Raja Beta 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant refuses to agree to Ramesh’s deal

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Raja Beta 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vedant and Purva coming to the party. Ramesh says he is either mad or want to show us something. Dadi blesses Vedant and Purva. Sanju looks at Pankhudi smilingly. Pankhudi goes to Ramesh ignoring Sanju. Sanju drinks wine being upset. Electricity is switched off. Vedant shows Purva and his pics on the projector screen. Everyone smiles except Pankhudi and Ramesh. Vedant thanks everyone for celebrating their 3rd month anniversary. He says their marriage happened in a hurry, but he wants to give all big and small happiness to his wife. He says this party is dedicated to Purva who is beautiful, strong and most importantly mine..Ramesh thinks if he forgot my deal talk. Vedant thanks Purva for making his life special and for her support. He says you are my strength and very special in this world. He says I made this special tune for you and plays it using mouth organ. Everyone claps for him. Sumiti says he is making this tune since childhood and says Purva took him to happy journey from there. Vedant meets the guests. Ramesh comes to Vedant and says I want to talk about something important.

Vedant goes with Ramesh to the room. He asks if there is anything urgent. Ramesh says we had a talk about the deal. Vedant says great Ramesh Tripathi has nothing except deal. He says I told, but I will not agree to deal. Ramesh is shocked. Vedant tells him that he lost respect for him from his heart now and says your nautanki doesn’t end. He says just hell with your deal, promise and you. Ramesh asks who are you, wrapped in Gudadi. Vedant says same old dialogue. Ramesh says you can’t forget my deal and promise. Vedant says I have all the property with me and says I am tired of saying. I am the head of the family. Ramesh says I won’t let you do what you want. Vedant says I will bring Purva and my baby in this world and will make my family. I will not ruin my life for you and will be best in all relations and will fulfill Dada ji’s dream and will become best grand son too. He says do whatever you want, but you can’t stop me. He touches Dada ji’s photo frame. He goes out and signs Ramesh.

He comes to Purva and whispers something in her ear. They go to room. Ramesh and Pankhudi look at them. Ramesh follows them. Vedant takes Purva to their room. Purva sees the room decorated. Vedant closes the door before Ramesh could peep inside. Ramesh goes from there. Vedant wishes happy 3 months anniversary to Purva. Purva thanks him and says so many surprises. I will remember this day today. Vedant says my mission to keep you happy is successful. He holds her cheeks. Purva says party is going on downstairs. Vedant says we shall spend some quality time. She asks him to tell what to tell during this special time. Vedant asks her to wear bangles and show him. Purva laughs and says you..He says I like these bangles like I like you very much.

Ramesh drinks. Pankhudi asks him to drink less and asks him to tell where are they? He asks if Vedant agreed and asks if Purva is affected seeing that person in the temple. Ramesh says both are of hard skin and unaffected. He says Vedant told him that he will have a baby with Purva. Pankhudi asks where are they? Ramesh says they are romancing closing the rooms. Vedant and Purva look at each other. Baho mein song plays….Vedant dances with her. He lifts her and takes her to bed. Dadi asks someone call Vedant and Purva as we have to cut the cake. Pankhudi is about to go and interrupt their romance. Sanju stops her. Pankhudi asks if he has no mind to stop her. Sanju says you are looking very gorgeous today. She slips. He holds her. Manjula calls them. Pankhudi asks him to come. Manjula introduces Pankhudi to a guest lady. Sanju asks her to touch her feet. Pankhudi excuses herself. Vedant makes Purva wear the bangle and looks at her hand.

Purva says there might be there possibilities of holding the hand for long time. Vedant gets emotional. Someone knocks on the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Wow in indian serials its reaaaal hard for husband and wife to consummate their marriage. Look how long vedant and purva trying to get intimate and nothing hmmm. By dis rate pankhudi can.trap vedant and say shes pregnant for him. Hmmmmm let dem have their moment pls and let pankhudi keep her deceitful self out of their marriage. Wat a sister to have,regardless of d situation vedant is purvas husband and as a sister she shoukd accept it instead of trying to ruin theur union when clearly dey both love each other. Instead pankhudi goin round with d thought dat vedant is going to just turn to her and forget purva and love her. What kind of person dat she actually thinks vedant is? Seriously what kind of man would divorce his wife and then marry her sister especially after saying how much he loves his wife? These kind of women alwYs think dey deserve d person more dan d person dat d man actually loves and therefore is within their right to destroy dat marriage. If to say vrdant and purva were not happy together and was making each other miserable I might say ok then but thats clearly not d case here

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