedant and says I need to talk to you about something important. Vedant says a patient is in pain and I need to go there. He leaves. Ramesh thinks to find out himself and thinks what khichdi pankhudi is making. Sumiti tells Gomti about Purva’s pregnancy. Gomti shouts surprisingly. She asks why didn’t you tell Dadi. Sumiti says if the news is wrong then she will be scolded. Pankhudi comes there and gives nail polish to Sumiti. Sumiti asks about Purva. Pankhudi says she is vomiting and is having acchar. Gomti says your sister is pregnant and asks if her degree is fake. Pankhudi acts to get happy.

She comes to Purva. Purva says she is thinking that something is serious about her. Pankhudi asks if she doesn’t know what happened? She goes and thinks she will enjoy seeing her in pain. She brings water for Purva. Purva drinks water. Pankhudi asks about her vomiting and asks why did you lie to me? She says you said that there is nothing between Vedant and you and says I want to hear this from you. Purva asks what is in the report. Pankhudi says I will tell you as a doctor and says I am going to be Maasi, you are pregnant. Purva is shocked. Pankhudi says I am very much happy and says I would be more happy if you had shared with me. Purva says there is nothing between Vedant and me. Pankhudi says it is confirmed and says the report and symptoms are shouting that you are pregnant. Purva says this can’t be true, as nothing happened between Vedant and me. She gets deep shock and faints on bed. Pankhudi says I can’t hide my happiness.

Purva is unconscious. Everyone comes there. Ramesh asks what happened to your sister? Vedant comes and checks her. He asks them to go. Dadi asks why did she faint? Vedant asks everyone to go and asks Pankhudi to stay back. He writes medicine for Purva and asks Pankhudi to bring it. Pankhudi says I am going to be Maasi and says she will tell everyone. Vedant says no and then says not now. She says this is the matter of happiness and asks what is the reason not to tell. Vedant says I will tell everyone when the right time comes. Pankhudi says ok, I will get the medicines. She thinks I can’t wait for the storm to come. She says storm will come and will break your and di’s relation and our relation will start. Ramesh is trying to hear them. Pankhudi comes out. Ramesh asks what happened to Purva. Pankhudi says Vedant asked me to bring medicines and leaves. Ramesh thinks to find out.

Sanju is exercising and looking at his muscles. Ramesh comes there and asks him to find out what happened to Purva. Vedant sits at Purva’s side and recalls her love confession. He checks her pulse again and gets upset. He thinks Purva is neither liar nor stupid, she will know that I will find out.

Pankhudi tells Purva that Vedant gave her injection and that’s why she was sleeping. Purva is shocked to know that Vedant knows about her pregnancy. She cries in the bathroom asking God why is he punishing Vedant for her mistakes.

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  1. Vedant is realising that Purva is not aware that she is pregnant. However, Pankhudi wants to hurt and humiliate her sister in an effort to destroy her marriage to Vedant. Now Vedant will have to save Purva from being disgraced. Poor Purva is realising that her mistake is coming out and hope that she informs Vedant so that he can do damage control.

  2. Leisa s morris

    What kid of sister rejoices in her sisters pain? Oh yeah one dat wants to tear apart her marriage. Relations r so strange in these serials. Is this d way indian relations really r? Relatives hurting and trying to destroy d ones who loves and cares for them honestly just to get wat d person has whether its house land business or love.

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