Raja Beta 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Purva desperately tries to get the report

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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Vedant to marry Pankhudi and throw Purva and her dirt out of house. It is Pankhudi’s imagination and thinks if this happens then her life is set. Nurse asks Purva to take medicine. Purva asks Nurse to give her phone. Nurse says it is not with her. Purva asks her to call Dr. Vedant and asks him to give her phone. Nurse calls him and tells that Purva is asking for her phone. Vedant says it is with me, I will bring it in the morning. Nurse says Maam is very angry, come fast. Vedant asks her to make Purva understand and gives medicine. Purva takes the call and asks Vedant what is going on, says nobody stayed with me neither you nor anybody else. Vedant talks about hospital rules. Purva says why reports are not shown to her. Vedant asks her to take medicine and rest. Nurse gives her medicine and asks her to become good soon. Purva takes the tablet and keeps the glass, the tray kept nearby falls down. Nurse forgets the medicine bottle and goes.

Manjula tells Gomti that Purva was very angry in the hospital and throwing things like mad. Manjula tells that it is risky if her BP gets increased and tells about the incident of a neighbor. Sumiti says may be she is having some disease. Manjula gets worried. Gomti says nothing serious happened to her else Vedant wouldn’t have come home. Manjula says yes.

Ramesh comes to Pankhudi’s room and asks about Purva. Pankhudi says she doesn’t know and tells that her BP is increased. Ramesh asks if her baby will survive or not. Pankhudi asks her to ask Vedant as she works under him. Ramesh says ok and tells that if I come to know that you knows everything then I have still that recording. Pankhudi thinks she is bearing Vedant’s family just because of him.

Vedant is talking to a doctor on a phone. Dadi comes there and asks if he had food. Vedant says he had in hospital. Dadi says you are very stressed about Patients and Purva and then also you don’t have any stress on your face. Vedant talks about Dada ji. Dadi tells that patients get relieved hearing you and asks if Purva is pregnant. Vedant says I will tell you when I come to know about the baby. Dadi says she trusts him fully and goes. Vedant gets worried.

Ramesh comes to Sanju and tells that he has to get all the wealth suddenly. Sanju says you always say this. Ramesh asks him to get Purva’s report from hospital tomorrow. Sanju says I will ask pankhudi. Ramesh says she is Purva’s sister and will not tell anything. Sanju says I will do. Ramesh tells that once you find out then I will agree that you are ready to sit on Dada ji’s chair. He says your wife Pankhudi will be beside you and then you don’t have to study, as a good doctor will be at your side.

Vedant calls Nurse and asks if purva slept and asks her to message him when she wakes up. His inner self comes there and asks if he is feeling guilty to lie. Vedant says I can’t tell lie and she can’t bear truth. His inner self tells that they have to face similar situation in life once. He asks him to lie to Dadi. Pankhudi comes to him. Vedant finds his inner self gone. Sanju sees Pankhudi and Vedant talking and come to side. Vedant asks what happened, aren’t you getting sleep. Pankhudi says I thought you are awake and came for you. She asks him not to worry. Vedant asks her not to worry and says he will handle and find out the solution. Pankhudi thinks until Vedant will be upset with her. Sanju asks Pankhudi what she was talking about? Pankhudi lies to him about the case. Sanju asks if she is close to Vedant and handles him this way. Pankhudi asks him to be in his limits. Sanju comes to Ramesh and asks about his mummy. Ramesh says she went to massage Amma’s feet. Sanju says you have to stop all this. Ramesh says why to stop Manjula. Sanju says I am talking about Pankhudi and says I am noticing her, she is staying far from me and is close to Vedant. Ramesh recalls Pankhudi’s love for Vedant and asks him to snatch his right. Sanju says ok. Ramesh asks her to win Pankhudi with his love and asks him to concentrate on getting Purva’s report.

Vedant is checking his car. Ramesh comes to him and asks him to make Pankhudi understand and says Sanju is very troubled with her behavior. Vedant says she is my saali and your would be bahu. Ramesh says Pankhudi not think you as jija but. Pankhudi comes and they leave. Ramesh looks on. Purva wakes up in the morning and thinks she faint after having the medicine. She keeps the bottle for reference. Nurse comes and checks her BP. Purva asks why that medicine is taken and for what? Nurse says she knows, but she can’t tell him.

Precap: Purva asks Vedant to do her abortion and shouts at him. He asks her to shout more angrily and tells that he has done enough for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow, really thought that Vedant married Pankhudi. Pankhudi has dreams of ousting her sister but don’t realise dadi knows about her infatuation/ obsession for her brother-in-law.Hope that Vedant handles Purva with love and compassion since he don’t want to lose her or the baby.

  2. DannyComments

    This is a toxic marriage and environment…just go your seperate ways already! I’m already sad from watching “When they see us” so I just can’t add this sad show to my mood! Hopefully I feel better tomorrow so I can Rip Verdant to shreds!!!

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