Raja Beta 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ramesh and Sanju plan a big conspiracy against Vedant and Purva

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The Episode starts with Vedant messaging Purva that he reached his room before Sanju came. Purva messages him happy birthday. Vedant wishes to stay with her tonight. Pankhudi tells purva that phone beep is disturbing her and asks her to keep down the phone and sleep. Gomti comes and wishes happy birthday to Vedant. Sumiti also brings something and says everything is made of his choice. Narendra also wishes him. Vedant thanks them. Ramesh comes talking about court hearing. He then tells Vedant that Manjula’s love doesn’t lower even after his bad doings and brought his favorite laddoo. He puts laddoo in his mouth and asks everyone to sing happy birthday. Purva asks why did you get the court hearing date delayed. Ramesh asks manjula to make Vedant have sweets. Manjula makes him eat laddoo and wishes him

to be happy. Vedant thanks her. Ramesh says today is his birthday and he don’t like to make him defeated today. He says today this jashn will go till evening and we will have party. Purva asks what do you mean? Ramesh says hospital staff etc will come and enjoy party. He says happy birthday Gudadi…in his ears and is going. He then stops and thinks today will be dhamakedaar.

Vedant comes to Dadi. Dadi wishes him happy birthday and asks what her Raja beta is going to do today. Dadi asks him to tell everything. Vedant tells her everything. Dadi says this is his some trick to get all the wealth. She then asks Vedant to check the gift. Vedant checks the gift and finds Krishna God’s idol. Dadi says Krishna God is in you and you will change the evil into good, and saved me from death, so that we can get victory over evilness. Vedant says when I come here, I was very scared, but feeling light talking to you. Dadi says lets reminiscence old memories lane. She shows him pics of little Vedant. Ramesh is in his room and sees Purva coming. Sanju hides behind the door. Purva asks him why did he delay the divorce date. Ramesh says he is doing this for manjula’s happiness. He coughs. Purva keeps her phone and gives him water. Sanju checks her phone and keeps it back. Purva asks if he is fine. Ramesh tells that he have no hopes on Sanju and others, and is hopeful that manjula will convince Vedant with her love. He asks her to go. Sanju shows something in his mobile. Ramesh says Gudadi lal and his wife are donkeys and thinks he will make them cry. Vedant is changing his clothes. Pankhudi thinks she will make him wear the same shirt. Sanju comes and takes the shirt. Pankhudi says this is for Vedant, he is her mentor and she would like to thank him. Purva comes there and tells him that Ramesh has planned to blackmail Manjula and asks him to see what to do. Sanju comes to Pankhudi’s room and says all her gifts shall be for him. She gets irritated with him. Gomti and Sumiti tell Manjula that they will get her ready today. Gomti says she brought saree for her already and asks her to close her eyes. She shows her saree. Manjula says it is really good. Gomti says we have fight with bhaiyya and not you. She makes Manjula ready. Ramesh calls lawyer and talks to him. He gets ready for the party and thinks this is powerful and wealthy heir of Tripathi family. Sanju comes and says everything is ready. Ramesh says lets do the dhamaka.

Sumiti tells Gomti that her choice is good and says when I get my share, I will change my share. Gomti asks her to come and get ready. They leave. Manjula looks on. Purva gets ready as well and applies sindoor in her maang. Vedant comes there and keeps hand on her eyes. She asks if anyone sees. Vedant says I came to see you. Purva says nobody have seen that I am ready. Vedant says you want compliment and takes out the mangalsutra from his pocket. Sumiti is coming there. Vedant says last time when he made her wear it, he was helpless and she was burdened by her past. Purva says this time this is their love. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Sumiti thinks to buy all shop once she gets all the money. Purva thanks Vedant and says I wish we could be together forever. Vedant says we will be together always. Sumiti collides with a decoration plant. She comes inside the room and sees Purva in the room. She asks about the lipstick shade. Purva says she don’t have. Sumiti goes to get it from Pankhudi. Vedant comes from behind the door and hugs Purva.

Precap: Vedant gives 25 percent share to Narendra and Gomti. Ramesh asks him to see in the box. Vedant sees khooni/murderer written on the cake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Poor Vedant caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. He and Purva are pawns in Ramesh games. Vedant is being blamed for a murder he did not commit and the real murderer is in their midst. Hope that Vedant see Ramesh real evil face. Pankhudi is up to her shameless ways; being engaged to Sanju but lusting after Vedant. Hope that Dadi’s plan expose all the crooks in the family

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