Raja Beta 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankhudi confronts Purva for snatching everything including Vedant

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Raja Beta 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gomti praying to God and asking him to get her married before Vedant’s kids are born and call her Dadi. She says she will offer 125 rs Prasad. Vedant hears her and smiles. He tells everyone that Purva and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Dadi says I thought you will give the good news and says she will offer Prasad. She hugs him. Narendra says Purva might be troubled in the hospital. Vedant asks Manjula and Sumiti why are they not happy as Purva is discharging from the hospital. Ramesh says our heart is not happy and says two good news are going to come, due to which we all will lose. They all go to their room.Vedant thinks he needs to be at home to understand the happenings. Pankhudi comes to Purva’s ward and checks her medical chart. She checks the pulse. Pankhudi asks Nurse to go and says she wants to talk to Dr. Pankhudi. Pankhudi says if you want to talk about your past, or pregnancy, then I don’t want to talk to you, it is not important to me. Purva says lets talk about Vedant, he is important to you. She asks if you just love him or want to snatch him from me.

Pankhudi asks are you scared and says you have snatched everything from me since childhood. blames Purva for snatching everything from her and says when you are losing something for the first time, you couldn’t bear. Purva says I am your elder sister and asks did I snatch your thing? Pankhudi blames her for snatching everything from her, starting from her pen, dress, mother’s jewellery and Nani’s concern and love from her. She says even my friends’ attention and then you got married to my Vedant. Purva says so much is hidden in your love, I didn’t know that you was calculating about the toys and dress, I didn’t know that you love Vedant. Pankhudi says it is good of yours that you add that you don’t know always, you don’t know about your pregnancy and my love for him. She says you used to dislike him even after knowing he is so good. She says I praised him so many times, then also you couldn’t understand. Purva says I didn’t know. Pankhudi says I accept that you didn’t know about your pregnancy which happened due to your relation with Rahul. Purva says if I had known then I wouldn’t have begged infront of Vedant and you. Pankhudi says I have not taken your responsibility. She says you have ruined my life and came between Vedant and Me and that’s why you are punished and deserve this punishment. Purva is shocked with her ugly confession and says you are saying wrong. Nurse is coming down. Pankhudi calls Nurse hearing her coming and asks how did she faint, as if she doesn’t know. Nurse says I will revise the chart. Dr. Sushma says she wants to check the file. Pankhudi says Vedant and I have discussed the file. She asks Purva if she is comfortable. Purva brushes off her hand. Dr. Sushma and Nurse notice this.

Nurse tells Dr. Sushma that why Purva’s reports are confidential. Dr. Sushma says it is strange that he kept her in private room and nobody comes to meet her. Sanju hears them. Manjula brings Ram Shalaka and says when we lost our first son, I made you keep hand on it. Ramesh says we got solution from this that we will have another son. Manjula says if Vedant have a son then what will happen with your Sanju. Ramesh says if this happens then they will throw Sanju out. She asks him to close his eyes and point finger. She closes her eyes. He keeps her finger and then closes his eyes. Manjula reads that they will be disappointed and can’t achieve what they want.

Purva calls Vedant and asks will you come to hospital? Vedant asks are you fine? Purva thinks if Pankhudi didn’t tell her that I faint. She says she is unwell. Vedant says I will bring your tiffin. Purva thinks if Vedant knows about it. Pankhudi thinks now Purva knows everything and thinks if everything will be better for her. Sanju comes to her and tells that they should have become friends first else you would have shared with me/ He asks what happened to Purva. She says she is 4 months and then says 4 problems. Sanju asks how do you not know about your sister? She makes a plan and tells him that she will ask Vedant to give her report.

Vedant comes to Purva and says he will serve food. Purva asks him to serve if he eat food with her. he smiles and asks wardboy to bring butter milk and lassi from canteen and goes to wash his hand. Purva looks in his wallet and finds the bill of a coffee shop. Vedant comes back to Purva. She gives him wallet and the bill and asks with whom he went to the coffee shop. He says alone. He serves the food and is about to make her eat, then he eats himself. Purva says you didn’t tell me one thing and says that day Pankhudi told you that if you said yes then she will take you out from the problem. Vedant recalls Pankhudi’s words. Purva says it’s ok, I think I need your answer.

Ward boy comes and gives Pankhudi’s diary to Purva, says she forgot it in the coffee shop. Purva thinks Vedant loves Pankhudi and cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Really??? Pen and dress is wat pankhudi has ben holdin onto all these yrs as hatred for her sister,really? Hmmmm guess we can see what kind of mentality she has but then again who was in doubt. Vedant shouldnt b lying to purva since this will cause problems and he should know better.

  2. Vedant better come clean because Pankhudi already put her plan in action to separate him and Purva. That girl hated her sister over a pen and dress; talk about open hostilities here
    Vedant decided to marry Purva because Rahul left her and never returned. Now Pankhudi is playing both ends against the middle by pitting Vedant and Purva against each other. He better be honest about his feelings for his wife before his marriage falls apart and he end up with this delusional woman. Ramesh, Manjula and other family members are playing games to have their own way. We need our (Girl Friday) Dadi to put things in place because she loves Vedant and Purva. She will pull the plug on Pankhudi’s plans to create chaos and havoc in the family. Sanju is a moron just like his dad who is a no good son only wanting riches and property but not working for it.

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