Raja Beta 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant finds out Purva’s pregnancy

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The Episode starts with Vedant holding Purva’s hand and gets shocked. Purva says I have worn bangle, now you have no excuse to hold my hand. She says there must be three reasons for you to hold my hand. Either you are drunk, don’t want to leave my hand or you are lost somewhere. Someone knocks on the door. Purva asks him to leave her hand and goes to open the door. Vedant thinks this can’t be possible and thinks he has checked her pulse. Pankhudi calls Purva and asks them to come for cake cutting. Vedant goes to washroom. Purva asks him to come out for cake cutting. Pankhudi sees her blouse lace opened and ties it. Vedant washes his face and says this can’t be possible. He thinks if Purva was pregnant then she would have informed me. He thinks to check her again and washes his face. He comes downstairs. Purva smiles looking at him. She says everyone was waiting for you, lets cut the cake. Pankhudi thinks di is happy, what happened to Vedant. Purva holds his hand and cuts the cake. She makes him have the cake and then to others. Ramesh thinks what happened to Gudadi lal suddenly. Vedant sees Purva happily giving cake to everyone and getting wishes. Pankhudi tells Ramesh that everything is fine. Ramesh thinks until when. Vedant holds her hand again. Gomti asks him to leave her hand and says she is not a kid to go missing. Sumiti says let him hold her hand. Vedant gets in shock after checking again and thinks my Purva is pregnant.

Dadi asks Manjula to get her balm. She asks Purva to have food. Purva says Vedant left somewhere. Dadi says he must have went to hospital and asks her to have food. Purva says even I am not hungry, I will rest. Pankhudi calls her colleague and asks about Vedant. She thinks it is good that he is away from Purva. Vedant recalls Purva promising him to give family while driving the car and stops on the way. He gets down from the car and asks why didn’t you tell me truth, how can you have someone else baby and have broken our dreams. He asks why did you hide such a big truth and says this can’t be true. He thinks truthful Purva, my Purva who used to stand for truth, betrayed me. He thinks why did you show me this fake dream. He sees an ambulance going and comes there. A patient is in labor, the doctor checks and says it is difficult to save both mother and baby. Vedant checks her and asks them to take her to his hospital.

Purva feels uneasiness and comes out of her room. Everyone is having food. Gomti says she couldn’t see any good guy in the party. Purva comes. Dadi asks her to have icecream. Purva says she don’t want to have it now and goes to kitchen. Purva finds the Achaar and eats it. Sumiti comes to kitchen and sees purva enjoying achaar. Pankhudi also goes to kitchen. Sumiti smiles and goes. Pankhidi sees Purva eating achaar and feeling drowsy. She takes her to room. Vedant tells the other doctor that they will save both mum and baby. He goes to OT. Pankhudi thinks why Purva refuses to have icecream and eating achaar. She says your BP might be low. Vedant operates on the patient. A baby girl is born. He says welcome to the world princess and kisses her. He congratulates Patient Sheela’s husband. Sheela’s husband and mother in law thank Vedant. She blesses Vedant and Purva to have a family. Vedant is shocked.

Precap: Pankhudi takes Purva’s blood test. She gets the report and is shocked to see the reports positive. She says Di is pregnant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. DannyComments

    Hold up!! What?? How?? Oh wait..she was engaged before..ever heard of protection you stupid people??!!! And how are they just discovering this now? Wait..oh boy! This will not be good..not at all. Poor Vedant. To raise another man’s child..in a house that you have to fight everytime to retain your status..damn writers!

  2. Vedant got a shock that Purva is pregnant. She did not inform him about her relationship with the guy who stood her up on her wedding day prompting Vedant to marry her thus saving her from shame and disgrace. Lets hope that Pankhudi and Ramesh use this pregnancy against them to break up their marriage. Hope that Vedant have a change of heart and mind after speaking with her and hearing her side. He should remember his upbringing and illtreatment by Ramesh and think about Dadaji rescuing him from a life of poverty.

  3. no matter what vedant should show his manhood and support purva in every step # its called love without lust

    1. Correct am waiting for Vedant to stand up and fight for his wife. He had a rough and tough childhood at the hands of Ramesh.
      Hope that he remembers what Dadaji taught him and do what’s right by his wife.

  4. Leisa s morris

    Wait wait hold up someting not right here. I was just saying to let dem get intimate but now we hearing purva preggy and not for vedant. But if dats d case y is purva soo happy and y did she tell him dat he willb ha I.g a family soon? Is it possible dey.got intimate without we knowing? But surely vedant would know unless it happened when he ate d laddoos and got high. Damn I gotta go read over dat episode cause purva is really happy bout dis pregnancy

    1. I forgot about that incident with the laddoos. Maybe she is pregnant for Vedant. We will see everything unravelling.

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